Title: The Plunge

Author: Ryo314

Rating: T

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters nor the concept of Scrubs.

Summary: An accident brings Perry and JD closer...a lot closer.

Note: So this is my second Scrubs story, and yes, it is a slash. I can't guarantee how structured my postings will be because the story is only one third the way written. Chapter two will be posted on 11/10/08.

Warning: This is a slash story: JD/Perry. If you do not like these stories, please stop reading because all flames based on the fact this is a slash story will be cruelly mocked along with their flamer in the next chapter.

The Plunge

Chapter I: The Hook Up

"We adore chaos because we love to produce order." M.C. Escher

The trip up had not been easy, and the wind that blew against her was freezing; her cheeks and her nose both had to be as red as Rudolph's on Christmas Eve. She looked down at the ground, probably not the best idea considering what she was about to do. The ground had to be at least one hundred feet below her. She couldn't believe she was doing this...well doing this again.

Her arm was linked with her roommate's boyfriend; it was technically his idea to this. Her roommate was on the far end. She had joked before they went up that their lives were in her roommate's hands.

With one finally jerk, their ride up was complete. Now, she waited.

"Three...two...one...fly!" a voice shouted from the loud speaker behind them.

One second...two seconds...three seconds. They were still up in the air. Why were they still up in the air?!

"Pull it, Jamie!" she shouted, not even sure if her roommate could hear her.

There was no sound to signal that the cord had been pulled. All there was to show that the cord had been pulled was this amazing feeling. For one brief, terrifying, and astounding second, she felt completely weightless, then they started falling toward the earth. Just as it looked like they were going to strike the ground, the rope they were on went taut, they swung up over the ticket booth and path of the amusement park. The three of them finally unhooked their arms as they swung back up to the tower they had just been released from. Her roommate's boyfriend had his arms out like a superhero, she couldn't see what her roommate was doing, and she was waving to the people in line for the roller coaster next to where they were.

She had forgotten how much fun things like this were; when she was young, she had been petrified of doing anything that even looked remotely dangerous. Now, at age nineteen, she was finally doing all those things she had been afraid to do when little, even with her family right there next to her. It seemed that being hundreds of miles away from her family had finally given her the bravery she had always been looking for. It was similar to the weightless feeling she felt at the beginning of her plunge.

One thing she needed to remember after she got off the ride was that she needed to get something to drink so she could take her medication.


"Perry!" shouted a horribly familiar voice. "Just the man I wanted to see."

Perry sighed; his day was not starting off well. "Well, Bobbo, I can't tell you how far down you are on the list of people I want to see." Perry turned to face the chief of medicine. "In fact, you're not even on it."

Dr. Kelso gave an obviously fake laugh. "Ah...good one as usual."

Something was wrong, very wrong. If Bob Kelso was telling him that he had made a good joke, then there was something very, very wrong. A line from the second Indiana Jones movie popped into his head. "Cover your heart!"

"You know, I would usually try and come up with something else to say, but the fact that you just told me I made a good joke actually has me worried, so I am just going to walk away."

"Well, before you do, I have a favor to ask of you."

"Blow it out your ass, Bob." Perry turned around to walk away.

"And when I said favor, I meant job, and when I said ask, I meant order."

Perry sighed. No, it was definitely not going to be a good day. He slowly turned back around. "Which layer of Hell do you plan on sending me to?"


"I didn't realize Seattle was part of Hell."

"It's not, but it is the location of a very important medical conference."

"Oh yeah. What's the name of it?"

"The Hell if I remember."

Perry rolled his eyes. "What does this have to do with me, BeelzeBob?"

A very smug smirk made its way onto Dr. Kelso's face. "You're going."

"No, I'm not."

"You can either go to this conference, or you can deal with Mr. Mitchum."

"Mr. Mitchum?"

"He's the hypochondriac in room 125; he has some acute respiratory problems that he is panicking about."

Perry thought to himself. "Annoying hypochondriac or annoying conference. If I go to the conference, at least I'll get to the leave the hospital."

"Ok, Bobbo. I'll go to your damn conference."

"Good, good. You'll need to leave around two."


"Yeah. I kind of forgot about the damn thing until about an hour ago. Apparently I told Ted to send some sort of reply after I was informed about it, and then I just forget." Dr. Kelso began to walk away but then turned back around. "By the way, you'll be taking Dr. Dorian."

Perry's eyes went wide. "What!?"

"Yeah. It's important that we look like we care about the young doctors that are working now days or something like that." Dr. Kelso paused for a moment, and then gave Perry the smug smile again. "Have fun."

"You can't make me take Beatrice to this conference."

"Too late," said Dr. Kelso, continuing to walk away. "You already agreed. Plus, I've already found people to cover your and Dr. Dorian's shifts."

"I would rather eat my own foot than go to Seattle with Newbie."

