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Oh. My. God. Biology. Oh, and Note Passing.

I followed the signs but still managed to get lost. Typical. Much to my luck, I saw Emmett down the hall speaking to a few other of his mates, one of which was Edward. I didn't want to go over there and embarrass myself in front of ten super huge football players, including Edward, but it looked as if I had no choice in the matter. I walked over slowly, trying to get Emmett attention so that I could get him to come over to me, hopefully on his own, but I swear he is blind. I sucked it up and walked over, my head held high.

"Emmett?" I asked as I tapped him on the back.

"Is this Bella I hear, calling my name?" He asked in a post British accent, but actually making him sound a little retarded. He spun around whilst grabbing me in a hug tight enough to cut off my air supply and blood circulation.

"Uh, Em," I chocked. "I need to get to biology."

"Who is your torture master?" He asked, grabbing my timetable from my hands. He scanned it and stabbed a finger on the correct one. "Why, Eddie boy, looks like it's your lucky day!" Emmett said, looking around at Edward who was blushing furiously. I tried not to look at him too much, but I smiled at him, unable to keep myself from frowning. Just seeing him sent my heart wild, and I couldn't not smile. "You, my lucky winner, get to escort Miss Bella Swan to biology! Whoo!" He said in mock enthusiasm. I glared at him, but he just smiled back innocently. I could have strangled him then and there.

"You have Mr Banner?" Edward asked, looking right at me. I felt as if he were looking into my soul or reading my mind. He just looked at me so deeply… I felt my legs turn to jelly beneath me, and I begged them to keep holding me up. I nodded. "Me too." He said, somewhat shyly.

"Let's go." I smiled to him, spinning around leading him to what I hoped was the right direction. I could hear Emmett laughing and encouraging Edward to 'go get her'. I rolled my eyes but couldn't help but laugh. I reached the stairs before a velvet voice called my name.

"Uh, Bella? Bio is this way." Edward smirked, walking in exactly the opposite direction of which I was heading.

"I knew that." I insisted, and saw a cute little smile play on his lips.

We walked to class silently, because there was nothing to say. The only things I could come up with were 'Hey, I find you really hot.' Or 'Edward, you do know that you're my best friends' brother, right? I know, how funny is that?!' Neither of which I would be saying.

We got to the destination and Edward opened the door for me. I couldn't help but blush and smile as I walked through, surprised at his behaviour. I would never have guessed him to be such a gentlemen. I walked straight over to the teacher and handed him a slip that the receptionist had given me for each teacher to sign. He signed it with a flourish and told me to find any empty seat, as he wasn't sure where it was himself. Everyone else was filing in and I stood at the front, waiting for everyone to grab a seat so that I could take an empty one. Sitting in a taken space on my first day was not a good idea. There was just the one space left.

Next to Edward, right at the back of the class. I didn't know whether to cry or act as if I had won the lottery. I decided to keep it cool, and walked down the space at the end of the class and down the back, eventually getting to the seat and pulling it out. Edwards head was down, doodling, and his head shot up at the sound of a chair moving. He smiled as soon as he saw me, shuffling his books that were spread out across the whole of the table to make room for me. I smiled back, just glad that he didn't hate me.

The teacher droned on. And on. And on. I could feel Edward's eyes looking at me, but I didn't look at him. Then for a slight second, I didn't feel his eyes piercing into me, but instead a scrap of paper was folded neatly onto my notebook. I looked at him warily, and he turned his head to the front, smiling. I opened up the note, curious but cautious.

Why did you move here?

Seemed like an easy enough question, but I was taken aback by his bluntness. I picked up my pen and began to scrawl a reply, effectively ruining the note; his beautiful script looked so elegant on the white paper, and I just had to ruin it with my own scruffy handwriting.

I moved out of home, and this was the closest small school to Seattle. My friend Alice will be here in about a week, too.

I decided that only a little of that was a lie. I didn't like to lie, but in this case it was the only option. There was no way I could tell him the truth, and I decided that he might forgive me for that little white lie.

You're not a very good liar.

He wrote back. I was shocked. How did he know I was lying? It was only a tiny little lie anyway. What did it matter to him?

Not all of it was a lie.

I wrote back furiously, angry that he had sussed it so quickly.

I know. Just the first bit. Why are you lying?

I was amazed that he knew what bit I was lying on. I was amazed that he knew I was lying in the first place. Just then, thanks to my guardian angel, the bell went. I just smiled at Edward as he sat, shocked at the timing, and packed my things away.

I practically ran to my history class; I was late because I couldn't find it, again. The teacher seemed nice, about as nice as history teachers get.

The day just went on. Like… I don't know what it was like, but it was boring. I met some friends of Edward and Emmett. There was Jasper, who was also Rose's brother, and they look so similar it's almost scary. He seemed very calm, but didn't speak much. He was very relaxing to be around, even if it was just for ten minutes. He was the kind of guy Alice could benefit from; he could calm her down before and after a shopping trip.

Mike was nice, too. A bit clingy. He insisted on walking me to three of my classes, even after I insisted he didn't have to. Tyler was cool. Not clingy, but a bit stupid. He acted stupid to get people to laugh at him, I assumed. And Eric was alright, too. He was bragging about how he is captain to the football team, but I just smiled.

"Isn't Emmett the captain?" I had asked, trying not to laugh.

"Oh, yeah," He stuttered, trying to cover his lie. "But I'm second."

"Isn't Edward second?" I asked, still finding it hard not to laugh. He blushed and made up some lame excuse for being late to meet him mum or something…