I went down to the video box and pulled out Romeo and Juliet. "This one."
He yawned and said, "That one! That movie is… horrible!"
"Then why do you have it?"
"Alice and Jasper came here before." He said as if Alice was the explanation for everything.
"Please Edward?" I asked carefully.
He sighed and said. "Alright, alright!"
"Thank you Edward!"
"Of course, sweetie." He said and lazily took the video from my hand and put it in the VCR. And then sat on the couch laying me on top of his knees even thought it would only be comfortable for me. "I love you. Thank you."
He nodded. And I fell asleep about a half hour in the movie.

I woke up finally feeling wide-awake. I noticed that this time it was Edward who was still sleeping. I glanced at the clock, that read 10:45. Ah. So Edward had slept in!

I shook my head and decided to let him sleep. I scooted slowly out of bed. Then, I went into the bathroom to shower and dress. I came out in a pair of white short shorts—courtesy of Alice, remember? —And, clingy yellow top, that was embroidered at the hems.

I towel dried my own hair and then grabbed a brush and combed roughly through it, knowing Edward's gentle brushing wasn't going to brush out dead hairs. Then, I removed the entwined hairs from the brush and took a comb. I combed through my thick and wavy hair. It took longer, but was worth it.

I put my hair into a half-ponytail and then braided that. My hair looked…sleek. I smiled at my reflection, forgetting the shorts. I curled on my clear mascara, and smoothed on a tube of chapstick and stepped out of the bathroom.

I looked at the bed to find and even-breathing Edward lay on it. He hadn't slept well in a while, I guess, with me around, so I grabbed the jangling car keys.

I put them inside of my fist to muffle their noise and hopped into his car. On the correct side. I smiled, pleased with myself, and managed to drive all the way to a store that sold brunches. I wasn't even looking for that but it worked. I bought two traditionals and paid. Then I drove all the way back home to find Edward still sleeping.

I rolled my eyes and set the oven to warm, and shoved his brunch inside. Then I sat on one of the pale green, comfortable couches and quietly ate my food.

Once I finished I threw out the plastic dish, washed my hands, and went back to the bathroom to brush my teeth again. A fresh minty taste replaced the bread-y one.

I noticed the clock read 12 now and wondered whether or not to wake him. I figured he might be upset if I let him sleep in for too long so I stood over his side of the bed and shook him gently.

He didn't wake up. So I figured I'd shake a bit harder. He didn't awaken. I snapped my fingers in front of his face. Nope. I giggled a breath and kissed his lips, and he woke up instantly.

"Morning Bella!" He said, wide awake already.

I smiled and motioned towards the clock.

"Afternoon, sorry." He said, smiling.

I nodded, "Go freshen up. I bought breakfast. I would've made some, but the fridge is empty!"

He laughed, "I didn't think we'd need anything in it love. Sorry I slept in so late."

"It's no problem." I smiled. "You were very tired last night. I'm sorry I had to wake you up."

"Yeah, well you know I don't like sleeping past 12. Thanks Bella."

I kissed his cheek, "No problem. Now go. And shave while you are at it mister!"

He grinned, "Yes ma'am."

Edward finally came out with a clean shave and minty fresh breath.

I took his lunch out of the oven and put it on the table in front of him, then left to let him eat in peace. Or maybe it was just 'cause I wanted to read a book.

I finished his copy of Wuthering Heights for the umpteenth time.

He knocked on the door and then walked in went I gave him the word, such a gentleman that man is. I smiled at him.

He smiled back and sat on the bed beside me. Then gathered me into his lap. I snuggled close to him on instinct.

"What were you reading?" Edward inquired, looking at the cover that had faded away.

"Wuthering Heights." I replied.

He chuckled, "Of course. You look very pretty today. You do a better job with your hair than I."
I blushed a shade of pink, and replied, "Thank you. You do too. Well…not pretty. But—you know,"

He kissed my forehead, "Thank you Bella,"

I sighed happily, "What are we going to do today Edward?"

"What would you like to do, my love?"
"Whatever you'd like," I said fervently.

"Would you like to go the beach? I looked for hours yesterday for private beaches but I couldn't find any good ones, though. I'm sorry."

"Oh no!" I said quickly, "You didn't even have to do that! That was so sweet of you! We can go to a public beach! No problem."

He chuckled and put a finger to my lips, "But I wanted to."

I looked into my suitcase for a swimsuit I could use. They were all bikinis. "Alice!"

"What is it?" Edward called and stood beside me.

"Look! Look at these!"

"We can go buy you a swimsuit if you'd like." He said, "America's certainly been a nice break for you from wearing dresses, hasn't it?"

I nodded, "It's odd how my family is so traditional. I mean you guys only dress up for parties. Us? All the time!"