"As much as I would like to see that, Perry, it will be very hard for you to drive without your foot." Dr. Kelso turned the corner, and Perry slammed his hand against the wall startling a nurse who was walking out of a patient's room.

There were a lot of reasons why Perry didn't want to go to the conference with JD. Hell, there were a lot of reasons why he didn't want to go to the conference at all, but it was too late for that. For one, it was Newbie, and he did not want to sit in a car for two hours with Newbie. Two, the kid was annoying. And three, he had a nice ass.

Perry, who had been walking down the hall, stopped dead in his tracks when he got to that reason. "Did I seriously just think that? Come on, Perry, get yourself back under control. You've kept this all in check for the last few months, you can keep it in check now." Granted, the last few months he hadn't been cramped up in a car with Newbie.

"I can do this" Perry thought to himself. "I can do this."


"Carla, did you take Mrs. Daniels' vitals? She's in room 125." JD asked, staring at the clipboard as he walked up to the nurse's station.

"Yes, I did Bambi. You should have them."

"I know, but I can't find them anywhere." JD looked up from the chart and spotted the Janitor just down the hall. A familiar piece of paper was taped to the front of his cleaning cart. JD set his clipboard on the nurse's station and walked over to the Janitor.

"Are those Mrs. Daniels' vitals?" JD pointed to the paper taped to the cart.

"What? Just because I'm a janitor means I can't have anything official looking on my cart?"

"It says Francine Daniels," JD pointed out.

"Oh yeah. I was going to use it to line my parrot's cage." The Janitor gave him a smirk.

"Do you even have a parrot?"

"What? Just because I am a janitor means I can't afford to have a parrot as a pet? You doctors make me sick."

"Do you have a parrot?"

The Janitor shook his head. "No."

JD sighed and took the paper from the cart, ripping the top slightly, and made his way back to the nurse's station. Behind him, JD could hear the Janitor muttering that there was no reason to be rude. "Got it," JD said to Carla, clipping the paper to the board.

Carla shook her head and then looked down at the desk to hide the smile that had slipped onto her face. Although a majority of the time she found the Janitor odd and annoying, the banter that had just gone on between him and JD had been somewhat entertaining.

Carla lifted her head again and was about to say something to JD when familiar and loud voice cut her off. "Delores, just the girl I was looking for!" Carla sighed as she and JD both turned toward Dr. Cox.

"What is it, Dr. Cox?" said JD in his usual happy, carefree voice.

"You and I are going to a conference in Seattle." JD smiled. "Don't give me that look. It wasn't my idea to take you. I had no choice. It was all Bobbo's, a.k.a. Satan's, doing."

"Why me?" asked JD.

"How should I know?" demanded Dr. Cox, obviously annoyed. "How am I supposed to know what goes on in that senile bastard's head?"

"Well...um..." JD couldn't think of a response, but instead slipped into a daydream. For one brief moment, he was surrounded by flames and interns that were running around screaming. JD shook his head suddenly, coming out of the daydream.

"Nice to have you back from whatever fantasy in which you were imagining the BackStreet Boys in their underwear, Delilah. Now, can you pay attention to what I'm saying?"

"I'm sorry," said JD. "What did you say?"

"I said we leave at two, and don't be late because I will leave without you."

"I'm still on shift at two."

"Dr. Kelso already arranged for out shifts to be covered."

"Okay," said JD with a shrug. He smiled. "I'll be ready." JD picked the clipboard up off the nurse's station and walked down the hall.

I get to go to a conference with Dr. Cox! Yes! Maybe we'll actually get to talk when we're driving up there. Maybe he'll see me for who I really am. Maybe he won't call me girl names. That would be so cool. I wonder if Turk would be weirded out if I told him how excited I was about this?


Perry liked JD's smile, and he hated that fact. "Dammit, Bob! Dammit, Newbie!" Perry shook his head and then turned to face Carla, who was staring at him.

"What?" demanded Perry as he began to walk down the hall; Carla followed.

"Dr. Kelso talked you into taking JD to a medical conference?"

"No. He forced me into taking Newbie to a medical conference. Do you think I want to be cooped up in a car with Janice for two hours as we drive to Seattle? I think that is more your boyfriend's idea of fun. I don't want Newbie within a block of my car."

"Just go easy on Bambi; it's not his fault Dr. Kelso made you take him."

"Yes, but chances are Newbie will still be annoying none the less." Perry paused for a moment. "He doesn't like to do car trip singalongs, does he?"

Carla rolled his eyes. "Just remember, you may be able to torture Bambi while you're at the conference, but you will have to pay for whatever you to him when you get back."

"Oh yeah. Who's gonna make me?" Carla crossed her arms and glared at him. "Right."

As the two of them walked down the hall, Perry was glancing absently at the names outside the rooms. One of them caught his eye.

"I thought there was supposed to be a Mr. Mitchum in room 125," said Perry, staring at the name outside the door. "Who is Francine Daniels?"

