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Hello all! This is an idea that hit me several nights ago. It's just a test run, nothing final, nothing sure. And mostly, no promise that I'm going to write it. I'll only know after I get some feedback. So here goes, please tell me every honest thing you think about it so I'll know what to do with it!!

One thing though: Some background information had to be altered for this story, sorry. First and biggest change will be seen in the story, roundabouts chapter 2. And I can't mention it right now cause it would be a big spoiler. But the other biggest change is the Westerly children's ages. In the show they were 16, 14 and 10, I think, when their parents died. In this fic they will be 14, 12 and 8 when their parents die. And also, they have been living at Ava's for exactly a year when this story begins. Anything else should be explained as the story goes along. Thanks! And now you can read!


If everything you ever knew suddenly fell apart around you and you were left to pick up the pieces, standing in the war zone, just trying to find a piece of reality to hold onto, what would you do? And if all you had left was your name, and you weren't even sure of that anymore, what would you do? And what if every last thing you ever thought was true... crumbled, leaving you standing in the dust, just waiting for the smoke to clear? This is his story.


"Bradin! Come on, give it back to me!" Nikki Westerly screeched, yelling at her older brother.

"Make me!" Bradin teased her, acting much younger then he was.

"I'll just tell aunt Ava, she'll make you!" Nikki stuck out her tongue and went running to their aunt, who was sitting on the back steps of her large beach house, watching the kids goofing around on the beach. "Aunt Ava, Bradin has my cell phone and he's going through my texts!" the 13-year-old whined to her aunt.

"Bradin, give your sister her phone." Ava yelled to Bradin who had flopped in the sand a short distance away from the house and was, indeed, going through Nikki's text messages.

Bradin rolled his eyes and didn't even get up.

"Aunt Ava!!" Nikki groaned.

Ava shook her head and stood up, walking out to where Bradin was laying. "Bradin..." she warned.

"Awe, I'm not doing anything to it..." Bradin insisted.

"Bradin, give me Nikki's phone." Ava felt like she was talking to a 7-year-old, not a 15-year-old.

"Here..." Bradin grumbled, handing his aunt the cell phone. Ava took it from him and headed back to the house. She handed it to her niece, who thanked her and ran inside, as she sat back down on the steps.

She watched as Bradin sat up in the sand, his back to the house, and stared slightly upward, looking out towards the Pacific Ocean as the late afternoon sun beat down on Playa Linda, California. After a few minutes Bradin stood up and walked up to the house, sitting down beside his aunt.

Ava ran a hand through his hair and kissed him on the forehead. "Everything okay, Sweetie?" she asked gently.

"Yeah..." Bradin stared out at the ocean. "What was the last thing you said to my mom?" he asked suddenly.

"Well, let me think a second..." Ava said, not expecting Bradin's question. "I think the last thing I said was something like, 'Karen, I really do have to go. I'll call you tonight.' But the context of that was that we were close to outright arguing about something... My life, I think." Ava recalled.

"Really?" Bradin seemed distant but came back to reality and said, "Wouldn't you like to be able to go back and just tell that person you loved them and let that be the last thing you said to them?"

"I really would, yes. Why, Honey, what was the last thing you said to her?"

"That I was coming with her and Dad to help to sand bag the den... but she told me no, to stay and watch Nik and D... Then she told my girlfriend that she was calling her mom and she left."


"I never saw her breathing again." Bradin said softly. "I just wish I had known... I would have told her I loved her. Hugged her... done anything! You know, anything to let her know how much I loved her."

"I know, Sweetie... me too." Ava hugged Bradin close to her and the two of them watched as night fell and the sun sank below the horizon.

"Hey, guys... what are we missing?" Nikki asked, walking onto the deck with Derrick. She squeezed herself between her older brother and the railing of the deck, and leaned onto his shoulder as Derrick sat down on his aunt's lap.

Bradin put his left arm around Nikki's shoulders, his right one already being around his aunt's, and said, "We were just talking about Mom."

"Really? What about her?" Nikki wanted to know.

"What the last thing we said to her was..." Bradin said quietly.

"What'd you say?" she asked.

"That I was coming with her and Dad to sand bag the den... and she said I wasn't and to watch you guys and that all bed times still applied. Then she told Sharon she was sending her mother to pick her up and then she left... What about you?" Bradin asked.

"I think I told her something about her and Dad being careful-" Nikki choked and didn't finish, remembering that fateful night.

Bradin squeezed her shoulders to let her know he understood.

"The last thing I told her was that I wanted her to tuck me in..." Derrick spoke up.

Nikki, Ava and Bradin cringed.

"But she said she probably wouldn't be back in time so she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said goodnight right then. So did Daddy..." Derrick finished.

The other three smiled.

"What about Dad, Brae? Last thing you said to him?"

"I'm not sure.. something that morning... about my alarm clock, I think." Bradin laughed wryly.

"Yeah, I can't really remember what I said either..."

"He kissed me goodnight." Derrick quipped cheerfully.

Nikki and Bradin chuckled along with Ava and the foursome sat out talking long into the night until Derrick had fallen asleep and Ava was headed the same way.