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"T-Tezuka...what did you say..." Fuji asked surprised.

"I like you."

"You honestly don't know what you're talking about," Fuji said slightly laughing,

"I said I like you." Tezuka said bluntly.

"Stop saying that!" Fuji was suddenly annoyed. If Tezuka was playing a joke on him it was too cruel. To be able to say those three words so easily, he knew he couldn't mean it. He hated to admit that after hearing those words from Tezuka's mouth his heart started beating rapidly, that in itself was rare.

"Fuji I like you, and I know you like me too." Tezuka said it so deadpan that Fuji almost believed him, but to say that he liked Tezuka was that even true.

He knew that his constant meetings with Tezuka wasn't a coincidence although that was what he said to the latter every time they met. And Tezuka was strikingly handsome, so much so that every time their fingers would accidentally brush he'd feel a faint blush creep up his face, and if that wasn't enough Tezuka's confession, if it was true was enough to hit his heart hard.

All this time he knew what he felt for Tezuka and that was just attraction it never went deeper than that simply because he wouldn't allow it to. Attraction was what he felt whenever he thought a boy or girl was to his liking, his type but that didn't mean he 'liked' the person. Attraction was merely an arousing in interest, pleasure. Liking was far different it was as much of a commitment as it was to say you love someone. Like is just the stepping stone to love, and that was something Fuji was incapable of providing love let alone receiving it.

"Tezuka you don't even know me well to go around saying that I like you, ne maybe you're confused," he said with a smile.

"Fuji I'm not someone who would lie. I know what I feel and I know what you feel."

Fuji was stunned that was the most he'd ever heard Tezuka say, and even if he wasn't lying about his confession he honestly didn't know what to do. He'd always reject the many confessions he had received at his old school be it boy or girl but with Tezuka it was different. Deep inside he didn't feel like rejecting him as crazy as it sounded.

He suddenly felt arms wrap around him and lips on his own. He stared wide eyed at Tezuka who still had him in his grasp.

Soon Fuji felt the warmth of Tezuka's kiss. Tezuka gently put his tongue onto Fuji's lips and then a little further into his mouth until their tongues were touching. He gently started touching and licking Fuji's tongue with his own.

Fuji was stunned he hadn't expected Tezuka to kiss so well, he had kissed many girls and even a boy or two but no kiss had ever felt like the one Tezuka was giving him. He felt himself melting into the kiss, and felt that their lips were a perfect match. Soon Fuji had placed his arms around Tezuka's neck and leaned deeper into the kiss which had turn into a passionate hungry kiss.

When they both broke away from the kiss Fuji stared at Tezuka with dazed eyes.

"I like you. " Tezuka repeated again.

Fuji unconsciously replied.

"I like you too."


"Seiichi you're still here?"

"Ah Genichiro. Hmm the flowers looked lonely." Yukimura said with a smile.

Sanada smiled knowing that whenever Yukimura felt that his flowers were sad or just lonely he would spend his whole day with them. He tried to repress a laugh that was highly unlike him, Yukimura took note of his expression.

"Ne what's so funny?" Yukimura asked with a grin.

"Aah. You said the same thing when we first met," Sanada replied with a sweet smile.

"You remembered...." Yukimura voiced surprised.

"Of course."

"But you know I was far more lonely than my flowers were back then. That was until I met you, you took away all my loneliness and turned it to love. Even if you were mean back then." Yukimura smiled slyly.

Sanada walked closer to Yukimura and wrapped his arms around the latter's frail body. "But you know you were far more mean than I was. When I came back and said I love you, you just threw a flower pot at me, that was possibly the worst way to get rejected."

Yukimura held Sanada's arms tighter, "Ne it didn't hit you though, and I did say I love you back." Yukimura tilted his head and placed his lips softly on Sanada's. Sanada lowered his head down and his mouth met Yukimura's, with their lips touching, he put his tongue lightly into Yukimura's mouth. Soon their kiss turned to passion and a battle for control.

Slowly breaking away from the kiss Yukimura gazed into Sanada's longing eyes and quietly asked, "Are you ready for this weekend?" Sanada then stared seriously into Yukimura's eyes, "Aah. Father wishes to see you."

Yukimura held Sanada closer to himself knowing what his comment meant not only for him but for the both of them.

