Remus Severus Snape, that was his name. He did not seem to get it through to people. Ever since the minister of magic had proclaimed the saviours of the wizarding world as Harry and Chloe Potter no one seemed to remember his name. He was not Harry Potter. Harry Potter stopped existing at the age of fifteen months. If anything he was Harry Black. As close as he had become to Lily and James he was not their son and never would be. He was the son of Severus Snape and Remus Lupin-Snape. The frustration for Remy hit even deeper for him when the day after the final battle there were newspaper articles. Right and left he was named as Harry Potter but it was not the name alone which were bothering him. It was the stories that went with them.

Remy looked at the headlines. "Harry Potter alive: Did James and Lily Potter Try to Murder their Son?", "Harry Potter saviour of the wizarding world abused by Birth Parents", "Harry and Chloe Potter save the world together but forced apart as children by hatred of James Potter.". They went on from there. The truth of his parents including Sirius had been leaked to the press.

Severus came into the dinning room as they had returned to the manor and sighed. "We were hoping you never had to see that cub."

Remy was fighting back the tears. "They had no right. They have no idea what they are talking about. My mother and Uncle James did not deserve any of this."

Sinking down next to his son Severus pulled his son close. The stories were true really. Other then the murder part. But Remy was right. The newspapers had not had the right to publish them. Those who had been affected by the Potters had confronted the issue. Remy had forgiven them long ago. He did not deserve this either. The fact that even his former classmates were speaking about this hurt Remy deeply. He was to return to school in the fall to his old apprenticeship program. The other kids at the manor would be returning to school in a few weeks when classes started up again.

James had come into the room. "Do not be worried about me or your mother. We were prepared for this. Our main concern is for you Remy. Nothing else."

Remy shook his head. "You guys have made it up to me. I love the two of you. I don't want your names dragged through the mud because of me. This is not fair."

The papers had made Severus and even the werewolf Remus out as the heroes. They had adopted an abused little baby and kept him safe. But they had managed to keep some of the newspapers from him. There were those who demanded that Harry be returned to Sirius Black, outrage that his son had been kept from him by a lying murderous mother. Others called for the prosecution of the Potters finally for their crimes against his son.

Remus kissed his son on the head. "You know the talk will die down Remy. Your friends and family know the truth. Things will get easier and better I promise you."

Lucius who was at the dinning room table made a suggestion. "We could always hit back the way they did. I mean the Quibbler was the only one not involved."

They had not been surprised. Xeno had used his editorials as political statements during the war. But he respected and cared about Remy and his dads. Luna and Remy had been friends since they were two years old. Xeno would have never written such things about Remy or his family. Since the war had started the Quibbler had over tripled in circulation and had become well respected for its in-depth articles on what was going on. Xeno always had good connections for information.

Severus agreed with his old friend. "One of us could give him an interview and we know we can trust him to publish the true information."

Remy spoke up. "I will do the interview. I am sick of the slandering of my family. And I know that Luna's father would help me with this."

They were not ire it was the best idea. But they could se that Remy had his mind set on it. He had helped save the wizarding world, he could handle an interview. They would have said no but they knew that Xeno would be gentle with Remy. He would treat him as the friend of his daughter and not as a source. Xeno and his wife had always cared deeply about Remy. They had always been willing to give his dads information to help. They had known the truth about who he was from the summer the Potters had tried to get custody of Remy. It was only later that Luna had found out when Remy had told his friends.

Severus finally nodded. "We will allow you to do this. We will see if he can come today or tomorrow. We have to head for London in three days time."

Lucius saw Remy pale at the mention of that. "You know we will all be with you through it. Draco is not returning to school until after the trial is over."

The trial for the headmaster was starting in three days. Chloe and Remy would be forced to testify against him. Among his crimes we was of course charged with attempted murder for trying to kill Remy in the forest as well as two counts of conspiracy to commit rape and murder for his two attempts to hand Remy to Voldemort. Not to mention unlawful imprisonment and child endangerment, the last of which Chloe was as much his victim as Remy was of course. He was looking at life in a dark cell or the kiss. Considering his targets he was not likely to escape without the kiss. The public was out for his blood for his crimes.

