I've got HORRIBLE writer's block, so i'm starting a new story to try and make my mind work better. It's an itahina, and...that's about it. I've got no idea what this is about, soooo, I guess i'll wing it. Enjoy! (sorry for the sucky title, btw)

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Hinata fidgeted in the cafe' chair, looking around the small shop for her boyfriend. Ohh, where on Earth are you, Naruto-kun. she thought. She had already drank about 5 cups of tea while waiting for him. "Wh-why would he t-tell me to meet h-him, when he i-isn't here h-himself?"she asked herself, spinning a spoon in her sixth cup of tea.

"Oy, Hinata-chan! Sorry i'm late!"said the blond-haired animal handler. Hinata looked up at him as he sat down at the table, showing off that grin that she loved so much. "Oh, i-it's all right, N-Naruto-kun. I w-wasn't here t-that long."she said, smiling slightly. Naruto grinned again, before his face fell.

"I've got some...bad news, Hinata-chan."he said, his face downcast for a change. Hinata grew more scared by the second. She loved Naruto. She'd always loved him. She'd went against her father and had been disowned, all so she could be with Naruto. "W-what d-do you m-mean? W-what kind o-of bad n-news?"she asked, twirling the spoon faster.

Naruto looked around the cafe', not wanting to hurt Hinata's feelings. "Well, i've...kind of...met someone else."he said, turning back around to face her and wishing he hadn't.

Just as he thought, Hinata had started to cry. She wasn't good with extreme emotions. That was one of the reasons that Naruto wanted to dump her. She was far too emotional for him. He also didn't like her 'keep my virginity until i'm married' rule, which was quite different from Sakura, who had given it up on the first date. Ah, yes, Sakura. Another reason I have to break up with Hinata. One more moment of being the 'other woman', and she's going to kill me! thought Naruto, as he saw that people were beginning to notice Hinata's quiet sobbing.

"Uh, Hinata-chan, maybe you want to pull yourself together? It's not the end of the world, you know."he said. Hinata stood up, quickly, and yelled,"IT IS TO ME, NARUTO-KUN! I GAVE UP EVERYTHING FOR YOU AND NOW YOU'RE LEAVING ME!?!" After her outburst, she grabbed her purse and left the cafe', not waiting for his answer.

-At Hinata's House-

Hinata pulled up in her driveway, crying her eyes out. She felt angry, for the first time in her life. She also felt immense pain and sorrow, stuff that she knew all too well. Her father had been right about Naruto. The only thing he liked was her wallet, and now that she'd given him everything she had( her cars, her business, a hell of a lot of her money, etc), he dropped her off the boat and didn't even look back. Yeah, that can cause a lot of pain.

"Hey, Hina-chan, why are you sitting in your car?"asked Ino, who had walked out of her house, which was right next door to Hinata's. They had been good friends since highschool.

Hearing Ino calling for her, Hinata got out of the car and walked over to the hedge that seperated their lawns. Ino immediately knew something was wrong, noticing the tear stains on Hinata's sweater and the ones still coming from her eyes. "Come on, hon'. I'll make you some coffee and you can tell me what's wrong." Hinata nodded her head, and followed Ino into her house.

-Inside Ino's House-

"So, Naruto dumped you, huh?"asked Ino, stirring her coffee and handing a cup to Hinata, who blew her nose in a napkin before replying. "Y-yes. A-and th-then I yelled a-at hi-him and l-left. I...I l-loved h-him. HOW COULD HE DO THIS!?"Hinata yelled. Then she started crying again. The long-haired blond pulled her friend into a hug and let her cry into her shoulder. When it came to Hinata, the best thing to do was to let her cry it out and then think of a solution to her problem.

Once Hinata stopped crying, Ino asked,"You know the best thing to do after a break up?" Hinata shook her head, no. Ino grinned, and said "Eat ice cream! And the best place to get ice cream is at Tenten's shop! So let's go! Maybe she'll give us a discount." She dragged Hinata to her feet and out the door.

-Tenten's Bakery and Ice Cream Shoppe-

Tenten was the best pastry baker in town(it's a rather small town, though). She had also been Hinata's and Ino's friend since highschool. All three were very close, especially since Tenten had married Neji, Hinata's cousin and the only person who left the Hyuuga family and didn't regret it.

When Ino and Hinata walked into the bakery, Tenten set up a table for them to sit at, complete with rocky road ice cream. "So, Hiashi was right about something, huh?"asked Tenten, referring to Hinata's father. "Apparently. I never liked Naruto. No offense, Hina-chan, but I think you can do much better."said Ino, mixing her ice cream until it was slush. "I-I know. H-he just m-made me so happy. I th-thought he t-truly loved me."whispered Hinata, poking at the chocolate ice cream.

"Someone like Naruto could never know true love. You need someone who is kind and cares a lot about you."said Ino. "Yeah, someone who is smart and doesn't see a woman as a piece of meat."interjected Tenten. "Uh-huh. You need someone like...like...Oh! Like Itachi-san!"said Ino, pointing at the Uchiha that had just walked into the store. Hinata nearly dropped her ice cream.


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