Carla shook her head. "Mrs. Daniels has been in room 125 for the last few days. I don't know who you're talking about."

"Kelso told me there was a patient with respiratory problems named Mitchum in room 125."

"Mitchum? Like Robert Mitchum, the actor from the fifties and sixties?"

Perry clenched his teeth in anger; he had to get Kelso back when he returned from the conference.


When JD had left his and Turk's apartment that morning, the weather report said there was a slight chance of showers. It seemed so cliché that the weatherman had been wrong. The sky was dark and cloudy at only two in the afternoon, and it looked like it was going to pour down rain at any second.

JD had about an hour to get back to his apartment and pack a bag before having to be back at the hospital to meet Dr. Cox. The conference would start that night and end the next day. JD walked back into the hospital and saw Dr. Cox standing with his arms crossed in the entryway of the hospital; he looked unhappy, but that was a pretty normal occurrence.

"You ready?" asked JD as he walked up to him. He gave Dr. Cox a smile, but that only seemed to annoy the older doctor more.

Dr. Cox rolled his eyes and started to walk toward the hospital doors. "You got your feetie pajamas all packed up there, Cindy?"

JD scoffed. "I don't-don't have feetie pajamas." JD knew he would now be sleeping in his jeans that night.

"Did you make sure you went to the bathroom? I know you have a tiny tank, Barbie."


"Whatever, Newbie."

JD adjusted the strap of his bag and followed Dr. Cox. They walked across the parking lot to Dr. Cox's car.

"Wait. I get to ride in your car?"

Dr. Cox let out an annoyed sigh. "If you keep talking Julie, I'm just going to pull you from behind the car."

JD quickly shut his mouth as Dr. Cox popped open the trunk of his car. "Put your bag in there, get in the car, and keep your mouth shut for the next two hours. If you can manage that Newbie, both of us will get through this with minimal emotional scars, kay?"

JD nodded blankly and set his bag in the trunk. He reached to close the trunk, but Dr. Cox slapped his hand. "You are allowed to touch the door handle and no other parts of my car. Got that, Newbie?"

Dr. Cox slammed the trunk shut, and the two of them got into the car. "Okay, I know I said I have to try and keep everything in check with Newbie around, but that doesn't necessarily mean I have to be such as ass." Perry's thoughts stopped as he started up the car. "That's odd. I'm feeling guilt; I thought Jordan ripped all human emotions out of me during the divorce." With a sigh, Perry drove out of the parking lot.


They had been on the road for about half an hour, and JD knew the situation was already grinding on Dr. Cox's nerves. JD knew that Dr. Cox didn't want to go to the conference or have him with him, and to add insult to injury, it had begun pouring down rain about twenty minutes ago.

Well...pouring was an understatement. Buckets of water seemed to be crashing to the earth everywhere, lightning was illuminating the sky, thunder was accompanying the lightning, and there was very little visibility. Looking over at Dr. Cox and seeing that he was gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles had turned white, JD wondered if they should even still be driving. No one else was on the highway they were driving down. JD decided to voice as much to Dr. Cox, breaking the silence that had been going on for thirty minutes: a new record for JD.

"Um...Dr. Cox, are you sure we should be trying to drive through this?"

Dr. Cox sighed in annoyance. "Hannah, you're doing that thing."

"What thing?"


I walked right into that one.

"I'm just saying it looks kinds of dangerous out."

"I thought we agreed you wouldn't talk, Newbie."

"Maybe we should pull over for a little while."

"Are you scared of a little storm, Jadian?"

Jadian? Now that's a new one.

"No." A bolt of lightening lit up the sky followed by a crack of thunder that made both JD and Dr. Cox start.

"Look, Newbie. If we stop, we're not going to make it to the damn conference on time, and I am not pulling over along the highway in this weather. There's a good chance that if anyone came they wouldn't see us, and they'd wreck my car. Besides, this car was not made to get out of muddy ditches."

"Dr. Cox-"

Dr. Cox turned toward JD. "We are not stopping. Is that clear, Newbie?"

JD didn't answer his question; instead, a look of shear panic came over his face. "Dr. Cox!" JD shouted as he pointed forward.

Dr. Cox turned back toward the road and saw there was a bend in the road and that his car was going right off the pavement.

Turning the wheel desperately to the right, Dr. Cox tried to get the car to stay on the road. The wheels couldn't find any traction, and for a terrifying moment, JD thought they were going to take a nosedive into the ditch. At the last moment, the wheels grabbed hold of the asphalt, and the car was momentarily under control.

Both doctors thought they were in the clear when JD saw something terrifying up ahead. The low bridge that was part of the highway seemed to be missing, and the small car was heading straight for a very angry looking river.

Dr. Cox slammed on the breaks just as JD shouted, but the wheels couldn't stop on the rain soaked highway. The car went into the water and stopped abruptly when it hit a partially submerged fallen tree.


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