Snowball Effect

By Ash Kaiba

DISCLAIMER!! I don't own Yu-gi-Oh or Dracula by Bram Stoker.

Author's Note: Agh. I'm getting nowhere. Too many ideas from watching "Dracula" with Anthony Hopkins and Gary Oldman four times in row. So, I decided to cross the two. Except Dracula never died.


Flowing black hair tickles his prey's face. The blonde giggles as she wraps her arms around his neck. Her blue eyes look into his. He gently lowers her down onto the soft mattress. His lips trace her warm flesh. Her sweet rose perfume drifts into his nose. His fingers peel the cloth away from the ivory flesh.

"Darling," the woman moans.

He sheds his black silk shirt. His bare chest begs her. She obeys that instinct, crawling up to her knees. Her fingers trace his cold skin as her tongue plays with his nipple. And then, she suddenly sinks her teeth in. The man groans. His playmate releases his abused flesh, smiling up at him. The male looks down at her as his hands stroke her flawless face. "Hard enough for you?"

"Plenty, my dear," the man purrs. His lips pull back in a smirk. Two extended canines stand out in the dim lighting. "You have quite a set, but there is something else that I desire."

The blonde hums and snuggles up to him. "Then, take you want."

He arches his neck back. Then, goes for the kill. Warm liquid rushes to his mouth. And he laps it up as if his life depends on it. The young woman starts growing limp, but still remains conscious. Her aquamarine eyes slowly grow dim, but clinging to life. The man continues, using all his will to drain her completely.

"Sir…" Her voice growing faint.

He continues until she fades into a deep slumber. Then, his mouth releases her as his tongue licks his lips clean. His top hat returns to his head as he walks out the door.

Kaiba's PoV

Noise surrounds me. The formalities of businessmen ring in my ears. Even from the restroom, it still echoes. I grip the knob in front of me; suddenly jerking it counterclockwise. I watch the water pour out of the faucet. Then, I cup my hands and splash my face. I can feel the heat I am generating go down. And the annoying sting from my neck starts up again.

Me… Seto Kaiba…nicked myself this morning. Of course, I act like it's nothing and put a little aftershave on. Now, the self-inflicted injury stings and itches like hell. I've been trying hard, but in the end, I scratch it open every hour. That spot of my flesh is now pink because of it.

"Ah, Mr. Kaiba…"

I recognize his voice. Tsubasa Arika, head of the Tsubasa Inc., stands behind me as I dry off. A man that is six inches shorter than myself. His brown eyes too caring for the business world. His black hair has now turned gray over the few years I've known him. I watch him pull a hand up to his chin.

"To think that I would find the head of Kaiba Corp. here."

"Shut up," I growl, "I would leave if I could. But, you made this mandatory, Tsubasa."

"Mr. Kaiba, it's a business party. Loosen up and talk with the other heads."

"Jee, I never liked parties," I smart off.

Would he just leave me alone? He drags me to Tokyo, Japan for a conference that reminds CEO's how to keep a checkbook. Something I knew how to do when I was twelve. And the advancements in technology. Kaiba Corp. will still be one step ahead of all of you old fools. So, stop wasting my time!

"You can at least socialize…"

Damn, that man is persistent. And all the good looking women out there are taken. Damn. And socializing is not my forte. Okay, on business terms, yes. Everyday life… HELL NO!!

"Get out and leave me alone…"

I watch Tsubasa's face grow pale before he bolts out the door. At least that got my point across. I sigh in relief as I go back to staring at my reflection. The roaring seas in my eyes refuse to calm as the rest of my face betrays nothing.

Agh, fuck this "party". I'm retiring early. I promised Mokuba that I will be home tomorrow. I left the little imp at home due to the fact that this 'gathering' will lose his interest. And if I want to get some work done, I need to leave early tomorrow morning.

I push the door open and immediately notice the 'pest', Tsubasa Arika, with his little trophy wife. Her skin shines more than his. She is much younger than he. My theory is that she married him for the money, not out of love. But, romance or not, that man's private life is not my business.

I gently force my way through the other CEOs, giving them the traditional cold shoulder. From the looks I see on the women, they are disappointed, but their husbands or lovers saw my actions from a mile away. I can hear them say that even my stepfather reacted the same way when he had enough. My hand grips the banister as I pull myself from the crowd. I start to ascend as Tsubasa calls me from below. I ignore him as I continue, actually longing to rest. Damn, and now my neck is begging me to scratch it. In hopes to get it to stop, I comply as I process from the stairs into the hallway.

I freeze as I walk by a door. I heard something fall and break. I know that my brother is at home, my instincts told me to go in and check up on the occupant. Which my body did without a second thought. What I see is stored away in my memory. The bed sheets are all in a heap on the bed. The glass vase that I assume came from the table now rests in pieces on the floor. A blonde woman lies on the floor.


I ran and fell to my knees. I see her blue eyes flutter as she lifts her head.


She weakly sits up. I can now see the amount of blood that covers her form. She wraps her arms loosely around my neck. Then, she pulls me closer. I feel her lips on my neck and my blood from the nick smear. Finally, I gather enough courage.

"Miss, you need to let me go! I have to cover your wounds! Then, I'll call the ambulance!!"

She snuggles closer to me. "Handsome…so handsome…"

Panic floods my system. I look to the door I had left ajar.


Three hours later…

I yawn. Sleep threatens to consume me, but I force myself to stay awake. I have to know if that woman is all right. Her blood has now dried on my white suit. I also have a faint headache building.

"Mr. Kaiba," a voice called as I look up.

"Is she…"

"She's now stable. I highly recommend that you go home and rest after a nice bath."

And I did just that. Feeling clean is such a relief. I crawl under the hotel's covers. And allow sleep to take over.

I hate it when I get too many ideas...