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The Safest Place On Earth

A few hours later Gibbs was working in his basement, the bottle of bourbon sitting on his workbench. In smooth, steady-going movements the sander travels over the wood of the top part to his boat.

Every now and then a timid knock could be heard under the construction. Gibbs would then pause his comforting exercise and wait for the low voice to call his name.

The expression on his face would soften, one corner of his mouth curving upwards. Without any further words he would leave the basement.

A few minutes later he would return, a mug of steaming coffee in hand. He then would lean through an opening in the frame, handing the hot liquid to the scared person inside.

This time, however, Gibbs brings two mugs. He ducks to pass through the doorway arch of the boat and joins Abby, who cowers in a corner in the back of her hiding place, her legs tucked up closely. She still is clutching the shawl that's wrapped around her shoulders. In addition to that, a warm blanket is wrapped around her legs.

They sit in silence for a couple of minutes, sipping their coffee.

Then Gibbs places his mug aside and gently lays an arm around Abby's shoulder. She nestles up against him, her head resting on his shoulder.

"You should really try to get some sleep, Abs," Gibbs suggests while gently stoking her hair.

"If my lab was haunted by ghosts and zombies, I could deal with that. But when someone really is after you, that's too spooky."

"Yeah," Gibbs takes the mug Abby is clasping and after placing it aside takes her in a tight embrace. "But you are safe now," he reassures her, rocking her gently and softly kissing her forehead.

Abby lets this sense of security calm her down, which only her silver haired fox is able to provide.

Then Abby starts to giggle.

"What?" Gibbs wants to know, slightly grinning as well.

"They definitely think we are having an affair," Abby chuckles.

Gibbs smirks at first, and then clears his throat. "Remind me to smack them on the back of their head, should anyone ever voice such nonsense."

He gently tilts up her head, his thumb tenderly caressing her cheek. Gibbs smiles at her and leans in to let their lips melt in a loving kiss.