"I can't wait." he said, Sanada noticed the sarcastic tone.


"Oi! Is Yukimura here?!" Shishido peeked into the art room to see if there was anyone present. He knew no one would be since everyone was out for lunch already. He grimaced at the thought knowing that he would be enjoying his break as well if it wasn't for Hisagi-sensei stopping him in the middle of the hallway asking, more like demanding, for him to deliver a message to Yukimura. 'Honestly that guy is too lazy to be a sensei,' he thought to himself.

Glancing deeper into the room he noticed a taller boy sitting in a desk, staring out the window with a lost expression. "Oi! Is Yukimura here?" he repeated. His agitation only grew deeper when he noticed that the other boy was either ignoring him or just didn't hear him, he decided the latter was the reason. Walking closer to the boy he took silent steps as to not startle him and followed his eyes to where he was staring out the window.

"So you like soccer?" he asked when he noticed that the other boy was staring out at the soccer field; his eyes following the few first years who were still practicing. Shishido suddenly felt proud that even with his absence his team would continue practicing in order to get better. He was traced out of his thoughts when he saw the shocked expression in the other boy's face. "Ah gomen...didn't mean to intrude....anyway if you like playing that much you should try out for the team," he suggested bashfully not knowing what else to say.

Shishido waited to hear a reply from the taller boy, but he said nothing.

Otori was too shocked to reply, he didn't even realize when Shishido entered the room yet alone how long he'd been there. He had no words to say he simply admired his senpai from afar just enjoying the small glances they both exchanged when walking down the hallways, but they never spoke. Which was what shocked him the most that Shishido had actually asked him something and it was about soccer. He didn't really like the sport he just liked it when he saw Shishido play but he couldn't possibly say that. So he remained quiet.

Shishido scratched the back of his head." You know it's rude to not answer when someone's talking to you."

"G-Gomen Shishido-senpai," Otori replied flustered.

"Oi! I was just kidding," Shishido tried hard to not laugh at the flustered boy, his expression was slightly amusing. "Anyway at least I got you to talk." He said with a smile.

Otori blushed furiously.

"Heh, are you always this shy around others. Anyway I just came here to give Yukimura a message but he's obviously not here." Shishido stared down at the paper on Otori's desk and noticed it was blank and only had the boy's name written on it. "Otori...Otori Choutaro," he said aloud without realizing it.

Otori stared at Shishido who was now leaning by his desk and was so close to him.

"Anyway I have to go." Shishido pulled away from Otori's desk and headed towards the front of the classroom turning around he said, " You know if you do like soccer you should come out and see it for yourself it's more exciting seeing it up close. See you. " He said with a wave and headed out the door.

Otori stared out the door his face beet red.


Mukahi heard his room door slammed and knew it had to be Jirou. He was surprised to know that the curly head wasn't sleeping in his bed and started to worry. It was already late and Jirou had never left his bed when sleeping unless it was important.

"Jirou where were yo-"

"Gakuto let's talk." Oshitari said commandingly not waiting for the other boy's reply.

"Y-Yuushi! I already told you we have nothing to talk about!" Gakuto shouted angrily.

"Gakuto! Stop being so stubborn! I already know everything why didn't you tell me about Atobe!?"

Mukahi was startled he didn't expect Oshitari to know, he didn't want him to. "H-how do you know?" he asked nervously.

"That doesn't matter. Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you go to me? Am I that unreliable as your boyfriend?"

Mukahi felt tears streaming down his face, tears he didn't want to show especially in front of Oshitari.

"Yuushi....I couldn't...gomen...I-I don't want you to have problems with your family especially your father because of me...I don't want to see you h-hurt...gomen..." he said stuttering.

Oshitari stared at Mukahi with bewilderment, "Problems...my family...my father...What did Atobe tell you?" he said with a frightening glare.

Mukahi stared at Oshitari mortified, he fell into his trap.


Atobe heard a faint knock on the door. No one ever dared to knock on his door at such a time who ever did was rather rude he thought bitterly. Opening the door he glared at the person in front of him. "Jirou it's late what do you want."

"I need to talk to you." Jirou said with a seriousness in his tone.

"If you want to beg me to forgive you, fine I do. It's too late to talk right now."

"Atobe please." Jirou pleaded.

Atobe moved aside to let Jirou pass.

