..Chapter Thirty..




Everything is going good, just so you know. These past few months have been the best, the very best. And while I don't think this is gonna cover it all, I hope it's all you need.

Itachi finally talked it over with Sasuke. They sat down, hashed it out. It was good for both of them; and with a little nudging Itachi agreed to get some professional help. Sasuke and I agreed to be there 100% for him during the hard times of the year, the family times.

As for my secret identity? Well... it didn't exactly remain very secret for very long. (I'm sure you can see me smiling as I write this.) When Kiba, Neji and Haku found out they were nothing short of flabbergasted. Well, Haku grinned at me. I'm sure he had an idea about what I was all along. I'll never know though. But, oddly enough, I got no bad press for it. They still all accept me as I am. Pretty unreal, huh? I mean, it's almost a movie style ending to that.

I eventually met up with Kankurou again and talked to Temari. Turns out the girl was dying to sign me up for an all girl motocross team. We didn't have too many sponsors at first, well aside from Sasuke and Itachi. And my dad wasn't too happy when he found out I was bailing on gymnastics. But, once we sat down and talked about it he was on the bar with me all the way. We're not doing anything but local stuff, or just outah state yet. Hell, the summer isn't even over yet!

Sasuke found out, with a little help from me, that the surfing industry is just what he wanted. His brother is behind him on that, but I don't have to tell you, right? He's doing fabulous and when the vacation is over he plans on going full swing with his career! I'm so proud of him.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I?

Christmas came and went. Prom was awesome. Ino didn't dress up as Sailor Venus and I didn't take Lee up on that date (Sasuke would kill me!). But, we both had a blast anyway. And Sasuke isn't nearly as cruel to the female crowd anymore. Hey, he even smiles at them sometimes. But, I guess he doesn't have too much to worry about when it comes to rabid fangirls anymore. Not with me around.

Naruto and Hinata are doing just great! Neji does give him the evil eye now and again, but that aside he's number one in Hiashi's book. The top of the Hyuuga family even went to one of the blond's soccer games. Surprisingly, he's not so bad once you get to know him. He's still creepy, don't get me wrong. But, not as bad as he once was with Hinata. I guess Naruto got her to stand up for herself and Hiashi noticed. Go figure?

For some damned reason I hardly see Tenten anymore... and when I do she's arguing with Neji. I try to ask her about it but all she does is tell me is what an asshole he is. By the time that starts I'm looking for a way to get away from her. I think she's got a screw loose, that girl.

But! the point of all this was to tell you how things are going so you can finish that you-know-what up, right?

Well... I'm still a girl, if that's what you want to know. Boobs and all. I like pretty clothes and pink isn't my number one enemy. I like fluffy music and every now and then a hot, steamy romance novel. But, I still get dirty with the best of them too! The point is, this whole adventure, this 'Bet', has been the single most enlightening, eye-opening, wonderful experience of my life. And while the road was bumpy and painful, it was also fun too. I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world.

And just so you know... yes, I do play the Vince role every now and then. It's fun, right? And besides, it's way more fun when the one you love plays along, isn't it?

I think so.

Jiraiya grinned and he lowered the letter and placed it back into the envelope it came in. He placed the tattered flap back over and stuck it into a drawer just next to him at the counter where he stood.

He couldn't help but be happy. After all, book sales were going shoot right through the roof. As this thought passed through his mind... he idly wondered if Sasuke knew about her little agreement with him.

Ah well.


"You're gonna... fall..." he sighed out the last bit from the shore where he stood, hands on his hips as he stared out at the spot in the water where his girlfriend had once been perilously trying to balance on her board. His lips twisted into a small smile as he watched her come up for air near shore, stand up and grab her board.

Was it all women, or just Sakura that looked hot when she was wet?

He heard laughing from his side and raised a brow at Naruto. "Like you have any room to laugh. You weren't doing much better, dropout."

