It wasn't ideal, running to his cousin's boarding school to hide.

At least, that was what Sylar had thought before he'd discovered what "Gifted Youngsters" actually meant. The fools accepted him as one of them, swallowed his sob story and promised to protect him from those who would steal his abilities. Everyone at this school had so much power.

Especially Jean. She'd certainly grown since he'd seen her last.

He was careful. Subtle. Patient. There was something hiding inside Jean, something dark. He could see how it worked, how it was always so hungry. It reminded him...well, of himself.

One night she came to him. Confessed all, the dreams, the visions. The fear. "I think I'm turning into a monster," she whispered.

"Shh," he said, wiping the tears from her face. "You're not a monster, any more than I am."

He saw something crackle to life behind her eyes. Like always could recognize like, and Sylar felt the unfamiliar thrill of fear as he realized that Jean could see how he worked.

There was a moment where she hung between revulsion and desire, then suddenly her lips were on his. He felt the fire surge; they were up off the floor, and Sylar didn't know if it was his TK or hers. She wrapped her legs around him and he heard a voice in his mind, both Jean's and not Jean's: When I eat the world, I'll save you for last.

Sylar smiled. Only if I don't get there first.