He laughed, "Yes, but you are part of this family now as well,"

I grinned happily, and as my smile dulled, Edward brought me up to a kiss.

"Which should I wear?" I held them out to Edward.

He chose a plain purple one. I smiled. I liked that one too. Other than the revealing fact.

I went to the bathroom and put it on, then slipped on a cover up dress over it, which was also purple.

I let Edward in and sat on a kitchen chair, waiting for him. I wondered for a few moments if it would be awkward. But then realized I was talking about Edward. Why would it be awkward.

He walked out in normal clothes over his bathing suit and 'escorted' me to the car. As soon as we set foot on the hot, white sand beach, people crowded near us and snapped pictures. Fingers pointed in our general direction and children gaped in pure awe.

I hid slightly behind Edward, and then thought better of it and let them snap away. What should I care?

Edward looked at me with a slightly surprised expression and we smiled the pictures out. Autographed 'til our fingers were numb, and bargained with the beach owner we stay after hours.

So at six o' clock, when everyone had left the beach, I stripped out of my clothes.

Edward did so too, and I couldn't tear my eyes away from his perfect chest. I dropped my gaze to meet his sculpted legs and then the sand.

Edward pushed my chin up gently, "Don't be shy."

I smiled slightly, "I love you Edward."
"Always, my love."

He jogged over to the ocean and we messed around for the rest of the time.

Then we left the beach and headed back to the house. To pack. We were going home tomorrow.


"Edward!" I shook him hard, "Wake up!"

I was already ready and our plane left in two and a half hours and Edward wouldn't awaken.

"EDWARD!" I yelled and he finally woke up.

"Yes?" He asked.

"WE HAVE TO GO!" I said and whacked him with a pillow.

"Oh." He said and groggily went to the bathroom. I put all the suitcases in our car and headed back inside.

Edward grabbed my hands tenderly as soon as I saw him. "Bella! I could have put the suitcases in."

"You were late." I said and noticed my hands were scratched.

He rubbed lotion on them and then got in the car. We got on our flight in the nick of time.

Arriving in England was a huge relief.


The next morning, Alice, delivered a baby. I never knew she was even pregnant! Dang maternity shirts!

"I want to see!" I pestered Edward.

"Let's give Jasper and Alice some time, sweetie." He said and placed a hand over mine.

"How's Alice!?" I asked as a tired Jasper came out.

"Fine," He said faintly.

"Jasper." Edward said, "You need to sleep."

Without another word Edward put Jasper in a bed and grabbed my arm to lead me to Alice.

"Alice." Edward murmured, and stroked his sister's cheek, "I dare say you're feeling alright."

"Great." She said, smiling at her baby, "I named her…" She took a sharp intake of breath, "Candice…Candie. For short."

"How nice," I breathed, "She's beautiful."

"I know,"

"Why didn't you say anything to me!" I asked.

"I was a good prego. I didn't get morning sickness. Or hard…kicks. So we didn't…know for a while." She handed me the baby, "I'm…so sleepy. Take her. For a while?"

I nodded and held Candice in my arms. "She's so tiny Edward."

He nodded and smiled at me.

I brushed kisses on Candie and Edward smiled.

"You're beautiful, you know that?" I asked a sleeping baby. "You'll have the best mom. She'll buy you tons of clothes. I'm sure she has already!"

"We can bet on that," Edward grinned.

"Want to hold her?" I asked, feeling selfish.

He nodded and I gave her to him. He held her gently and I smiled hugely at the pair.

"Would you…so…Bella….I…" Edward was stuttering.

I was surprised he was. Edward Cullen never stuttered.

"Do you…we kind of…well…need to…"

"Edward." I said, "You can just say what you need to say. Say what you need to say."

"I—Bella." Candie started to cry and I took her from Edward and rocked her to sleep in mine.

"She likes you," Edward grinned.

I blushed happily. "Yay! I hope our kids will be as pretty as this."
"They will be. Because you'll be their mother."
"Because you'll be their father you mean," I said smiling.

He grinned, "So…when would you…want to have kids. Bella?"

I felt shocked at the question. I guess I brought it upon myself though. "I—umm…never…really…thought about it…"

"Mum and dad are getting gravely old. They won't rest in peace without a secure heir."

Tears watered my eyes. "Don't talk about that," I said and put Candice down.


"I don't…want my parents dying!" I wailed. Edward led me out to the waiting room and I cried into his shirt.

"Shh…I never said that." Edward murmured to me.

Once I stopped I said. "I'll have kids…whenever. Maybe even this year."

"Great." He said, and carried me to my room for the sweetest experience of my life.

Sorry for putting this off for so long. That's it I guess. Unless you want more?