Fai Fluorite's life was utterly perfect.

He was in the country's most elite university, Akamizu University, and he was their highest music major student.

His fingers were nationally renown for the way they danced over a violin's strings.

He, his lover, and his twin brother ruled the campus.

The teachers even obeyed him.

Fai Fluorite had a perfect future set for him.

Fai Fluorite was enjoying his perfect present.

Fai Fluorite was trying to forget his dark past.

Kurogane You-ou's life was fine the way it was.

He was the top leading marshal artist in the country, and everyone in his high school cowered at the simple mention of his name.

Not in fear, of course. Just healthy respect.

The girls threw themselves at his feet, and the boys stood as straight as if he was a general in an army when he passed them.

Kurogane You-ou needed a challenge.

Kurogane You-ou was heading to Akamizu University.