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Pigeons and Two Forks.

"I need to meet him. He is in some kind of foster home or something."

"What if he doesn't you know… want to know? Or if he doesn't remember? What then?! All that money and… time and just… everything…"

"I would rather meet him and know for myself. I will pay for everything, and you know that."

I sighed, knowing that she had won.

"Where the hell is this freak anyway?" I asked, agitated. She glared at me before running out of the room, only to come back twenty seconds later, laptop in hand. Opening up the internet, she typed FORKS, WASHINGTON into the maps search engine.

I heard of Forks, but never given it much thought. All I knew it was a small town, always rainy. Great.

"Alice, cant you just leave him be? I mean, he might get freaked out or something if you're all like; 'Hi. The names Alice. I'm your sister.' I know I would be…"

"That's why you will find him first." My mouth hung open. She wanted me to what?!

"Okay," She continued, ignoring my baffled expression. "So he has like… brownish hair and green eyes. Green eyes aren't really normal are they, so you should find him no problem. I have already enrolled you in the collage where he is, so just look for green eyes, and the-"

"Woah woah. Back up there, skippy. How the hell did you find all this out? Have you been stalking him or something?" She secretively tapped her nose, wiggling her eyebrows and winking at me. She just ended up looking like a cock-eyed bird. I stared blankly at her before we both broke into a fit of giggles.

"Have you talked to your parents about this?" I wondered, suddenly worried about their reaction. How would they fair to know their daughter was off to find the son they abandoned?

"No. I told them that you are moving in with your dad and that I want to go too."

"There are two problems with that. One, my dad never lived in Forks. Two, my dad is dead. They are kinda important, don't ya think?" I retorted, sarcasm evident.

"Yeah. Just go with it, you know. Bend when the wind blows. Roll with the punches." Ugh. She owed me.

"Fine." I sighed, stalking off to my truck.

"Bye Bells, love you too!" She yelled just before I slammed the door shut.

I closed the door to my truck harder than necessary, but ignored the protest of the hinges. The engine roared to life, and I let my head fall back. What was I getting myself into? I was heading off tomorrow, and Alice would be following me shortly. This was for Alice though, and I would do anything. Brown hair, green eyes. Brown hair, green eyes.

Alice had bought me a whole new wardrobe, much to my dismay. She told me that I needed to fit in. I was offended; so my normal clothes wouldn't fit in? I shrugged it off, putting the comment in the payback folder in my mind. I did let her buy me it, on the account I got to choose. I decided to go crazy, and picked out things I would never usually looked twice at, and amazingly, Alice liked the items I chose too.

Packing was a blur. Mum knew I was going somewhere, and just told me to not get hurt and have fun. I told her I would call, but she just smiled and nodded. Ever since dad passed away she has become nothing more than a walking corpse. I did like to have my freedom, but I wanted to have my mum back. I couldn't blame her, but seeing her like that hurt my heart.

I slept soundly, and relished in the quietness of the night. If Forks really was rainy, then I would be destined for months of sleepless nights. I did not sleep well with the pitter-patter of rain constantly on the window.

I was going to live on campus. I was not looking forward to sharing, but it was the inevitable part of collage life. I was just grateful that they put girls and boys dorms in different areas of campus. I would just end up hyperventilating or saying something ridiculously stupid if I were in the same room as a guy, let alone live with one. Brown hair, green eyes.

Morning came, and I felt empty. I wasn't exited; it was just something I had to do. Originally our plan was to go together, and we befriend him first, and then go in for the kill. Alice chickened out and left me on my own. She would be coming only a few days later than I, so I wasn't actually sure what I was worrying about. Still, the worry refused to leave me, like an annoying pigeon or and unwanted Labrador.

Morning came quickly, when I wanted it to go slowly. The morning passed slowly, even after I begged it to go quickly. Alice called to tell me she would be picking me up at six thirty in the evening, and I should be sleeping in my new dorm tonight. She had hired someone to pick my up from the airport, and I was travelling first class, even after I insisted she didn't waste that kind of money on me. She said that if I was going to do this for her, it's the least she could do. I couldn't argue with that; this was quite a big thing for me to do. But I would do anything for Alice.

I did everything I had to. Washed, got dressed, ate and gave mum her meds. She had been on anti-depressants ever since dad died.

Alice came early, and dragged me by the ear back to my room.

"Aliiccce!" I whined. "You didn't need to abuse me like that. I would have come up without you needing to rip off my ear." I rubbed my ear, finding the sore-spot and wincing.

"Hush. Now, let's get you ready." She rubbed her hands together in anticipation, and I looked down at my clothes.

"I am ready." I told her, somewhat confused.

"Pssh," She said, waving her hand in front of my face. "That? Ready?" She pointed at my clothes. I know I shouldn't have been, but I was hurt.

I had spent about half an hour picking out my clothes. I settled on a pair of skinny jeans Alice had bought me on one of our many shopping expeditions, a muse tee and a pair of flats.

"Okay," she sighed. "I guess you could have done worse." She put her head in her hands and apologised.

"Why are you apologising?"

"I don't know. I'm just nervous; that's all, I guess. I just want him to know me, and I… I want him to love me."

My heart broke for her. It must awful not to know if someone who was supposed to love you, might not. She was so brave.

"He. Will. Love. You. I promise. If not, I will make him love you." She giggled and we jumped in her car.

My goodbye to my mum was short; she was never one for goodbyes. I told her I would be back soon. She half-heartedly smiled and waved me goodbye.

"You wanna go eat somewhere? I know plane food sucks." she grimaced at just the thought.

"I don't mind plane food, actually." When she turned to stare at me, mouth hanging open, I screamed. "Okay! Let's eat, just keep your eyes on the road!"

"That's what I thought you said." She smiled, returning her focus to the road ahead.

I swear my best friend was a speed demon. She had never crashed or even got a ticket, but felt the need to drive like a maniac. I trusted her completely, but there was something about passing the world at over one hundred miles an hour that scared the crap out of me.

We stopped outside some fast food place. I didn't care what; I just needed to eat. Sitting inside, the silence between us was unnerving.

"So, um…" I cleared my throat. "What's his name?"

"Edward." An unusual name.

"He got a last name?"

"Nope. It obviously won't be the same as mine, but I mean… Edward? How many kids are called Edward these days?"

"Point." I said, pointing my fork at her.

I had ordered pasta, which I was surprised to see on a take-out menu, and demanded a fork. The poor guy, must have been no older than fifteen, was completely shocked at my request. What the hell did he expect me to eat it with?!

We headed to the airport. Alice cried as I gave in my ticket, and asked if there were any spare seats. I rolled my eyes and told her it was just a couple of days. She pouted and reluctantly gave in, hugging me as if I was leaving and never going to see her again. I laughed, despite the tears that trickled down my face. I wiped them away with shaking hands and waved my final goodbye as I crossed into a world unknown.