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Oh God, Bella was moaning my name again. It was so hard to maintain my boundaries when she did this.

"Edward…please," she moaned softly, "don't stop."

Oh God she was having one of those dreams again. I could feel myself begin to get excited and I had to shift slightly to remain comfortable. Bella was so sexy. I had told her that it was so difficult to remain a gentleman when she moaned my name in her sleep, but she just laughed and said sorry.

The seventeen year old boy in me started to rise to the surface. As much as I wanted Bella to remain human, there were certain things that I was going to enjoy once she was a vampire. I would be able to touch her without worrying that I would kill her for one. We had decided, well more me really, that we wouldn't make love until we were married. But she would still be human, and the thought of getting too carried away with her had me greatly concerned. But once she was turned, that would no longer be a problem. Honestly being a virgin hadn't really bothered me until I fell in love with Bella, but now it was all I could do to keep from taking her almost every time I was around her. Blame it on nearly 110 years of unresolved sexual frustration.

I gently ran my fingers down the length of her arm then her side. Her shirt had risen up and her stomach was now showing. I gently leaned forward and placed soft kisses across her stomach. Oh the things I wished I could do. I imagined myself undressing Bella and kissing every inch of her body. Soon…soon I would finally be able to make love to her, or at least I would try.

She sighed slightly at my kisses. I wondered if what I had just done had worked its way into her dreams.

"More. More Edward please," she moaned beginning to arch her back.

I let my trail of kisses move to other areas of her body. I soon found myself kissing her thigh. I could smell her arousal, and I thought I would explode. It took ounce of my being to not jump on top of her at the very moment. My pants were getting so tight and my breathing sped up even though it was unnecessary. I let my hand rub very gently across her hot core.

"Oh…so close Edward," she moaned, thrusting her hips towards my face.

"Yes my Bella, please," I whispered as she began to come undone. It was the most amazing thing to witness. She seemed to be so…so…satisfied. As she finally began to regain a more comfortable breathing pattern, I softly placed the blankets back over her body. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close.

"Soon very soon my love. Sweet dreams Bella," I whispered into her ear.


I felt bad pretending to be asleep, but I knew if Edward knew I was awake, he never would have touched me like that. It was so amazing. His lips were so cold and soft; he left goose bumps on my skin after every kiss. And when his hand rubbed against my sex, it wasn't hard to let my mind imagine him doing other things to me. I guess that was why I was able to reach my climax with Edward hardly touching me. I could only imagine what making love to him would be like. He was good at everything after all.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close.

"Soon very soon my love. Sweet dreams Bella," he whispered in my ear

Yes, very soon I would be able to have every bit of Edward, but for now, I would pretend for him every night.


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