Title: There's Still Plenty to Learn

Author: Sami Marie

Genre: Romance/Drama

Rating: For the most part the rating will remain T but their may be a few M chapters.

Pairings: Morgan/Garcia and Des/Reid

Summary: Sequel to Learning the Hard Way set 6 months later. Story follows the ongoing lives of our two leading couples as well as the rest of the BAU team.

A/N: So this is the sequel a lot of you have been looking forward to. Listed below will be some things you need to know before the actual story begins. After that will be a prologue to remind you all of what happened during Learning the Hard Way and how it affected Morgan. Also the prologue really sets up the theme of this whole story. That's why since this is all ready I'm posting it now.

As far as the actual story goes, I've got the first four chapters of this pretty much written and mapped out. All I have to do is get them typed up so the actual first chapter will either be up tonight or tomorrow. So enjoy and let me know what you think. Ideas and suggestions are very much welcome.

Things you need to know:

Morgan has been back at work for six months now so it has been a little over a year since he was kidnapped.

Morgan and Garcia are now living together and are just as close as they ever were if not closer.

Des and Reid have more of what you could call a long distance relationship. They see each otehr as much as they can. Many events in this story will bring them closer.


If anyone would've asked Derek Morgan if he considered himself a lucky man before the events of the past year he probably would've laughed in their face. Once he was done laughing he then would've told you that his luck ran out when he was 10, the day his father died. To elaborate he then would've told from then on his life was anything but easy and from then on any good thing that happened to him wasn't by chance; instead it was something he worked hard to earn.

The funny thing though is that if you were to ask him that same question today you'd get a totally different answer. He'd tell you straight up that he was indeed a lucky man, possibly even one of the luckiest men on earth.

Not only was he lucky personally but he was lucky professionally as well. At age 35 he'd been in law enforcement for about 10 years and was now a successful FBI profiler for the Behavioral Analysis Unit; a job that he took pride in despite the horrors of it. What made him so lucky was that after his kidnapping he could say without a doubt he trusted every member of his team. Something he knew that the people closest to him probably had thought was impossible. And that trust was the glue that made the bond between his team permanent. They had all become his second family over the years. So in sense you could say that he'd gained two more sisters in Emily and JJ, two brothers in Hotch and Reid, and that between Rossi and Gideon he had gained the father figure he'd always been yearning for.

Speaking of Reid, the fact that he thought so highly of the kid, probably explained why it was so easy for him to accept the fact that Reid was dating his baby sister. Seeing his sister finally with a guy that treated her right made him happy and on top of that it lifted a heavy burden off his shoulders.

However the biggest thing he'd gained from his job had to be without a doubt Penelope Garcia. She was the greatest example of how lucky he'd become over the past year. She was simply put, his everything. Not only was she his best friend, his rock, his lifeline. She'd become the one thing he'd never thought he'd find. She was the love of his life and the fact that she loved just as much if not more. Well he was fairly certain that that made him the luckiest man on earth.

All in all despite the kidnapping this past year has been one of the best years of his life. Not only had he never been happier, he'd learned quite a bit. Granted he could've learned to trust in a much easier way. However his mom had always said that the best lessons are the ones that are the hardest to learn.

And it is this knowledge that allows Agent Derek Morgan to go to work everyday with a smile on his face. Furthermore it allows him to go home each night with a smile as well. This past year had been one hell of a learning experience and the possibly the biggest lesson he'd learned was that he and everyone else on earth still have plenty to learn.