Remy sighed. "I know. And I want him locked up. I want to make sure he can not try to hurt another student like he did to Chloe."

It never stopped amazing them that he never seemed to include himself as a victim of the crimes. James spoke. "And for you. It is okay to want justice for yourself."

They knew he had been sedated the night before from nightmares. The fact that Voldemort had kissed him and wanted to rape him personally had made him sick. They knew it would take time. Remy's refusal to admit he wanted justice for himself was a link to that. He had told them he was able to break his bonds because he refused to allow himself to be raped again. He had been a victim once and nearly again. He had refused to surrender to being victimized again.

Draco and Chloe had finally appeared as the others had been up early and Draco noticed Remy's worry. "What is wrong?"

Remy sighed and showed him the newspapers but told him what had been decided. "I hate to admit it but I am grateful I am not returning to school till fall."

It had been decided that Chloe would remain being tutored at the manor for the last two months of the school year. With Ron still off in France for he and his sister would be completing the school year at Beauxbautons where they had been sent for safety she was not anxious to return without her brother. Minerva had been named headmistress of the school since the war ended and Ewan had returned as DADA professor. Filius and Horace had remained at the school. They were not sure Horace would continue teaching after the end of the year. Minerva had asked Remy's dads for a meeting once all of the trial and such were over. They were not sure for exactly what but they had their suspicions. They would think about it after the trial. They knew right now their energy and thoughts needed to be on their son alone.


Xeno to no surprise had been willing to do an interview with Remy. Though any paper would have been. The papers had all been sending requests for the twins. They wanted one or both to agree to the newspaper interviews or a photo shoot. They wanted it for money as well as the fame. Xeno wanted to help a boy his daughter saw as a brother. His wife reminded Xeno of Remy's birthday years before when Draco had pushed Luna from a swing and he had picked a flower for her to make her smile. They had joked they would be boyfriend and girlfriend. Of course Luna ended up with Neville and Remy with Draco but the memory stuck in their mind. Their love for the child and respect for what he did to save them and the rest of the wizarding world, made them agree to the interview.

Remy was a bit pale through the interview but the couple who did it together treated it like having tea with a child they often had to their house. The only difference was the quick quill and that Luna was not there. Remy had not needed to see the article before it had been printed. He had no doubts it would be what he had said.

The afternoon after the interview was done Remy went to London with all three of his dads as well as the Malfoys and Blacks. "Ready for this?"

Remy looked up at Sirius who had asked. "No but I am not sure I ever will be. I don't understand why they want to do this. Chloe is the won who defeated him."

Lucius laughed. "Remy you have always been too humble. You knew she was a horcrux. You defeated Nagini. You saved her before the second curse hit her."

They knew that Chloe would have been killed with Voldemort if not for her brother. There was a chance she might have survive the first curse without his tears but only slim. His finding the horcruxes first and destroying them had helped to win the war. The world owed him a lot. They knew that he hated the fame but they had known the ministry would not stop until he agreed to it. Chloe had already been presented with her order the day before. Remy had not wanted to accept it but he had agreed reluctantly after the interview was set up but he was still not sure he wanted to do this. He wished they could have at least waited till the newspaper interviews was published but starting the next day the trial of the headmaster would start.

When they arrived at the ministry he was surprised to find James and Lily there. Lily came and hugged her son. "We were a bit surprised to be asked to come."

Remy looked at his dads and Severus explained. "We knew how much you hated the bad press they were getting and we thought showing them here with you could help."

It made a lot of sense. Remy was not sure the people would have the sense to see that but he also knew it could not hurt any either. If the people saw the Potters at his side when he received his Order of Merlin he thought perhaps at least some would be smart enough to see they were not the villains they had been made out as. They had definitely made their mistakes long ago but they had made up for them. And if Remy could forgive them, the world should not hold it against them either.

Cornelius motioned for him to come on to stage. "It is time young man that you are officially celebrated for the younger hero that you are."

Remy shook his head. "There were many heroes of this war and many not here with us today. But I will accept the award in honour of them."

He had been thinking as there was a talk of the monument to be erected. There had luckily been few casualties on their side during this war but during the first war there had been many. Including the Prewett twins. He had remembered calling upon their spirits when he had been in the dungeons at school. They had answered his prayers in their own way in the form of their nephews who were always said to be so much like them. It was for them and the others he would accept this honour.

