Be My Doll

Summery: Sasori is the new kid at school and after Sakura was the only one who showed him a bit of kindness has fallen in love with her. Though the only problem is Sakura's boyfriend Sasuke Uchiha. But that isn't going to stop Sasori from making Sakura his.

Rated M for: violence and sexuality

Chapter one

Sasori sat alone on top of the roof of his new school slowly eating his lunch. He hated it here with a passion. So far every person that he talked to thought that he was insane and didn't want to be around him. It was only his third day and he had scared away half of the student population from even talking to him.

He sighed looking down from the roof he watched the groups of high school students eating their lunches and enjoying each other's company. He mainly found it entertaining to watch the blond haired kid run around yelling about how important he was going to be when he grew up. That blond kid may be annoying and funny to watch, but unlike Sasori he had friends and people to talk to. Sasori sighed again taking another bite from his lunch. The door to the roof suddenly opened reviling a girl with light bubblegum hair carrying a small lunch.

"Dumb Ino pig…stupid…. talking about my forehead…" The girl mumbled taking a seat against the wall of a small shed on the roof.

"Are you ok?" Sasori asked not really expecting an answer. The girl suddenly looked up a little surprised.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't see you there. Yeah I'm fine just a little ticked off at my friend." The girl answered a small smile on her face.

"Why are you mad at her." Sasori asked not really caring about the answer, he was just happy that someone was talking to him.

"Long story…it's not that big a deal. I just decided to come up here and eat by myself today." The girl said starting to eat her lunch. "Oh I'm Sakura by the way." She said smiling.

"Sasori" Sasori said.

"Nice to meet you. What are you doing up here by yourself?"

"I'm new here…" was all he answered.

"Oh…the fitting in thing. Yeah...I had that problem too." Sakura said getting up to sit next to him.

"You moved here?"

"Nope. Born and raised in Kohana my whole life." Sakura smiled, "But I never really fit in. I mean I have the worlds largest forehead and my hair isn't that ordinary…but if you just give Kohana a chance you'll see that it isn't that bad."

"humph" Sasori said looking down at his lunch. "I doubt that."

Sakura's smile faded a little but soon came back, "Don't worry I'll be your friend." She held her had out for him to shake it. Sasori looked at her skeptically for a moment before taking it. "Don't worry once you get used to Kohana."

"Whatever you say." Sasori once again looked down at his lunch. He had no idea what to think. He had a person next to him who wanted to be his friend. Not just any person but a girl. He had always scared people away, mainly girls. So it was hard for him to have a friend, yet a girl as a friend.

Sasori looked out of the corner of his eye at the girl. Her light pink hair made her beautiful green eyes stand out. Her forehead was a little bigger then most but it worked for her. She had a great figure, and from what it seemed like she had a nice personality. Once again he stated to think about the fact that she was a girl and his friend…a girl and friend, a girlfriend. Sasori smiled to himself looking down at his lunch again.

Looking of at him Sakura asked, "You look happy now. That's good. Looked kinda sad before." Sasori hid the blush coming onto his face. 'She is happy that I'm happy. She is my girlfriend.' Sasori thought happily to himself.

Just before he could say something the door to the roof opened again reveling a guy. He was tall with jet-black hair and piercing onyx eyes that could cut through your soul. He was clearly well built and athletic but not overly muscular, just enough to know that you wouldn't want to mess with him.

Sasori was about to yell at him for interrupting his time with his new 'girlfriend' when Sakura suddenly shot up and ran to the man.

"Sasuke kun!" Sakura yelled glomping him. "Hi" she said happily hugging him.

Sasuke had his arms wrapped around her while he looked at her obviously upset. "Where were you? I have been looking for you all over the whole school." He never raised his voice as he spoke but he didn't have to. Just the tone was enough to let Sakura know that he had been worried about her and he was pissed.

"I'm sorry Sasuke kun, I got mad at Ino and well I came up here to get away from her and to get some fresh air. Your mad, I'm sorry…" Sakura's face turned all chibi as she tried to hold back tears from making Sasuke mad at her. Sasuke sighed, he hated that face her could never stay mad at her when she did that face.

"I'm not mad, I was just…" Sasuke's voice drifted off knowing what he was about to say. "Come on class is going to start soon." Sasuke said taking her hand and walking back to the door.

"Wait!" Sakura said stopping.

"What?" Sasuke said annoyed.

"I almost forgot. Sasuke kun I want you to meet my new friend Sasori" Sakura smiled. Pulling Sasuke over to Sasori she said, " Sasori this is Sasuke." Sasori nodded in acknowledgement, to pissed that his new 'girlfriend' was holding hands with another man. "Sasuke kun say hi! Sasori is new." Sakura told him.

"hmp" was all Sasuke answered.

Sighing Sakura said, "That means hi." Sasori said nothing in response. They stood there for a moment, Sasuke and Sasori glaring at each other, both extremely uncomfortable with each other. Before anything else could be said the school bell rang saying that they had 5 minutes to get to class. Sakura quickly grabbed her lunch saying, "I'll see you later Sasori."

Sasori nodded watching Sasuke and Sakura walk to their next class. "You were worried about me weren't you Sasuke kun." Sasuke looked the other way. "See you were worried!" Sakura said hugging him as they walked, Sasuke's only response was blushing.

Sasori picked up his lunch after watching the couple walk through the roof door. 'Sasuke…I hate you Sasuke. Hitting on my new girlfriend. I will get you…and no one can stop me. I will kill you and she will be mine.' Sasori thought to himself walking to his next class.

A/N: YAY! I finally am writing something new! Man my writing has gone downhill…. oh well maybe this will help XD anyway I have been thinking of the story for a long time and am finally writing it down. Yay ^^ I hope everyone is enjoying it. SasuSaku with Sasori is my favorite love triangle ^^ More to come soon! Please review ^^