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Chapter 5

"I hate this class!" Sakura sighed slipping back in her chair watching the teacher write some notes on the bored.

"Why? You actually get to do stuff in this class unlike some of the others." Sasori asked writing some of the notes down.

"I know but it's so boring…I mean can't the teacher make it a little more exciting? It's science class! It could be so interesting, but he is sssssssssssssssoooooooooooo boring." Sakura sighed, flopping her head onto the table.

"At least we get to do experiments and stuff." Sasori offered trying to cheer up the pink-headed girl only earning him a glare. "Well sometimes." Sighing Sakura continued to watch the bored when something hit her leg. Looking down Sakura noticed that it was a piece of rolled up paper. She looked behind her and saw Sasuke pointing to it motioning for her to pick it up.

(Sasuke has the same third hour but he is stuck sitting in the back of the classroom because of the seating arrangement)

'You look like your dieing.' Sakura shot a glare at the smirking Uchiha.

"What's wrong?" Sasori asked looking at the note.

"Nothing just Sasuke being a meanie." Sakura replied crumbling the note back up and putting it in her purse.

"Does everyone have all the notes now?" the teacher drowned not really paying attention to the students. Before they could reply he said, "Good because this is all going to be on the test." The moment he finished he closed his book and left the classroom, three minutes early. The class just sat there staring at the door for a moment before the talking started up.

"Hey Sakura chan?" Sasori asked a little timid.

"What's up?" Sakura replied quickly coping down the notes from the bored before the bell rang.

"I was wondering if…..if you would be free tonight. I mean it is Friday and if you had no plans if you would want to hang out?" Sasori spoke really fast and quietly, his face almost bright red by the end.

"I would love to hang out Sasori but I have plans tonight. I'm sorry." Sakura said finishing up the notes and closing the notebook.

"What type of plans?" Sasori asked hoping that they wouldn't involve that Uchiha.

"I'm going out with Sasuke, we were going to rent a movie and just hang out together. I'm sorry." Sakura replied as Sasori nodded, the anger bubbling inside of him. "What type of thing were you thinking about doing tonight?" Sakura asked putting her notebook in her bag.

"Um… I was hoping that you could help me pick out some dresses…" Sasori looked kind of embarrassed when he finished.

"Dresses?" Sakura's voice was skeptical looking at him like he grew a second head.

"Yeah…I know you are really good with costumes and stuff so I was hoping that you wouldn't mind helping me pick out some nice outfits for….um….you know." He was never comfortable with talking about the puppets that he made. It was something he was very proud of, but people always made fun of him about it.

"Oh! I forgot, I'm sorry. But I would love to help you pick some stuff out. Like I said I can't today but…Hold on. HEY SASUKE KUN!?" Sakura yelled across the room. Sasuke was trying to keep Naruto from mixing some chemicals together.

"Yeah!?" Sasuke replied pulling one bottle out of Naruto's hand.

"Do we have plans this weekend?" Sakura asked trying not to laugh at Naruto whining about wanting to see what colors the chemicals would make.

"Saturday yes, Sunday no…how come?" Sasuke replied holding the bottle as far as he could from Naruto.

"I'm free Sunday if you want to go shopping." Sakura replied to Sasori who nodded, blushing a little.

"Ok…Sunday it is…um what time?" Sasori asked.

"um…not sure, here." Sasuke said writing something on a piece of paper. "Just give me a call when you are free Sunday." Sakura smiled as the bell rang. Everyone got their stuff and left Sasuke watching his blond lab partner like a hawk.

"Everything ok Sakura?" Sasuke asked when he walked up to her.

"Yeah. Why do you ask?" Sakura answered walking down the hall with the raven-haired boy.

"About this weekend. What was that all about?" Sasuke asked.

"Oh, Sasori was wondering if I could help him pick out some stuff that he needs. It's like a girl's opinion type thing. I wonder if he wouldn't mind if I brought Hinata! She is even better then me at this type of stuff…" Sakura continued to rant on Sasuke having no idea what she was talking about but happy that it wasn't anything that big. Though he wasn't happy with the fact that his Sakura was going to be with Sasori.

