A high pitched cry woke Lucy, how she hated being in the room beside the nursery. "Damn" She said opening her eyes and pushing the sheets aside, getting up. "Why me?" She walked through to the nursery and peered down into the pink fabric cot of her little sister. Madeliena waved her small arms around as she cried her face red with her tears. "Shh Shh" Lucy said stroking her hand. "Shh, I'll go get mummy for you" she smiled and made her way to Sophie and Sky's bedroom. Silently slipping into the sun lit room, Lucy found her both still soundly sleeping and could see that neither of them had remembered to switch the baby monitor on the night before. She walked to the bed and gently shook Sophie. "Mum mum, wake up" She said. Sophie unwillingly stirs, slowly opening her eyes. "What is it Lucy?" She said sleepily. "Maddie's crying, I think she's hungry" Lucy replied.

"Oh okay" Sophie says sitting up and swinging her legs over the side of the bed. "Good girl for waking me, now you being the lucky one can go back to bed" Lucy giggled and nodded, before running back to her bedroom and diving back into the warmth of her inviting bed. Sophie smiled to herself before going through into the nursery and taking her crying baby girl into her arms. "Hush hush my sweetheart" she whispered sitting into the rocking chair and cradling Madeliena close to her chest. The three week old baby squirmed placing her tiny hand against Sophie's breast through her nightdress. "You know where your food comes from don't you Maddie" Sophie giggled, putting a cosy blanket over her shoulder and around her upper body, wrapping her daughter snugly also before undoing the few buttons of her flimsy nightdress and positioning Maddie carefully into her arms.

Madeliena gave a happy soft babble and latched onto to Sophie's breast quickly beginning to suckle contently. "That's my beautiful sweet girl" Sophie smiled kissing her head and holding her tiny little hand in her own. She couldn't stop smiling as she fed her daughter. It was little moments like this that made her love being a mother, moments like this that made her stop caring about all the bad things that have happened throughout her life. Madeliena's entrance into the world had not been as Sophie had wished it to be. Sick of hospitals, she wanted a home birth, aided by her midwife with Donna and Sky by her sides. When the contractions started, she knew something was wrong. She had never had the contractions first, the waters always broke first. And the kicks were so hard, Sophie knew she had to go to hospital and as soon as Sky saw her pained expression and look of absolute panic that sparked across her blue eyes, he knew also.

'Oh well' Sophie thought. "I have you now" She said down to her daughter. "And you are so perfect" The warmest smile played joyfully across Sophie's slim lips as she become unable to take her eyes away from her precious little girl. She hummed a sweet melody, soft and gentle. Madeliena finished drinking and looked up at her loving mummy with her big blue eyes, bright and sparkling. She waved her arms a little in happiness and Sophie felt her heart swell. "I don't care what trouble my pregnancy with you caused me Maddie, I really don't anymore" she said. Madeliena leant her head sweetly against Sophie's chest and held her finger. Sophie smiled doing up her nightdress and cradling her daughter close once more, gently rocking back and forth in the rocking chair, holding the blanket around them both.

Looking to Maddie, her memories twisted around her mind, she hummed again, a melody familiar from when she was a little girl. She smiled, the memory of looking to four pregnancy tests, positively indicating the fact she was carrying a result of her and Sky's love played vividly across her mind. It was discovering she was pregnant for the third and fourth time that struck fear in her, she hated the unexpected. It scared her. Now when looking at the outcomes, Maya Dominic and baby Madeliena, Sophie failed to understand that fear. She slowly brought herself out of the memories as she felt Maddie's warmth closer against her as the baby gave a adorable yawn and closed her eyes. She smiled, changing her humming to a sweet song. "light up your face with gladness hide any trace of sadness although a tear may be ever so near that's the time you must keep on trying, smile, what's the use of crying you'll find life is still worthwhile if you just smile" she sung no louder than a loving whisper.

Sky sighed happily leaning his head on frame of the nursery door, watching mother and daughter happily and silently. Sophie's soft smile couldn't leave her lips, almost as if it was painted there like lips of a perfect china doll. Her eyes bright and glowing, her smile curved across her lips and sweet dimples caused by her smile pointed perfectly on her cheeks. Madeliena appeared no more than a tiny doll to Sky, wrapped in her soft pink blanket, smooth as satin blonde hair visible above the blanket as was the tip of her tiny button nose. He smiled. "Hey baby" He said softly. Although the sound of his voice caused a surprise to Sophie, she didn't jump in slight shock, just smiled and looked up to him. "How long have you been standing there?" she asked. "Not long, I was listening to you singing, like an angel" Sky smiled walking in. He knelt beside her on the floor and peered to baby Madeliena.

The baby gave a little yawn and settled snugly into her mother's arms. Sophie sighed happily and kissed her soft chubby cheek. Sky smiled "Sleep well my sweetheart" He whispered kissing her head, stroking her hair. "I love you little one" Sophie smiled and gently rocked Madeliena in her arms. Maya and Dominic come running in. "Daddy daddy" Maya said quickly running into Sky's arms. "What's wrong angel" Sky said holding her. "Dominic" Maya pouted. Dominic giggled holding up Maya's treasured princess doll. "Dominic did you take that from your sister" Sophie said. "Yes I did" Dominic smiled.

"Dominic, that's not very nice" Sky said. "Give it back". Dominic pouted shaking his head. "Dominic, now, would you like it if Maya took your favourite toy?" Sophie said. "No" He replied. "Then give it back" Sophie said looking to her son. Maya pouted sadly cuddling into Sky. "Daddy" She cried. "Shh May" Sky soothed. "Dominic now, give it back" Sophie said sternly. Dominic pouted and dropped the doll on the floor. "No fun" he said. "Im going to play with Ollie" With that he left. Sky picked up the princess doll and gave it to Maya. "They had to argue at some point" He said. "Yeah" Sophie rolled her eyes.