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Uchiha Itachi is probably the most adored bachelor in the entire town. No woman could look at him without blushing. Even Hinata had to admit that she had a small crush on him. But I don't like him as much as I like Naruto-kun, she thought, sadly.

"Hey! I bet Itachi-san would go out with you, Hina-chan! Sasuke-kun said that he has a crush on you!"said Ino, looking at the other Uchiha who walked in behind Itachi dreamily. She was, what one might call, a 'Sasuke fangirl'. "Yeah, now Itachi, HE'S a real man. Hot, smart, kind. Did I mention hot?"asked Tenten, playfully.

"I can hear you, you know."said Neji, walking up behind Tenten and hugging her. Tenten blushed, and said,"Oh! It's not that you aren't a real man, honey! I was just saying that in a, you know, girl sense! Ino and I were trying to help Hina-chan get through her break up with Naruto, and we just thought that Itachi-san would be a good option." "A very good option."said Ino, switching her gaze between both of the Uchihas.

"You broke up with Naruto?"asked Neji, curiously. Hinata shook her head. "Um, n-no. H-he broke up wi-with me."she said, poking her index fingers together. A nervous habit.

There was a silence among them for a moment. "I'm going to kill him."said Neji, turning around quickly. Tenten got up and said,"Um, well, i'm going to go and make sure he doesn't actually kill him. Can you guys watch the shop for a little while? Thanks." She left before either could answer.

"I guess i'll man the register. You can stay here, Hina-chan, and eat your ice cream. It'll make you feel better."said the blonde, standing up and walking behind the counter. Hinata continued poking at the half-melted chocolate ice cream. "sigh Why d-do I feel s-so horrible?"

"Are you all right, Hinata-chan?"asked a voice behind her. She twisted around and saw Itachi standing right behind her. "O-oh! I-Itachi-s-san! I-I didn't h-hear you wa-walk up!"stammered the Hyuuga, a blush creeping onto her features. He's even hotter closer up, she thought, before shaking her head. She couldn't believe she had thought that. This only deepened her blush.

Itachi knelt down next to her, and smiled kindly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I just noticed that you were crying, and I was wondering if something was the matter?"he said, curiously. Hinata wiped her eyes, but more tears just fell. "Um, n-nothing is wr-wrong. I-I just h-had...or n-no, I j-just br-broke...er..." Hinata couldn't get out a whole sentence for some reason. He was just so...

"Pretty."she said, unknowingly out loud. "Pardon? I didn't hear you."said Itachi, leaning closer to her. "O-Oh! D-did I-I s-say th-that o-out l-loud?"she asked, her face as red as tomato. Itachi chuckled. "Do you know how cute you look when you blush?"he asked her, wiping a tear from her cheek. Now her face was as red as fire. "Um, I-I didn't m-mean to make you w-worry, Itachi-san. It's j-just...Naruto-kun br-broke up with m-me."she said, sniffling.

"He broke up with you? Why on Earth would he do that? Breaking up with you would be like destroying the Mona Lisa!"said Itachi. Hinata managed a giggle at his odd analogy. "I w-wouldn't compare myself t-to the Mona L-Lisa. I'm n-nowhere near as pr-pretty."she said, smiling. "Oh, I beg to differ. You are far prettier then a painting could ever hope to be."said the Uchiha, happy to see the girl in front of him smiling instead of crying.

"So, Hinata-chan, are you busy right now?"he asked, looking slightly nervous. He'd never asked anyone out before. "Er, well..."she started to say, before she saw Ino. She was giving her the look that said 'Don't you DARE say no to him'. "Um, I-I guess not."she said, poking her index fingers together again.

"Great! Would you like to come to the restaurant across the street with me?"he asked her, smiling. She kind of liked his smile. "Uh, I-I...Sure."she said, standing up and walking with him, smiling happily.


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