"Ah, shut it, bastard," he said while he laughed. "Quit being so uptight and let loose."

"I'm not uptight," he muttered, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Sometimes you are," Sakura said with a grin as she made her way towards them, board in hand.

Sasuke shook his head and jutted a thumb at Naruto. "Why is he here anyway? Eh? This was suppose to be for me and you."

Sakura frowned. "You know why. Hiashi wouldn't let her go on a trip with Naruto unless I was with her. And you didn't want to go on this big vacation tour of yours without me. So, they both had to come."

Hinata, who'd been invisible a moment ago, frowned and blushed. "Sorry, Sasuke..."

Sakura rolled her eyes and grinned. "Don't bother. If he wasn't having fun he'd be worse, trust me." She began moving towards her towel on the shore so she could chill for a while. It was starting to get darker anyway. They should be heading back to their hotel room soon, she imagined.

"Done for the day?" Sasuke asked as he plopped down next to her, watching as she wrapped a towel about herself.

"I think so, but we can stay and watch the sunset at the very least.."

He nodded and looked over a few paces away as Naruto and Hinata moved to sit on their own towels. A few more days and they'd be moving onto the next surfing site in the trip. By the time he was done with summer he'd know every nook in the world.

He sighed as he relaxed backwards onto the towel, hands behind his head. Obsidian orbs stared upward as the sky began to turn a rich shade of orange, red and yellow. In another hour or so it'd be dark. People would start to pack up from the beach and go home. Normally he'd leave just as soon as the family rush left and just before the bar crowds. However, they'd smartly gotten a hotel right on the beach, and high enough up that he didn't have to worry about sounds.

As if voicing his thoughts, Sakura said, "Wouldn't you love to live in place like this?"

"I wouldn't mind," he answered. "But, you do have to worry about flooding and storms more."

"I suppose paradise has it's price."

"You could say that."

She smiled at him a moment and then turned to her bag. He wasn't watching her anymore, but heard her digging through it as he locked his sights on the sky once again. But, after a while he got curious and bored and looked over at her with raised brows.

"What are you reading?" he asked idly.

"A book," she answered as her eyes scanned over the text.

"Yes, well, that's obvious. What book?" He sat up this time.

"A good one," she grinned.

He knew that tone. With a wry grin of his own he reached over before she could even formulate a plan and swiped it right out of her hands. He stood up and dodged her as she ran after him, trying to take it away. And while she did, laughing as she did so, he began to read the back of the novel.

"One of Jiraiya's books?"


"About ....a bet? That's the title, eh? 'The Bet'? I wonder where he got that idea, hm?" He should pretend to be upset with her, but he he couldn't hide the grin on his face asshe stopped and flipped through a few pages once he was sure she wasn't going to try and nab it from him anymore. "So... our life story is emblazoned in a romance novel, eh?"

"Maybe," she allowed, crossing her arms over her chest. "Is that a problem?" Her emerald depths danced with mischievousness.

"Well," he said as he snapped the book shut and walked towards her, pausing but a mere moments before wrapping her in his embrace. "I could sue you, you know... take you for everything you own... that stuff."

"Should I be afraid?" she make a face of mock fear, batting her eyes lashes.

"Maybe," he smiled, brushing his lips across hers. "Or..." he edged, breathy words across her skin. "I'll just read it myself," he said as he stepped away from her and opened the book. But he didn't get very far because he felt her tackle onto him. He was barely prepared for the sand in his face and was thankful she waited until he was nearly on top of the blankets so he didn't have sand to worry about.

He grinned as he slid over onto his back and smiled up at her. "Oh, sorry... did you want something? Perhaps more inspiration for another publication, hm?"

Sakura laughed down at him, hands on either side of his head as she gazed downward. "I love you, Sasuke."

Before he could reply she was kissing him. And he wasn't going to argue.

Yes, it was going to be a good summer.

A very good summer.


...."Can we get rid of Naruto?" he murmured against her lips.





The End


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