Sasuke had no idea why but for some reason he did not trust Sasori. Sasori hadn't done anything to earn the Uchiha's mistrust but there was just something about him that Sasuke didn't like. He know Sasori would sneak glances at Sakura, but so did half the male population at their school. It wasn't everyday that you saw a girl with naturally pink hair, so he couldn't blame him. But there was just something…something that he didn't like about Sasori. He just couldn't put his finger on it.


Sasori watched Sasuke and Sakura leave, slowly picking up his books and following them out of the classroom. "Sakura chan..i got a date with Sakura chan…this Sunday! Me and Sakura chan! So much to do, not that much time…oh Sakura chan." Sasori thought to himself walking to class.

Sasori was on cloud nine for the rest of the day, not really paying much attention to anything at all. He was just happily fantasizing about what he and Sakura would do Sunday.

The moment that he got home he quickly threw his bag onto the kitchen table and dug into his pocket for the note Sakura gave him. His hands where shaking slightly out of excitement as he carefully unfolded the little piece of paper.

"Sakura chan's note…..the note that she wrote just for me….." he happily chanted to himself. There wasn't anyone else around in the little apartment to here him, there never would be. He lived in a tiny two-room apartment all by himself. When you walked in there was a kitchen on the left that connected to a dinning room, if you considered it a dinning room. There was only enough room for one four-person table that could comfortably fit two people. There was a little half wall between the kitchen and the hall but it stopped when it reached the dinning area where it opened up to the living room.

There was only a couch and a TV with two little end tables. Sasori wanted to get a little coffee table but there wasn't that much room for it. On the right of the entrance there was a closet without any door, which seemed to make the little apartment seem bigger. Past the closet there was a hallway that led to three rooms. On the right was a bathroom, on the left was his bedroom, and at the end of the hallway was a room that he filled with his puppets.

It may been small but Sasori found it perfect for him and maybe soon someone else. Sasori stood in front of the phone by the couch trying to figure out if it was to soon to call or not. He knew that Sakura was already home, it took him twice as long to get home from school then it did her, but he didn't want to seem needy. After all this was going to be a date he was setting up.

Taking a deep breath he picked up the phone and started to dial. It rang about four times before he heard a voice on the other end.


"Is this Sakura?" Sasori asked trying to keep the nervousness out of his voice.

"Of course it is, this is my cell….who is this?" Sakura replied her voice sounding annoyed.

"This is Sasori." Sasori answered.

"Oh hi! What's up? I can only talk for a minute I'm at the video rental store." Her voice sounded cheered up making Sasori's nerves ease up a little.

"I called about Sunday…" his voice drifted off at the end not knowing what more to say.

"Oh yeah. I checked what's up and I'm free all day. Though if you don't mind I prefer late morning or so…I am not a morning person." Sakura replied cheerfully.

"You got that right." A voice in the background commented.

"Shut up Sasuke kun!" Sakura snapped. "But yeah…How about I'll meet you downtown at about 11am Sunday. You want to go to that new store with all those new cute clothes right?" Sakura asked.

"That sounds perfect…if you don't mind would Sasuke San not come. I really don't think he would understand what we are shopping for." Sasori asked hoping that she wouldn't get mad and realize that the whole reason he was asking her was that he wanted to be alone with her.

"I totally understand. He doesn't like those types of things so it shouldn't be that big of a thing." A grin appeared on Sasori's face as he listened. The grin was not that far off from a predator about to go for the kill, until Sakura continued her sentence. "By the way before I forgot I mentioned the whole thing to Hinata and she loves the idea and got really excited about it. I couldn't say no so I invited her too. I really hope you don't mind, but she thinks the whole doll thing is really exciting."

Sasori's grin dropped while his hand gripped the phone harder, the plastic starting to split where it was connected. "That would be fine." He answered, no hint of the hidden rage in his voice.

"Great! I can't wait…hey I am really sorry but I have to go now. But call me later k? Bye" Sakura's voice was cheerful when she hung up making Sasori's anger subside slightly.

