A second knock sounded and Pommie got up still smiling and headed to the door charming her clothes on as she went. She opened the door and smiled at the nervous young man who stood hand poised to knock again.

"Good morning Profess-Pomona."

"Good morning Neville. Come in we need to talk I'm afraid."

"What? Did something happen to Gram?"

"Oh no my dear. Apollo says your gram is comfortable. Poppy is..." Pomona laughed

"Oh that. I'm sorry I heard screams and well I was worried."

"Well, I guess there's two things to talk about." Pomona's eyes sparkled. Poppy blushed.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you last night. I'm sorry but why are you talk to Poppy's stomach?"

"You heard that?" Pommie squeaked.

"No, you're kneeling and were talking to it as I came in."

Is this some sort of weird lesbian sex thing? he wondered

if they were guys I'd say they were having a little fun but... he decided it better not to finish that thought.

"Um." Pomona looked at Poppy, helplessly.

"He thinks it's a lesbian sex thing. I would tell him the truth."

"Obvious aren't we?"


"Poppy's..."Pomona started to grinned stupidly.

"Up the duff?"

"I prefer pregnant but yes."

"Wow. I didn't think that was possible."

"A spell. Designed by my genius wife so we could conceive now widely published and often used."

"Ah. So you want a baby now?"

"Well it wasn't planned. May I remind you to never do any magic while drunk?"

Neville blushed and started to laughed.

"But we're happy. The girls will be too."

"The girls?"

"Our daughters. Older then Apollo and Aurora by what twelve years."

"And fifteen."

"So that's 50 and 53 years apart?"

"So you two are together?"

"Since school."

"Hmmm..Poppy do you remember the room of requirement in our sixth year?" Pomona grinned wickedly

"Uhm I'd rather not hear details."

"Right sorry."

"Thank you. So may I treat you ladies to breakfast?"

"Nonsense. It's our treat. Besides we're celebrating."

"I flooed someone last night after... I uhm rushed in. They said they were surprised you hadn't used a silencing charm though you've broken through them before. Is that possible?"

"Yes." Poppy said not elaborating.

"Xiomara and Severus do it all the time."

"Uhm breakfast yes breakfast."

"You really don't want to hear about your professors' sex lives."

"Just not Professor Snape. It's just..."


"Horribly terrifying. I'd rather face Bellatrix Lestrange."

"Yeah. Excuse me." Poppy went to the bathroom.

"Morning sickness." Pomona shrugged.

"Can men use the spell?"

"In theory. I haven't try it." Pomona noticed Poppy crying. "Excuse me."

Pomona went into the bathroom.

"What's wrong love?"

"I'm sorry. I thought I was. I really did. But I--it came. My period came. I was just late."

"Oh darling. Shh its okay. Are you alright my love?" Pommie wrapped her arms around her wife holding her close and feeling her shake.

"I want it. I really did."

"I know. Do you want to go home?"

"No, no this is special for you. For both of you. I wont ruin it. I just..."

"It's ok to be sad. We can make appointment with Theoriski."

"Is this what we really want?"

laze: "I think it is. I asked before when we found out about the kittens and we said no. But love we're barely middle aged. Why retire young?"

"It might be difficult."

"Life is difficult love. We'll handle it. If Minerva can handle two kittens, Harry, the older twins, and Albus plus being related to Aberforth even by marriage I'm sure we can handle this."

"So, we're trying?"

"We're trying."

Pommie kissed her wife's forehead gently.

"Neville is probably worry."

"Let's go take the lad to breakfast. Wait how does he know that Xiomara and Severus are terrifying?"

"I wouldn't ask."

"But still..."

Opens door of bathroom.

"Leave it. We don't do guys and it's Severus"

She shudders.

"It's also Mara"

"Please tell me you aren't harboring a crush on our best friend, Pop."

"No I'm not harboring a crush on Mara. Just occasionally a girl can fantasize. You Minerva Mara. All mine."

"Poppy I uh excuse me."

Neville rushed into the bathroom.

"Good work."


"Neville are you alright?"

"Fine. Just, um..."


"Sure." Neville rushed off.

"Neville... Poppy you have to apologize."


"You made him miserably embarrassed. Then ill."

Pommie leveled her lover a glance.

"If you don't no convention sex."

"But we need to practice...."


Pommie softened.

"Please love he needs that. He is upset and dealing with a lot."


