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From Chapter 15...

When I reached the library, I realized I was ten minutes early. Looking around, I didn't spot him anywhere around.

So I went to look at some of the shops near the library. I picked up the book pride and prejudice when I felt a tap on my shoulder causing me to jump. I spun around quickly and my jaw dropped when I saw who tapped me…

Chapter 16

Bella's POV

"Seth!" I gasped in surprise as I threw myself into his arms. He shifted awkwardly and kept looking over his shoulder.

"Hello Bella." He said in a monotonous voice. This was not the happy-go-lucky Seth that I knew. He was definitely different.

"Seth, what's wrong?" I asked as I touched him gently on his arm causing him to shrink back.

"Bella, I'm here to pass you a message." He said in a soft voice. "Please don't make this difficult for me. I'm just doing my job." I bit my lip and nodded willing him to continue.

"Bella," he sighed before continuing, "Stay away from Edward please. He is not good for you. You must be careful. He is dangerous and unstable."

I laughed out loud. What was Seth saying? Edward was obviously not dangerous. He saved Seth from dying. Why would Seth say that?

"What are you saying Seth? Edward saved you. I'm sure you remember that right? Why would you say such things?" I asked him stepping closer to him.

"Please Bella, just head my advice. Don't make this any harder than it needs to be already. There are some things you don't know about in this world. There are some things so bizarre that even sometimes I have a hard time believing even though I deal with it almost everyday. Please don't ask anymore questions. I have said too much already. Take care of yourself." He said quickly squeezing my shoulder before turning and running of into a dark alley.

What was that about? I'm so confused now. I turned to call Seth back but I felt another hand on my shoulder causing me to spin around.

"Edward!" I breathed. "You scared me!" I said with a laugh causing him to smile his crooked smile at me.

"Sorry Bella. Shall we go now?" he said lifting my hand up to his lips for a gentle kiss. My heart stuttered as my face turned red. Quickly I nodded at him ducking my head trying to hide my flushed face causing him to chuckle at me.

We were quiet in our own thoughts throughout the entire trip. My warm hand in his cold one. His body temperature no longer bothered me. Instead, it has brought me comfort these days.

"Have you seen Seth?" I blurted out halfway wanting to know if he saw or heard what Seth told me.

"Not recently. Is anything the matter?" he asked me as I quickly shook my head at him giving him a small smile.

"Where are we going?" I asked trying to draw his attention away from the question I asked him.

"You'll see." He said with a wink as he pulled me into the forest down a small path cluttered with broken branches and dried leaf.

"Edward!" I gasped tugging on his arm. "You can't expect me to track through that thing! I will fall and break my head!"

"Bella. You won't fall! I won't let you!" he said as he continued to tug me forward.

"No!" I said staring at him. He sighed and all of a sudden, I felt myself upside down draped over his shoulder.

"Edward! Put me down!" I squealed as he laughed at me shaking his head. With that, he started his track through the forest. About half-way through the journey, he set me down on my feet again allowing me to walk hand in hand with him through the forest.

However, half-way through, he decided I was moving too slow. So he picked me up again and piggy-backed me throughout the entire journey. When we reached the top, I was faced with a magnificent view of the sea that I never knew existed.

Gently, he set me down on my feet allowing me to wonder around. Carefully, I moved to the edge of the cliff and looked down. The sight before me caused me gasp in shock and take a few steps back immediately.

"It's so high up!" I whispered to myself quietly causing him to chuckle. Obviously he heard my soft exclamation.

"We are on the highest peak Bella." He said as he came up and stood beside me. We stood there in silence for a while watching the scenery in front of us.

"Thank you Edward." I said after a while. I didn't know how much time has passed but the sun was already starting to set. He smiled at me offering his hand to me. I smiled and took it as we made our way slowly down.

We walked back in silence to my house. As we walked up slowly the pathway, I felt him stiffen beside me as his head spun quickly to stare into the forest. His eye narrowed in irritation as he let out a low growl.

"Come out now." He whispered menacingly into the dark as a figure emerged slowly flanked by two others at his side. They were all bare-chested as they strode forward head held high.

As they got closer, my eyes widened in shock. I realized that it was Jacob in front flanked by Embry and Quil.

"Go on inside Bella." Edward said quietly pushing me gently to the door, "I need to speak to your friends for a moment."

With that, he strode forward towards them meeting them in the middle. When he turned back, he smiled a reassuring smile at me and gestured with his head that I should be going inside. I hesitated a little before turning back and moving quickly into the house watching them carefully from the window.

I saw Edward and Jacob standing at a distance away talking. When I pressed my ear against the glass, I could hear nothing at all. Frustrated, I sat there watching their every action trying to decipher what they were talking about.

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