Chapter Twenty-Eight: Secrets

During the last week before summer vacation for the socialites' children, Holy Trinity Hall is filled with Akamizu, Kuriakiri, Sabakurein, and a number of other students that attend the myriad of elitist universities up and down the forest road.

And on the stretch of red carpet leading up to the stage of the cavernous dome, you can see the Holy Trinity itself walking up to do what they do best—what they were born for—and that is to perform.

You can see the gorgeous young women, draped in pure Diane Von Furstenbergs and Balenciagas. You can see the glossy dark suits and tuxedos—untucked and ruffled or sleek and spiffed-up.

And as they take their places on the stage, you can see the two angel-blond heads shining in the artfully dim lighting of the entire hall. One of them is practically wrapped around the arm of a young man whose rather lengthy ebony hair slides onto his shoulders. The other—his twin—is coolly intertwining arms with a sport whose inky spikes are as menacing as his built is tempting.

Their smiles aren't just painted on, and the rest of the Holy Trinity watches them with eyes filled with pride, slight envy, and full camaraderie. All of them are on the stage, and even though one of them—a boy with copper skin and hair not light enough to be brown, but not dark enough to be black—is looking on with eyes slightly pained, it is clear that he too is as high-minded as they are.

However, there's one thing all of these young men and women—overflowing with potential, expectations, wealth, passion, lust, and appearance—have in common.

All of them have a secret.

Or rather, secrets.

Because when you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, you can do some…ahem…unspeakable things. But it's only after you do them that you realize that something doesn't have to be concrete for you to lose it. And that the most important things to lose and gain usually aren't.

But enough of that.

I'm taking you all out of that crowded hall and out into the gray, brisk skies and fields and forests surrounding the universities…I'm taking you farther and farther away until you can see Akamizu as nothing more than a little speck…I'm bringing you away from all of that…all of those secrets and lies and betrayals and deceit and scandals and—

I'm putting you right back into that chair in front of your computer…or your laptop…or your brand new Mac, or whatever.

I take it that you've enjoyed my mini tour of the world I live in. It's not for the faint of heart, as some of you might or might have not noticed.

But it sure is fun, isn't it?

So…lay back against—well…against whatever you're sitting on, since I can't talk for people whose allowances per year don't even pay enough for two of my favorite Givenchy satchels—and move on to another story, darlings, because until you look as Sacred as F and K-rin do, or as Divine as M does, or maybe even as Angelic as D…until you do…don't even come to my world.

Although…a tour never hurts.

So next time you're in the neighborhood…ring me up…and I'll really show you around.

Until next time then, my butterflies.