Endless Dream

By Pata Hikari

Prologue: Counter Guardian.

The Counter Force.

The will of the world made manifest. Anything which threatens to destroy the world will have to fight off the Avatars of the Counter Force, called Counter Guardians.

Counter Guardians are created by the world. The world gathers up powerful souls, souls with great strength and ability.

And in a time of absolute need, makes them an offer.


Swords flew through the air.

Swords, spears, axes. The weapons were all aiming for one target.

"Schüzen Sie sich, Sheild des Lichtes sich reflektieren!" A young woman, in her twenties, threw out her hand. Light shot forth from it, forming a shining barrier in front of her.

The weapons struck the barrier, lightning crackled around them, before suddenly flying backwards towards the one who had thrown it.

The man in golden armor was forced to move, dodging his own attack reflected back at him. His face a smirk of amusement. "Oh, is that all you have?"

She didn't answer, she threw out her hand again, "Brennende Flammen schlagen als Pfeil der Zerstöung!" A shaft of fire launched out from her hand, flying straight towards the man in gold.

It moved too fast for him, and he got blasted in the chest.

"..." The man stared at her, "Such a determined girl." More swords appeared behind him. "It's almost touching how you try so hard to fix this broken world."

Two people.

One was a man who had become a "Hero" his skill, power, and abilities made him the King of the only civilization of the world back then. He gathered treasures from all over the world, condensing all the wishes and future dreams of humanity into his vault. Gilgamesh, King of Heroes.

The other was a woman. She was not a "Hero." She did not, and never would, have legends spoken about her. She was a magus. She had fought, ten years ago, in a battle of "Heroes." Tohsaka Rin. A simple Magus, taken under the tutelage of the Second. Attempting to learn the Impossible. True Magic.

The Holy Grail War. Seven Magi call forth Seven Heroes, and they battle for the right to hold the Holy Grail.

Yet the Holy Grail was anything but "holy." Even now it spread its curse upon the world. A simple, yet painful curse that said one thing to all it touched.


And so the world did. Painful deaths and suffering as the horrible curse spread.

And at the center of it all was the Golden King's Castle. The Grail rested below it, and poured its taint around it like a moat.

"Shut up!" Rin cast another spell. Beams of ice shot, all aiming to freeze Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh countered with another rain of swords. A few were frozen in the ice, but the rest moved on their path towards her.

Rin quickly pulled up a barrier, but it was too late.

Countless weapons. Noble Phantasms, weapons of legend and Heroic Power. They smashed against her pitiful shield, and were at least slowed down.

A dozen swords pierced her, smashed her back against a wall.

"...!!" Rin grunted in pain. Blood poured from every wound.

She was done for.

"Hmmm... what to do with you." Gilgamesh walked over to her. "You're a beautiful girl." He chuckled, "And so strong willed. I think I'll keep you alive."

"..." Rin glared at him.

...a voice spoke to her. A voiceless voice.

Do you desire strength?

Time seemed to freeze for Rin. Everything stopped.

Do you desire strength? Do you wish to become a Hero?

The voice, it spoke to her. It asked her.

Do you desire strength? Become one with Me. And I will give you strength.

"..." To do this.

It would make her like him.

...it's worth it. To sell her Soul to save everyone.

"Shirou..." She whispered, "...I guess we're both idiots." She closed her eyes.

I accept.

The swords flew out of her.

Her wounds healed.


Tohsaka Rin stood up.

She was no longer a mere Magus.

She held up her hand, and called forth what she had chosen to be her "symbol."

The symbol of a Hero.

An artificial Hero created by the World.

Her Noble Phantasm formed in her hand.

"Jeweled Sword of Zeldritch!" She screamed, calling forth its Name.

The Second Magic formed.

A true miracle. Impossible by the laws of the World.

"Die!" Rin shouted, all possibilities forming into one whole.

Gilgamesh did not have time to react. The sword of possibilities pierced his heart.

"...you!!" He gasped for breath, "What... what did you do?"

"I ended you." Rin hissed. "Now this world can heal."

More swords appeared from behind Gilgamesh. Every sword he owned.

"You... you bitch!" He snarled, and using his last gasp of life, hurled them towards Rin.

...each and every one pierced her.

And two Heroes, one made by the dreams of humanity, and one made by her dreams alone, died.