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Luna sat in the common room the following morning, feeling many emotions at once. Last night she was so proud of herself for saying what she said to Harry, but now her stomach felt queasy and she began to dread seeing him again. Why had she told him she didn't want him? That was so stupid of her.

She sighed again before she decided to go for a walk around the lake, as she couldn't think shut up on such a lovely day. Quickly dashing upstairs to put on some shoes, she found a note slid under the door, and it was addressed to her. Curious, she picked it up as well and walked back down the steps, opening it only when she finally reached the lake. There were two things inside of the envelope. One being a letter, but the other was the most expensive necklace Luna had ever seen.

It was a delicate black frame necklace shaped to look like a butterfly, with pink, blue, yellow, and green gems set in various places so that it shimmered when the sunlight shone on it. Now she HAD to know who it was from. Nobody ever sent her letters, not even her dad, so for somebody to send something this exquisite was too much for her to comprehend. She slipped the parchment out of the envelope as well, looking for a name, but the only thing the letter said was;


I have watched you perform twice now, and have seen you in many rehearsals. You are even more beautiful than this necklace.

Please accept this gift from me, wear it tonight if you can.

I love you.

~Your secret admirer

Luna read and re-read the note at least 5 different times before it registered that someone was either very insane, or it was Harry.

"Well, either way, I'm not wearing this stupid necklace tonight. If it's from Harry, he'll think I've changed my mind about not wanting him. And if it's NOT Harry, then that would make this person very scary, and maybe even dangerous." She thought as she placed both items back in the envelope. She sighed again as heavy clouds filled the sky and a drop of rain hit her knee. Pulling herself up, she grabbed the letter/present and trudged back to the front doors of the castle, making it inside just before the downpour started.

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