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"What the..?" Light dropped his books onto the floor and stared in disbelief. The first thing that caught his eye was a jam jar rolling out from underneath the bed. Somebody was hiding under the bed.

Light's first natural reaction was to jump back. His breathing halted, and sweat seeped out of his pores. He looked back at the open door and considered running out and down to Roger's office. But he completely changed his mind when he heard childish snickering from under the bed.

His facial expression went from gaping to scowling. It was them, Mihael and Mail. Light was so sure of it.

This is kind of over the top for some lame prank…Light slowly, but surely went down onto the floor and poked his head under the bed. But instead of jade blue eyes, two big glowing red ones stared back at him.

Before Light could react, a pale hand with long fingers grabbed him and with brutal force dragged him under the bed. The hand was cold and clammy, and it gripped onto Light's wrist for dear life. The other hand covered Light's mouth.

"Sssh," the perpetrator hushed Light. Light recognized the boy from before. But why would he do this? What's wrong with him?

Light right away began to wriggle away from the boy's grasp, retaliating in any way possible. Whoever this freak was, he was not going to be stuck under the bed with him that was for sure. The boy didn't seem to like Light's rebelling and began to twist his wrist.

"Stop struggling," he then demanded with a scratchy voice. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Light panicked. Who in the hell was this strange boy who was keeping him captive underneath the bed? He reasoned he had no choice but to keep still, this boy was like a mad dog, Light couldn't show fear. He relaxed his muscles as much as he could, hoping to God that the boy would let him go.

"There you go." The boy whispered reassuringly. A brief silence loomed over them, and Light could feel every muscle in his body tense up. "Now," the boy quietly hissed in Light's ear. "I'm going to uncover your mouth, but so help me god if you scream…" The boy trailed off for a moment to add a dramatic effect. "I will personally remove your fucking vocal chords." The strange boy's eyes squinted and it looked like he was trying to suppress laughter. "Understand?"

Light furiously nodded and slowly the boy's hand slid off of his mouth. Light swallowed his nervousness the best he could and tried not to stammer. "Who…who are you?" Were the only words that seemed to tumble out of his mouth. The boy giggled like a little school girl and smiled with his blood red eyes glowering at Light.

"Who am I?" The boy returned the question. "Well, I am merely a carbon copy of what I should be." He started glumly. "But I am a better version of who I should be."

This guy was insane! Light began to brainstorm a way out. If he made slight movements, the boy was sure to notice and hurt Light. If Light tried to alert others for help, he will not just hurt-but mutilate Light! What could he do? Manipulate the psycho using his persuasive skills? Oh sure, that would work out perfectly! This boy's attention span was equivalent to that of a rodent's, and probably had as much empathy towards him as a predator did towards its' prey.

"That didn't answer my question." Light breathed out. The boy's face darkened at Light's statement.

"Didn't it?" He asked back.

Light was beginning to get annoyed. "Okay," Light huffed out. "Let me rephrase this, what is your name?"

A playful smile curled on the boy's lips and he chuckled more to himself then towards Light. "That my friend is classified information. However, I can tell you what they call me if you answer something for me."

"Okay," Light hesitantly confirmed. He didn't like playing helpless victim, but maybe if he appeased the boy he would hopefully let him go.

"They call me B," he proudly proclaimed. All of the color drained out of Light's face. This-This was his roommate? No wonder Roger acted the way he did when Watari informed him! Couldn't Nate have at least warned Light about this nutcase?

"You're my roommate?" Light couldn't even understand why anyone would place him in the same room with this fruit-basket, let alone sleep in the same room with him.

"Roommate?" B sounded dumbfounded at this. "Who decided this?"

"L," was all Light could find himself saying. He could feel B's grip tighten, did he do something wrong?

"He's toying with me…" He grumbled. A few seconds passed that felt like an eternity, Light wasn't sure what to do. B hadn't loosened his grip at all, and Light wasn't sure if he was going to get out of this alive.

"Now what was your question?" Light quietly asked trying to buy time. B appeared shocked that Light didn't seem as scared as he did before and his scowl turned into a small smile.

"How do you know it wasn't me just wondering why you were in here?" B asked smugly.

"If that was the case you would have let me go by now." Light retorted.

"Maybe I would have…or maybe I just plan on killing you." B then snapped back. Light held the urge to gulp and made sure he didn't tremble. He had to keep himself from cracking, it's what this boy wanted.

"Well I know you weren't wondering who I was for you seem to know that already." Light tried using whatever deductive skills he had to his advantage. If he could just distract B for awhile, maybe somebody nosey like Nate would notice the awkward whispering in Light and B's room. It was a long shot, but worth a try.

"Doesn't everybody?" B then shot back.

"Yes but if you didn't even know I was your roommate, how did you know who I was?" Light inquired a bit louder than before. B didn't seem to notice the change in Light's pitch for he just stared at Light amused.

"You're quick kid, but not as smart as you would like to think." B began as he slowly reeled Light in closer to him. Light felt the panic creeping back, for some reason or another he felt extremely uncomfortable by the close contact and writhed with fear. B noticed this right away and quietly chuckled. "You're right, I really didn't give a damn why you were here," B started with his hot breath on the nape of Light's neck. Light shivered and refused to look B in the eyes. "You appear nervous, don't worry I don't plan on hurting you like that. Do I fucking look like a pervert?"

"Is that your question?" Light slyly countered back hiding his face. There was just silence, which terrified Light. He mentally prepared himself for whatever B was about to throw at him, but what B did instead surprised him. Light looked up to see tears in B's eyes.

He could then hear a suppressed giggle escape B's lips, and before Light knew it those giggles turned into snickers, and those snickers turned into howling. B was laughing hysterically now, loosening his grip on Light's wrist. Light didn't hesitate and swiftly pulled himself free. Light then started to crawl out from under the bed, but B stopped laughing and grabbed onto his foot trying to pull him back in. Light kicked B in the face as he struggled to escape. He could then see B peak his head out from underneath the bed.

"Where are you going?" B asked tauntingly. Light had nothing to grab onto that could stop B from dragging him back under the bed. But then Light felt something cold touch his hand. It was the jam jar! Light grabbed the jar and without fail, chucked it at B's head.

It nailed B right in the face and he screamed out of pain. "You fucking brat!" He yelled as he let go of Light's feet and altogether came out from under the bed. He was a lot more intimidating now as he stood menacingly over Light. "You hit me right in the goddamn eye!" B spat as he hulked over Light.

All Light could do was scoot back until he found himself in a corner. B looked pissed with his red eyes glaring at Light. Light embraced himself for whatever was coming his way when suddenly a door swung open.

"What's with all of the ruckus in here?" Roger asked as he swung the door open. Light and B turned their attention to him as he stood at the door in his pajamas.

"Hello Roger," B plainly stated as Roger looked at him horrified.

"Did you hurt him?" Roger exclaimed as he took note of the defensive position Light was in.

"No! He's the one who threw a glass jar at my face!" B then pointed out the huge red mark that was now on his face.

"It was self defense!" Light quickly countered.

Roger pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head. "I will never understand L." Light could hear him mumbling under his breath. "Both of you in my office now." He then demanded as he pointed to the door.

B sauntered out of the room shooting Roger a dirty look as he did so and disappeared into the dark hallway. Light then cautiously got up and followed B and Roger to his office. As they walked down the hallway with Roger leading them, Light could see B's red eyes watching him. As Roger fiddled with the keys at his office door, B leaned over to Light and whispered in his ear.

"I will save my question for later Yagami."

For some reason or another, Light had the sensation that only L would know the answer to it anyway.