Chapter 1

I said my final goodbye to my mother and father, the beautiful French queen and handsome king. They still looked as young as I.

France and England had had a conflict for years. And as a compromise, they had somehow came to the decision of marrying me to Prince Edward.

I walked over to the carriage and nearly tripped over my tight gown. My father quickly ran over and caught me. As he did tons of paparazzi shots were heard. I blushed.

"I love you." My dad whispered into my hair. His lips touching part of my ear, I gave him a loving smile and he placed me delicately in the cab.

I gave him another teary look and the door was closed. All on the way there I fretted. I worried that my tight was too tight. It hurt. I reached behind to loosen the corset when I realized I couldn't reach. I gave a shaky sigh. As my throat was holding back tears. I'd live for a while. I wondered if Edward was a nice guy. Was I ruining his life? Would he even like me?

But all that type of thought eventually made me feel sick to my stomach. I leaned forward and asked the driver, "Will it take much longer to arriver?"

"Actually, we have just arrived." He turned the corner as he said it.

I gave him a friendly smile and some gold pieces. I walked a few steps and admired the Cullington's beautiful palace. And the small garden in the front. There was a beautiful lady who looked very sweaty working in the garden.

Very shyly I said, "You've got a very nice garden."

"Esme. And thank you." She answered.

"You're the queen." I exclaimed. And then added, "Of England!"

"Yes, I am. And you are?"

"Is—," I began, and then caught myself, It was much more proper to add the word princess, "I'm princess Isabella Swan you're highness. And it is a pleasure to meet you." I said in a tight voice. By that point my dress was very tight. I flinched.

"Would you like me to loosen up that knot?" She asked.

"Yes…." And then remembering, "You're highness.

She laughed as she undid the knot for me. "Just Esme."

I must of looked perplexed because she added. "Is there anything I should call you?"

"Oh! Of course. Please. Just call me Bella." I said as she stepped away.

"Hold on." She said. "Are you not the princess of France?"

"Yes…. I'm from France."

"Daughter of King Charlie? And Renee?" She asked.

"Yes I am."

"You're, the one! The one that's supposed to marry my Edward??" She said. "I'm sorry. It slipped my mind when you introduced yourself. I'm terribly—."

"No no" I mumbled. "That's quite all right. Since I didn't realize you were the queen of England at first. We're fair."

"Yes well… I suppose you want to meet Edward?"
And then the butterflies came back into my stomach. And all the shyness returned. I nodded slightly.

"Well then. Go on right inside. Follow the corridor straight and the up the two stairwells. Then take a left. A right. And then go to the last room."

I was shocked.

"Don't worry. I wrote it down for you." She handed me a piece of paper. I relaxed.


As I reached the last corridor I glanced at the paper. And ran into someone.

"Oh! I apologize." I began.

"Oh… You're forgiven. By the way I'm Mike." He grinned and flipped his hair. "And you're awfully pretty." he said pushing me near a wall and untying the now loose knot Esme just tied. I gasped and ducked away running to the end of the hall. I tried to retie the knot but I couldn't reach. I sighed and took a deep breath. Entering, Edward Cullen's Room.

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