The Ascension

The man stood silently, flanked by two guards on either side, near the scaffolding erected in the market place used for conducting those criminal trials, which the Aristocracy wished the general populace to see and to make examples of.

"So, knave" The High Inquisitor addressed him. "Lord Asthon here informs us that you

attempted to burgle his mansion and steal his gold". Do you have anything to say in your

Defense before we sentence you, perhaps as to why you attempted to perpetrate this crime?"

"Regardless of what I say in my defense, I'll still be sentenced. So what's the point of me even bothering to answer?. You're all Asthon's creatures anyway; You'll do just as he says regardless of whether I'm guilty or not. "

The crowd gasped in surprise at the man's answer and even the guards shifted uneasily. Although all and sundry knew what he said was true, No man had ever dared to say it so openly, especially in front of the Inquisitor who, if he wished could sentence him to imprisonment, death or even worse.

The people waited with bated breath for the inquisitor's answer, as he spluttered incoherently with rage, too busy to reply, When Lord Ashton himself leaned forward and as a cruel smile curled his lips said,

"You will neither be punished by hanging, nor by imprisonment.

No. you deserve a punishment far worse than that for your insolent speech"

Then turning towards the High Inquisitor he said,

"I suggest inquisitor, that we have our wizards cast a spell of banishment on this man, He deserves nothing less."

"Of course my Lord, of course. He deserves nothing less at all. No, no nothing less at all" replied the High Inquisitor, nodding his head vigorously, desperate to appear in total agreement with his lord.

"Then with your leave" said Asthon and beckoned to one of wizards in his retinue to come forward.

"No matter where you send me Asthon, I Will have my revenge on you sooner or later"

Said the young man quietly and without a trace of fear or anger, which even stoked a spark of grudging admiration in Lord Asthon.

"No" he said, "Not where you're going" just as a flash of bright white light engulfed the man standing below him, staring at him grimly.