Fian took a deep breath as he stepped out of the Inn on to narrow lane that lead to the Inn's courtyard and connected it to the Main street. The babble, which had fallen silent due to his little stunt, arose again, muted however, by the large coarse wooden door, of the Inn.

"Well, done" The Mentor said sarcastically, "Very well done, neophyte, excellent. Most excellent. Your ability to do the exact opposite of what I told you do is quite frankly amazing!" he exclaimed shrilly.

"Oh, Can it" Fian replied, a trite wearily and turned to the Elven girl who had mutely followed him out of the salon of the Inn smiled gently, and said, "You're safe now, No one's going to hurt you." The girl seemed to attempt to hold back a frown and tried to smile, though the expression looked strange and forced", When the Mentor interrupted again

"Yes,yes that is all very good, Now go, go on overworlder, Leave this place at once.",

The girl turned to leave when Fian spoke "wait, is there anything I can help you with, surely it shall not be easy for you to gain access to the entrance to the Portal, especially considering the fact that your identity has been revealed"

I require nothing of you... keeper" she replied witheringly, to Fian's surprise and continued

"I thought I had come finally come across an honorable and brave individual in this festering pit. You may be brave, yet your control over that demon shows you for what you truly are, A keeper, the vilest and blackest of beings, If I had been given a choice, I would rather have died rather than be beholden to one such as you"

"But what wrong have I done?" Fian replied, somewhat nonplussed by the less than grateful response he received

"What wrong, you ask? by the god's you're a Dungeon Keeper, your very existence is evil" She replied, but this time sounding less sure of her self

Fian was about to reply angrily when the mentor made a coughing sound indiscreetly and pointed to two boisterous individuals who were on the path to the Inn evidently, already drunk. They had not noticed the little spat going on just outside the pub being too engrossed in their drink, but would any second be close enough to notice, despite their befuddled state

"Well, I've leave you to whatever you may wish to do then" Fian replied sardonically "pardon me for intruding upon you milady, I shall take my leave of you now" he said with a deep almost mocking bow, and strode away without a second glance.

The mentor uncharacteristically remained silent before speaking,ignoring the looks that passer's by on those filthy crowded street's gave them, trying to distract Fian from what had just occurred,

"One thing puzzles me keeper" he said, slightly raising his voice to be heard over the cries of the traders who hawked their wares and the general babble that was found on any crowded street.

"And what might that be ?" Fian replied quietly.

"The physical prowess you displayed earlier. While it is not uncommon at all for a Keeper to be able to draw upon the mana from his Dungeon heart to heal small cuts, bruises, energize and strengthen himself somewhat, It is nowhere near the ability you just demonstrated, at best you should be somewhat faster and fitter, but definitely not be capable of catching a blade barehanded on it's down swing after crossing a large crowded room in the blink of an eye"

Fian remained silent and thought back, somewhat more curious, The exhilaration of his confrontation with the Keepers in the Inn and his anger and hurt at the behavior of the one whom he had saved had distracted him, but now when the mentor mentioned it. The ability that he seemed to possess was indeed incredible.

"Be that as it may," he replied "it's a good thing innit? more power doesnt hurt"

"No Keeper, indeed it doesn't" The Mentor replied.

"Why didn't those three say anything about it though" he said, "if it's uncommon surely it should have elicited some response"

Because neophyte, at that point they were unaware you were a keeper, A small number of people, such as the shadow warriors to the far east for and certain monastic orders for instance, have developed such abilities through intense training, they might have taken you for one of them, and besides, after Horny's rather flashy entry, they were too scared to comment or even think about the rather unusual way your body harvests mana, I might add.

"I see." Fian replied and fell silent again

"Now I suggest we make our way to purchase whatever else we may need. We should start with Malgor, one of the finest tailors in this city. I dare say he even surpasses the cloth smiths of the Great Under Cities to the West. Why he chooses to operate here, is a mystery, yet unfortunately, his charges are still as high of any craftsman of his skill, despite his abode , The good news is that thanks to the location of our Dungeon, We are quite close to several large seams of gold and I believe a gem stone seam or two as well, Horny's master chose the location of his primary dungeon with great care and as such, we are not wanting for wealth."

"You know a lot of this city, Mentor" Fian replied as he stepped out of the way of large, orange dinosaur like creature and carefully made his way through the numerous pedestrians on the street. "Surely, If you were bound away to the heart as Horny a hundred of years ago , you should be quite unfamiliar with this city. A lot changes in a century"

"Ah, yes" the mentor replied smoothly, however. As you can clearly see I am a non corporeal entity. As such, Walls and stone do not do much to keep me captive"

"But what about Horniculus, surely he could simply have made his way to the portal and left, why wait for around for someone to claim the heart."

The mentor tsk tsked at his charge's relative ignorance, rather theatrically before replying.

"A portal is inactive and useless unless powered by a magical source, without one, it's just a hole in the ground. Horny being a demon, cannot claim a Dungeon Heart, without being a keeper, one cannot claim land, and consequently cannot claim a portal and channel mana to it. This is why rival Keepers and heroes alike cannot come through a portal owned by you, for it is powered by your mana flow and nothing that you do not wish for, to pass through it, can come through" He said, before suddenly stopping outside a non descript building just like any on either side and opposite of it.

"Is this it?" Fian asked somewhat more enthusiastically. His anger at the lack of gratitude shown by elf had begun to wane, and the Mentor's explanation had for the first time conveyed to him the great complexity and diversity of the underworld and greatly awoken his curiosity.

"Yes, this is it, neophyte, Come on in the mentor said, and passed through the door."

Ok, another A/N's note here. I know I haven't continued this story for quite some time, almost a year I think, but now thats going to change, I'm going to be writing everyday, or at the very least every other day. If anyone liked this story so far, I hope this pleases them