Pomona Sprout couldn't imagine what Augusta Longbottom could want to meet her for. True, her grandson was gifted in herbology and she did feel a kinship with him but for the six years they did fine passing messages through Minerva and the occasionally owl. But to request a meeting with her Minerva and Albus. Pommie didn't have a good feeling about this.

Pommie readied herself worried and looked at herself in the mirror. She straightened her robes yet again and Poppy shook her head as she came in from a quick visit to the hospital wing. She wrapped her arms around her wife's waist and smiled.

"You'll be fine. You look fine. Don't be so nervous petal."

"I'm not nervous. It's not like when Molly Weasly decides to storm down on Minerva." They both shuddered. "I just think it's odd."

"Maybe it's about the upcoming herbology convention. You know Neville and Augusta have been going to that since he was a first year."

"hmm...probably. Maybe they want to share a port key or something. I'm happy you decided to come my petal."

"Of course, you know I love seeing you in your element.|"

"Well we'll have to be good at least during port keying if that is true. I'll go see. Wish me luck darling?"

"You'll be fine, my petal. but if not you know I do have the healing touch."

"yeah and a corny sense of humor." A brief kiss soon followed.

"Well I'm sure you can make corn grow."

Pomona rolled her eyes and made her way to the gargoyle that guard Albus' office. "everlasting godstopper." The stature leaped to life.

Pomona rode the stairs to the top. She entered the office and saw Augusta sitting next to Minerva and Albus sipping tea. She felt her stomach turn.

"I hope I'm not late."

"No,no. After all one can't be late to something spur of the moment" Albus stated calmly while Minerva tapped her fingers impatiently.

Pomona sat beside Minerva nervous and looked toward Augusta. She twitched.

"Pommie, dear, have a ginger newt."

Oh god, what did my 'Puffs do? Minerva never offered newts for a good happy cheerful meeting. No, it was, have a newt oh by the way the DADA professor shared his body with Voldemort for the past five years. Or by the way if you see a large snake roaming the halls, try to stun it. Or by the way Pommie, could you please grow more catnip?

Pommie quickly refused the newt.

Albus fought the urge to chuckle. His herbology professor had just gone faintly green. He knew from experience what Minerva's ginger newts tended to mean in meetings.

"Uhm not to be rude but why exactly are we having this meeting?"

"Well, it seems Augusta received some bad news. Well, Augusta why don't you explain?"

An frightening woman that |Pommie only vaguely recognized from first year when Augusta was in seventh, Pommie fought the urge to cower

"Neville and I normally attend the herbology conference every summer but this year I am afraid I am unable to attend."

"Augusta what's really wrong yes Neville has poor luck with pets but there must be something more. The conference is the only thing he talks about from Yule onward."

"I found out from Healer Rankin that my heart is giving out. I can't go until I know my poor Neville has a good home."

"you mean but..."

"I have six months or less. Neville has known since I have."

Minerva realized "That's why he has been so quiet. these past two years he has become more outgoing but this year he been more withdrawal."

"I'm his only reliable family. The Healer doesn't expect me to live past June. I don't know anyone else I can trust but you and Poppy. You understand him. He's going to be apprenticed to you as soon as he comes of age. "

"yes but I wasn't planning well become family to him." Pommie's eyes darted to Albus and Minerva. "Why couldn't Minerva take him in?"

" I have my hands full with Harry and the twins."

"He'll need you. He already talks about you constantly. He wants to be just like you. I know you and Poppy had children. But I also know you've hurt before. He will hurt. He lost his parents before he can truly remember and his grandfather when he was 4. He only had me and his great uncle and his great uncle died two years ago. I am his only family. I don't know how this will effect him but I don't want him to have to watch me die too. He is only a boy still in so many ways."

"You are ok with me and Poppy being.."Pommie hesitated.

"Flaming queers?" Minerva helpfully supplied.

"Thank you Min. I was looking for a delicate way to put it but you surpassed my expectations."

"Pommie I've known for years. Please remember I went to school when Aberforth and Malius Prince were attending school. Malius was my husband's best man."

Pommie squeaked quietly and began to blush.

"I think we can move on from discussing Pommie's sex life." Albus said. "Augusta had the thought of Neville joining you and Poppy for the convention to trying it out."

"O.k." Except I know Poppy doesn't want more childrenPommie thought miserably

Pommie half entertained the idea and kind of liked the idea. She had liked it when they'd discussed more children before. But she wouldn't ever do anything to make her wife upset if she could help it.

"Look this has been a lot of information to process and I really need to talk to Poppy. When do you need my answer?"

"I need to know by next week."

"I'll try."

With all the odds against them, Pommie didn't get a chance to talk to her wife both retiring to bed that night. She watched nervously as Poppy checked her beeper and undid her long blond hair.

"Hey you." Poppy smiled." I haven't seen you all day."

"I've been busy. With the whole Augusta thing."

Pommie sighed and cuddled against her wife. Her whole body was tense and Poppy


"Hey, hey what's wrong my blossom?"

"I received some interesting news. Poppy I know we have talked about this but I possibly could a mom again and I need to know how you feel that since you will be helping me."

"But but we didn't use the potion or cast the spell. Pommie have you did something happen. Are you okay?"

Seeing her wife's face turned white, Pommie pondered her options. Oh what the hell. "well, honey, the night of the welcoming feast you did have a bit of that Spanish wine Mara bought back..."She fought back a grin

"But but I wouldn't I couldn't..."

Poppy fainted and went down.

Pommie threw her head back and laughed. Mara's going to love this! Sighing she realized she still needed to explain to Poppy what was going on. She watched then levitated her wife into bed feeling a little guilty.

"You're pregnant?! But you're old!" Poppy cried. Pommie's guilty feeling soon went away.

"Oh for Merlin's sake, I'm not pregnant although for your information, unlike some people, I have not gone w through menopause yet!"

"But.. but... but... you said..."

"I was joking! I was miserable both times and I wouldn't dream of doing it again."

"Oh okay. I put my foot in it with the old thing didn't I?"

"My petal, you aren't that tactful sometimes no. Would you like me to explain?"


"Augusta Longbottom is dying and want me, and I suppose you, to adopt Neville." Pommie searched her wife's face for reaction.

Poppy sighed and stared at the ceiling. She groaned softly.

"What do you want my blossom?"

" I don 't know. I like Neville, I feel a kinship with him but I know we want to travel around the world to a few years and this will postponed that..."

"Well, let's see how the convention goes."


"Of course." They soon settle down for as much as they could get at three in the morning.;;

"Should we tell Neville about this?" Poppy wondered.

"No not yet. Maybe after."

"Right." Poppy let her hand wandered over to the other side of the bed.

"Not tonight, Petal."

"I'm punished for the old thing?"

"No. It's just ...been a long day and it seems, I don't know, inappropiate" Pommie sighed.

"Mmmmm...ok my blossom."