"Bye" to the dial tone slowly hanging up the phone. 'ok…..lets think about this…I get to see Sakura chan…but not all to myself…though there will be no Sasuke, which is a huge plus…but there will be that Hinata girl…hhhhhmmm…Hinata is Sakura's best friend, and she is shy as a mouse so she will be no problem…or….yes this is what I'll do.' Sasori's face turned into a huge grin again all anger gone. 'If the best friend sees nothing wrong then she won't say anything to that Uchiha and the Uchiha won't see anything wrong with me. He will loosen his grip over my Sakura and then…' Sasori started to laugh out loud at this point.

"If Uchiha loosens his grip then he will be easier to get rid of and Sakura will be completely MINE!!" Sasori was grinning from ear to ear laughing a deep dark laugh that would have stopped the heart of almost anyone.


"What's going on?" Sasuke asked picking up a movie looking at the case.

"I'm going dress shopping with Hinata and Sasori this Sunday. We didn't think you would want to come because it's for dolls." Sakura laughed looking at a different movie.

"Oh… you could have asked…" Sasuke mumbled to himself, but unfortunately for him Sakura heard.

"Sasuke kun…did…did I hurt your feelings?" Sakura looked at him a little surprised.

"Of course not, come on lets just pick out a movie and go." Sasuke said looking at the movies again. Sakura gave him one of her cutest smiles and hugged him causing the Uchiha to turn bright red.

"Sasuke kun do you want to go doll clothes shopping with me?" Sakura asked making Sasuke turn even redder.

"Of course not! And get off me Sakura!" Sasuke said more embarrassed then anything else pushing the giggling girl off of him.

"Ok Sasuke kun whatever you say." Sakura laughed looking at the videos again.


Sasuke and Sakura walked back to her house hand in hand as the sunset.

"Hey Sasuke kun which one do you want to watch first?" Sakura asked looking in the bag of video's that they rented.

"I don't know whatever one you want to…I really don't care."

"Ok, I got some popcorn yesterday and we got pop earlier. Is there anything else that we need?" Sakura smiled.

"I don't think so."


They walked in a comfortable silence for a while when Sasuke asked, "When are your parents going to be home?"

"They are both out of town again all weekend." Sakura looked a down at the ground as she spoke. Sasuke knew that she loved the feeling of independence but she missed her family like crazy. They were never there; it was like she was living in her own place. They had an account set up where when a bill came Sakura could enter the account to get the money to pay for the bill. It was nice sometimes but Sakura really missed her parents, though she would never admit it. When they were home she never got along with them, all they did was fight. "What about you? What's going on at your house? You haven't talked about it much lately."

"You know same old same old." Sasuke answered. Sasuke's family was insanely rich. He had a nice childhood living in the main house till his mom died. After that his dad because really distant and he and his brother started to get into a lot of fights. That's where he developed the silent and cold personality. He lived in with his brother in an apartment complex that his family owned, but he hated it. At the main house his dad always got on his case about every little thing and he had no freedom for anything. The apartment with Itachi was a little better, but not much. His dad still spied on him and his brother kicked him out whenever there was a girl over. So Sasuke spent most of his time at Sakura's house.

"Ah…Sasuke Kun can I tell you something?" Sakura asked looking up at him with her big green eyes.

"Of course." Sasuke answered as they turned a corner onto Sakura's street.

"I know that I say this a lot but I am so happy that I have you." Sakura said blushing. Sasuke stopped walking and looked down at her causing Sakura to blush more.

Sasuke gave her one of his rare true smiles replying, "I'm happy that I have you too." He slowly wrapped his arms around her waist bringing her to him and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Sakura's eyes slid closed as she leaned into him, completely giving into him. Her arms circled around his neck while her mouth opened for his but all she got was a smirk.

"Sasuke kun…" She whined in a low seductive tone. It took all of Sasuke's self control to stop himself from taking her right then and there at the sound of her voice.

"Not here Sakura…In your house….your room…" Sasuke whispered against her lips making her body go limp with desire. "Come on." Sasuke said pulling her towards her house, Sakura fallowing slowly behind still in a daze.

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