"What did you want to talk to me about?"

Jirou shifted in his seat he was now seated across from Atobe in his office, a privelge for the student council president, having his own office in his room, as if having one wasn't enough. Jirou stared at Atobe with serious eyes, "Atobe I want you to stop. Stop what you're doing with Ohsitari and Gakuto. Please stop all your plans or whatever you're planning now."

"And why must I listen to you and stop my plans Jirou."

"Atobe I don't want to see you get hurt. I know you're afraid of betrayal but not everyone is. You almost destroyed two peoples life once do you honestly want to do it again."

"Jirou don't speak as if you know me, you don't." Atobe said icily.

Jirou rose to his feet and walked over to Atobe. Standing in front of him he gazed longing into Atobe's eyes.

"I do know you. I know you're lonely and only want to be loved. I know you can never hurt others but your arrogance always gets the best of you. I know how hard you worked to get where you are. I know you don't like being the president and just do it to please your family. I know you fear getting close to others. And I know how much I love you even knowing all of that so please stop." Jirou fought hard the tears that were threatening to stroll down his face.

Atobe was stunned, which for him was a first. Although he heard every word the curly haired boy said he still couldn't believe everything he heard, and he hated to admit that almost all of it was true that someone knew him so well to actually point it all out.

Atobe pulled Jirou to his lap and captured the curly haired boy's lips. He nibbled and licked at Jirou's lips, sliding his tongue over Jirou's lips he touched the latter's soft lips and tasted his mouth. He soon felt Jirou put his tongue deeper into his mouth trying to keep their tongues touching, Atobe sucked on Jirou's tongue gently and heard Jirou moan in response. He was pleased to gather such a response from him.

"Jirou..." he murmured into the kiss.

"Keigo...I love you."


"Usa-chan where are you going?"


"Eh? Why?" Hisagi asked with a pout, observing the other man who was dressing himself.

Usagi sighed, "Need I remind you who kidnaped me and brought me pack to his apartment," he said with a glare.

"Ne, ne Usa-chan that wasn't kidnaping," he said with a smile.

"Really. You're right shoving someone into a car and driving them back to an unknown place isn't kidnaping at all," the blonde voiced sarcastically.

Hisagi rose from his bed and wrapped his arms around Usagi possessively. "You say that but just a few minutes ago you were moaning in my arms and practically begging me for more," he purred into Usagi's ears sending shivers down his spine. Enjoying the blonde's reaction Hisagi nibbled on his earlobe teasingly.

"Hisagi!" Usagi screamed releasing himself from the taller man's grasp.

"Fine I won't touch you but at least stay the night it's late already."

"And whose fault is that," he said accusingly. Usagi sighed when he noticed the other man smirking. He always hated Hisagi's mocking but couldn't deny his attraction towards the latter it was just a mere coincidence that their bodies were compatible. "Honestly you should stop fooling around we have a mission to complete. I've already heard countless rumors about you preying on different students, you should stop. If we ever get caught Master Atobe would be furious."

"Hai, hai. But seriously what is that old bat scared of such a punk like Atobe, he could have easily gotten rid of him by now. Why wait till now."

"Hmm. But that's none of our concern. We were just hired to complete a task nothing else as long as all goes well I have no complaints. For that to happen you must cooperate with me Hisagi."

"Usa-chaaaan," Hisagi said with a childish ring in his voice. " I always cooperate well with you our bodies is proof of that," he smirked.

"Anyway it really is too late, I have no choice but to stay here. Hope that's not an inconvenience." He turned to look at Hisagi and shivered when he noticed the wicked smile on the latter's face.

Hisagi pulled the blonde down to the bed and embraced him tightly, "It's not." He continued to pour kisses on Usagi's chest which was now bare after the dark haired man ripped his shirt off, he suddenly stopped and stared into Usagi's light blue eyes. "Is sleeping with me part of your mission?" he asked.

Usagi was startled he was used to Hisagi pouncing on him and mocking him but never witnessed such a serious expression on the latter's face, it was a first. "Of course not, idiot." he replied shyly. "Is it yours?"

Hisagi stared with content in his eyes, "Nope, which is good cause seeing that sexy expression you're making just turns me on more." Hisagi replied wickedly.



"Hoi, Fujiko-chan you look happy."