Cornelius spoke. "And to our second hero of the war who stood by Chloe Potter in the end and ensured the destruction of Voldemort, I award the Order of Merlin First Class on Remus Severus Snape."

Remy accepted it but turned. "I accept this medal in honour of the countless people who gave their lives to the war. Most of all Gideon and Fabian Prewett."

There were many press who were in the audience and people demanding answers. They wanted to have an interview with him. But Remy would not. He was even quicker to leave the stage when he heard them calling him Harry. He had agreed to be here for the ceremony but he had insisted on the use of his proper name. He had reminded the minister that his name had changed legally when he was fifteen months old. Cornelius had agreed of course without any argument.

Fred and George had been there with their family and Fred came over to him. "Your words about our Uncles meant a lot to our mother."

Remy had tears. "You guys know full well I was praying to them before you rescued me. I know they gave me the strength I needed that night and in battle."

Hugging him George and then Molly who came over assured him that the Prewett twins would have been so proud of him. They would have been amazingly proud of the bravery and the skill he had shown in facing Voldemort and Dumbledore before that. There was no one who knew the Prewett twins who did not think in many ways that Remy was more like Gideon then George was. Fred and Remy definitely had more of the Prewett twins in them, George always a bit more reserved.

Severus led his son out the door. "We thought you could use a break before we have to go to trial tomorrow. We are going home to Spinner's End for the night."

They had been a bit worried Remy might protest and want to be close to Draco and his sister but he didn't. "I want that Papa."

They knew he had been missing their home. He loved the Malfoys but Spinner's End had always been his home and sanctuary. It had not been safe for months for them to return there for any given period of time. Now that the war was over they were planning on spending the months before the fall there. With Draco returning to school it made sense. Chloe would be home as well though her and Remy would both spend time together at either home or the manor for tutoring.

Remy hugged Draco and kissed him. "I know you are returning to school in a few days but I really need to be home tonight."

Draco returned the kiss. "I know and I understand, I do. I promise I will be by your side tomorrow like your dads and all the way through the trial as well."

Though Sirius and Regulus accompanied them for dinner they left soon after. The Black brothers knew even if not living in the same house any more, they would be as close as ever with their son and nephew. Remy had made it very clear that he would not accept anything less and they had of course not argued. Sirius had finally got to be father in his son's eyes and he would be holding on to that for dear life. Regulus had been asked by Moody to come and work in their department now that the war was over. He was considering it for he thought working side by side with his brother would be amazing.


Remy was sleeping when he was hit by a horrible dream. He knew it was not a dream but a vision. He was scared for he had not had them except with Voldemort and like his sister he had been able to learn to block them out. With Voldemort gone he had not thought there was a danger of having a vision. He shot up in bed screaming and sweat running down his body. The door to his bedroom opened and his dads came running in through the door.

Severus sunk down onto the bed holding his son. "What happened cub? Have another bad nightmare like last night?"

Remy shook his head. "It was not a nightmare. It was a vision. Dumbledore escaped from the ministry, he has escaped."

His dads listened in horror when he recounted what he had seen. Some one, an ally he must have still had slipped Albus his wand. It was worse then they had imagined. He had killed three guards and two employees on his way out of the holding cell area, stunning others on his way to where he could apparate/Among the badly injured had been Tonks as there had been aurors on duty.

Remus took his son into his arms. "We will send word to the ministry. This could just be a nightmare cub. You don't know if the man has escaped or not."

Remy trembled in his dad's arms. "He wrote a message in the blood of his first victim, to me. He said he is coming after me. He'll finish it."

Horror ripped through his dads. They had known it was not a nightmare and they were trying to calm him. They got confirmation soon after when Sirius arrived for he had been notified his cousin was in intensive care in the hospital. They knew Albus would be out for blood and Remy would be his main target. The man had always walked a dangerously thin line between light and dark magic. When he tried to kill Remy he stepped over it. He seemed to have decided there was no turning back so decided to take it further. They had believed their son was safe but now he had another dark wizard to worry for and this time the wizard was after him and not Chloe.