Author: The Plot Bunny Whisperer
The Price of Freedom
Rating: R
Genre: Adventure Romance Drama
Summary: AU. Harry knows better than to run from his fate, but he'll do his damnedest to try. Slash. Crossover with Yu Yu Hakusho.
Pairing(s): Harry/Yusuke, Kuwabara/Yukina, unrequited Keiko/Yusuke
Warnings: Slash, Language, Violence
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't care, don't sue.

AN: AU for Harry Potter after the Triwizard Tournament and Yu Yu Hakusho season four. If you bitch about the shortness I will bite you. Fair warning. This story isn't complete, like I wanted it to be before I started posting, but I couldn't wait. It will be updated once every other week, on the first and third weeks of the month. No amount of whinging will get me to update faster. If you demand faster updates, I will bite you. As of this point, there are 22 chapters, not including this prologue. Once the story is complete, though, I'll start updating faster, say once a week.

It should also probably be posted in the YYH category, considering it's set mainly in that world, but it's Harry-centric... and I'm lazy. Go figure.
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The Price of Freedom
00: Escaping Chains


"You're certain it works?"

The man nodded. He rubbed a cloth methodically accross the object in his lap, his head bowed as he worked. The shop was nearly silent save for the swish of the cloth and the soft chink of metal. Smoke filled the air from the ciggarette clenched between his teeth, whisps of it escaping into the pale light of the street lamps outside. The city was sleeping outside the shop doors, as it should be at midnight.

Soft footsteps walked toward the counter.

"I test all my creations." One dark brown eye looked up from beneath the dirty fringe of the man's hair as he spoke, his voice deep and husky from years of tabacco addiction. "You can test it first, if you wish."

"Hm." The other lifted his arm, his knee-length black coat swaying with the movement, revealing dark pants and calf-high black boots to the light. A tan hand was held steady in the air, looking almost too delicate to be holding the thick, heavy pistol in its grasp. Black metal glinted, catching and caressing the light that shined off of the intricate golden carvings along it's entirety. Runes, some so small that they appeared to be no more than a speck of gold imbedded in the dark metal, seemed to shine with an otherworldly light.

"That won't be neccessary." The voice was soft like silk, deceptively gentle.

"My greatest creation," spoke the elder man, his hand stilling. His eyes stared at the pistol, glimmering with pride and awe, like a father gazing at his child. "My life's work. You hold in your hand the most powerful weapon this world will ever see. I will never again make something near to her perfection." He bowed his head again, returning to rag. "I'll leave her name up to you."


A deep chuckle, heavy in the still air. "The one who shines over heaven. A fitting name."

There was a loud thunk as something heavy was dropped onto the surface of the counter. A black velvet bag tipped over, spilling gold coins accross the glossy surface. The elder man looked first at the coinage and then up at the younger man standing in the now open door. Dark hair lifted in the gentle night breeze, briefly revealing one cold, emerald green eye.

"For your silence."

The bell on the door jingled as it shut behind him.


The zippo clinked softly as it flicked open, the flame whooshing into life. Smoke and the heady scent of tobacco filled the air as he inhaled slowly, strolling casually along the empty, dark street lit only by the occasional flickering lamp and the light of a nearly full moon.

"You shouldn't smoke."

He stopped walking, a soft chuckle escaping his lips.

"It can't kill me."

"That's not the point."

Sharp heels tapped against the pavement. He looked up as she stepped into the light, gazing at him with solemn blue eyes.

"Blonde's a good look for you, Nymphadora."

"Don't call me that." She eyed him, her gaze lingering briefly on the dark choker and pendant that sat in the hollow of his neck, a small silver lightning bolt resting gently against his skin. The tight black shirt was split at his navel, flaring open at his belt revealing a toned midrift, nearly blending into equally black pants. Strapped around thigh was a holster carrying his new pistol, the ebony handle peeking out over the leather. "You're really leaving."

It wasn't a question, merely a statement of fact. Her shoulders tensed, her fisted hands shoved roughly into the pockets of her robes.

"I have to."

"I know." She looked away from him, glaring into the window of a closed clothing shop displaying indecently dressed manequins. "You're not going to say goodbye?"

"I've said all I needed to." A cloud of smoke drifted lazily into the air. "Are you here on his orders?"

"Of course I'm not." She glared at him for even suggesting it. Her gaze relaxed, a weary, resigned expression overtaking her features. "Remus will miss you."

"Remus can take care of himself."

"Harry..." Her voice trailed off, heavy in its sorrow. "There isn't any other way?"

A dark look crossed his eyes, his teeth half bared in a snarl. Light glinted off of a single sharp tooth and she flinched, quickly looking away.

"I can run or I can die," he said coldly, his eyes hardening at the flicker of fear that passed through hers. "Naturally, I choose to live."

"What kind of life is that?" she snapped. "Running. It all catches up to you in the end, anyway."

"Perhaps." A red glow fell to the ground and he snuffed it out. "But when it does, I will be stronger and ready for it."

"You know he'll chase you. To the ends of the earth if he has to."

"Of course he will. It's his job, after all, to rid the world of evil." He sneered mockingly. "And in his eyes, what I have become is exactly that."

"You're not evil," she blurted quickly. "You're just..."

"A demon." He smirked, a glimmer of red flashing over the emerald of his eyes. "You can say it. I don't mind." She flinched again.

"Blood doesn't make who you are." Her words were hollow and fake, even to herself. "It doesn't matter, Harry. None of it matters. You're still the boy we all know. If you just... if you just give us some time, we can show him that. I know we can."

"Don't lie, Nymphadora. It's not becoming of you." He walked past her, putting his hands in his pockets. "Go home. Remus will worry."

"I have orders." He paused, looking over his shoulder. Blond hair spilled over her eyes and her form trembled. "Next time I see you... I will have to kill you." He looked at her for a moment before turning away and walking on.

"I didn't expect anything less." He disappeared into the darkness, soft words left in his wake. "Goodbye Tonks."

She fell to her knees in the circle of light and cried.


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