Fuji stared across the room at his roommate. The red head was absolutely grinning as if he had just received a new toy. Fuji was particularly bewildered, his expression hadn't changed much since he had arrive to his new school, so what was Eiji talking about he thought. "Saa what do you mean Eiji?" he asked with a smile.

"You have a real smile on your face," he beamed.

"Ah..." Fuji was indeed surprised but one thing he had learned about his roommate was to never under estimate him. Although Eiji was all smiles and cheers everyday there was more to the red head than what he showed. Eiji was indeed someone to not take lightly it seemed he was more aware of his surroundings than even Fuji at times.

It wasn't much of a surprise when he realized that everyone in class treated Eiji as a clown a loveable cheerful clown, just by looking at the red head one felt happy. Eiji was indeed amazing. He always told funny storied that made everyone laugh, maybe even those who had no heart. He couldn't help but feel that Eiji's happiness was contagious because even he himself would at times laugh whole heartily with the rest of his classmates.

But even though Eiji would always fool around he was also very considerate. He never asked Fuji questions he simply stated his opinion and offered his advise which Fuji soon learned were wise to take. He'd only known Eiji for a month, but being as observant as he was he felt he'd known him for years and he knew Eiji felt the same somehow because not many knew when Fuji was serious let alone 'happy.'

Indeed he was happy. Just a kiss from Tezuka made him happy it was ridiculous to even think about. Fuji for the first time had let his guard down and let Tezuka kiss him, but was more surprised that he himself had responded. He knew where his feelings lied though he wasn't so sure if where they lied was where they should have. True he was attracted to Tezuka at first but it was all merely attraction.

Tezuka was honestly different from anyone he had ever known; he always had barriers that no one seemed to be able to cross. That was where his attraction began. Fuji found pleasure in having a challenge, and breaking Tezuka away from his shell was indeed a challenge maybe more than he bargained for. Like he, Tezuka never showed his real self, his real emotions, his real thoughts something Fuji was too familiar with. But while Fuji was never serious, Tezuka was too serious to the extent that it often annoyed Fuji.

Yes it was attraction. It was like a child wanting a toy they could never have but knew they would be miserable till they had it, so they would just cry till they received it. Fuji was the same he wanted to cross Tezuka's barrier so much that he found himself talking to the latter more often then not until he was close enough to reaching what he wanted. And until he didn't he would continue following Tezuka, pursing him.

That was it. Fuji mused to himself as he discerned the 'puzzle'. Constantly thinking about Tezuka, talking to him, trying to figure him out, it wasn't mere attraction at all, it was deeper.

"Ne Eiji, you said Tezuka and Atobe were childhood friends....do you know anything else?" he asked curiously.

The red head sat on his bed and pondered the question for a few seconds, "Nya no just that. There's just a lot of rumors. Ne Fujiko-chan I told you already to be careful of Atobe and Tezuka, remember."

Fuji stared intently at Eiji 'if only he knew,' he thought with much amusement. "Saa...I know, I will be." That much was true he had no intention of falling prey to whatever Atobe was planning, and he'd already known Tezuka was different.

"Ne Eiji are you going back home for the weekend?" he asked trying to stir Eiji's mind from their conversation.

"Nya Fujiko I already told you my house is too overcrowded," the red head replied with a pout.

"Ne why don't you come over to my house. No one will be home but my nee-san."

"Hoi hoi a sleep over!?" the red asked enthusiastically.

"Hai. You can ask Oishi if he wants to come as well."

"Hoi! We'll have fun."

"Hmm. And maybe you two can spend more time together alone," he said with a smile with much emphasis on the last word.

"Eh?!" the red head blushed at Fuji's comment. "Nya Fuji I told you it's not like that."

"Of course not." Fuji smiled knowingly.

"A-anyway I'm going to sleep there's practice tomorrow morning. You should too." Eiji wrapped himself under his sheets covering his face so that Fuji wouldn't notice his change in color, but knowing Fuji like he did he knew it was unlikely that his roommate had not notice.

Fuji laid down on his bed. He knew Eiji tried to hide his beet red face, but it was fruitless to hide anything from Fuji. Fuji mused at his plan, a sleep over would be the perfect place to play matchmaker. But that wasn't his true intention inviting Tezuka was. What better way to get to know the stoic boy better than when they were alone, or almost alone, in his room....



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