Ianto had just finished reading the morning paper (neatly circling any article that hinted at rift activity) and taken a sip of coffee when Jack sauntered back from his office completely naked. "Jack!" he sputtered, not able to hold back the spit-take.

Jack's eyebrows shot up and he put his hands on his hips. "What?"

Ianto just gestured at him and futilely tried to clean up the mess. "Oh, right," Jack said as it finally, finally it dawned on him what Ianto was on about. "Well, remember that energy beam I got shot with this morning?"

"Of course I do, you glowed blue for two hours. What exactly does that have to do with...."

"Apparently a side effect is that my skin disintegrates clothes on contact."

"...Your skin disintegrates clothes."

"On contact." Ianto didn't think it was possible for Jack to look more pleased with himself. "I'm just glad I didn't have my jacket on when it started."

"How long is this going to last?"

Jack shrugged. "Don't know. Why?"

"Well, you can't just walk around the office like that."

Jack's smiled quirked up on one side. "Why not?" Ianto could feel himself blushing; Jack's nakedness meant that Ianto could tell exactly what was on Jack's mind. "It's not like there's anyone else here."

Jack closed the distance between them and ran one hand down Ianto's shirt, instantly dissolving it to fine powder. "Oops."

"Jack," Ianto hissed.

"I'll buy you a new shirt," he said. Ianto shivered as Jack's fingers traced down his ribs, then felt the sudden chill as his trousers disintegrated too. "Okay, I'll buy you a whole new suit."

Ianto felt Jack's lips against his neck as his hands continued to wander. "It doesn't work on leather," Ianto heard him murmur as he slid his hand under Ianto's belt, the doomed outfit's only survivor. "Interesting."

"Jack," Ianto whispered, but Jack cut him off.

"You work too much," Jack said, and Ianto gasped as his hands went still lower. "And besides, I can tell you're happy to see me."

Ianto gave up. "I suppose it's fortunate there's no carpeting."

Jack laughed as he kissed Ianto hard. "That's what I love most about you, Ianto," he said. "You always point out the bright side."