"Neville, I want to apologize if I made you uncomfortable."\

"Its fine Professor. Just no discussions of Madame Hooch. Or well any of the other professors sex lives. I don't exactly voice my sexual fantasies for the world to see now do I?"


"Ready to go to the sessions?"

"Breakfast first please. I need tea and maybe some saltines."

"Neville are you pregnant?" Poppy teased

"I doubt if it works for men not that anyone would ever even see me as desirable." The voice sounded bitter something that Poppy had never heard from the young man beside her.

"Well, you never know. "

"It works for men."

"Who?" Neville looked surprised

"Vincent Crabbe."

"What?! But he's in my year."

"He has to produce a child for his family one way or another or else. He and Gregory are expecting twins. He should be having them in late June."

"You had this good of gossip and you kept from me?!" Pomona was shocked

"They were scared. I was going to tell you but he wanted it only brought up when it was certain."

"Ah. But Neville you see it is possible."

"They are lucky."

"I wouldn't call it that. They are young and being force."

"They love each other. You can see it when no one else is around. That's lucky."

Poppy decided to let the subject dropped.

Pommie caught her wife's eyes. Something was behind those words.

"So tea and saltines then Neville?"


They ordered at the takeaway stall and found a spot on a bench to eat dry toast and tea for Neville and tomato sandwiches for the two witches and tea.

An owl swooped down on them. "Mere-your granddaughter won't stop crying because of an earache. Could you come home?-Rose" I hate being a mediwitch."

"You'll be back soon, then we can practice."

"Clove oil works better then potions if she is small Madame Pomfrey. It also hurts less and will take out the infection faster then the potion."

Neville looked back down at his book not seeing the shocked looks from the two.

"Ah, I'll try that. See you later."

"Till then."

Pomona and Neville enjoyed the afternoon sessions. "You are worrying about the baby aren't you?" Neville asked.

"Which one?"

"The one you want to have with Poppy. You are worried bout her and the babe."

"No. Our granddaughter is sick."

Neville looked at her with eyes that seemed sad and then nodded.

"The clove oil will help."

"Thanks. It's probably nothing but Rose's a worrier like her moms." It's silly to worry about a baby not even conceived.

"You worry because you know the child is important. In many people's lives."

Neville looked away now and didn't say anything else as Pommie stared.

"Why aren't you in Ravenclaw?"

"Because the hat said I was too brave for Ravenclaw too cunning for Hufflepuff too timid for Gryffindor and slytherin would serve me well. But I told it I'd burn it before I went to that house. It said that showed I wasn't as timid as it seemed so I went to Gryffindor."


"People are hard to place some times."

Walking back Poppy got to the table and leaned and kissed Pommie.

"Everything o.k.?"

"yeah. Catnip was interesting. I missed you."

"I missed you too. I hope you took thorough notes. Hello Neville the clove oil worked wonderfully. Thank you. When did you learn about clove oil?"

"Gram taught me. I used to get bad earaches."

"Earaches. Is that what we have to look forward too?"

"I doubt it. Neither of you smoke. And you wont put a child in an environment filled with cigar and pipe smoke."

"Good point."

"I keep remembering Blossom."

"Blossom?" Neville's voice was soft as he looked up from his meticulous notes.

"Our third daughter. I lost her in the fourth month."

"The spell makes it more difficult then. As well as the fact that being magical makes it harder to have children anyway. The Weasleys being the exception."

"But we weren't as prepared. Now prenatal care is amazing.

Neville nodded and returned to his notes his lengthening hair falling down to shield his face.

Poppy smiled reassuringly.

"Theoriski is the best."

"Apollo is a close second."

"Yes he is."

"We'll be fine."

"And think of the practice."

Pomona giggled. Neville sighed. Harry had warned him about the fact their professors seem to have overactive sex lives.

"Harry was right."

"Oh, about what, dear?"

"That compared to the professors even Fred and George are tame."


Poppy began to laugh.

"Poppy, what's so funny?"

"Lets just say the Weasley twins have Bills coordination and Tonks interests in certain exploits."

Neville blushed slightly.

"Oh and to think our bosses invest in that."

"I've got some notes to go over and homework to work on. Will I see you two for supper or shall I fend for myself?"

"um..do you mind if we slip off?"

Poppy looked hopefully

"No this is your trip as well. I'll be fine. Just please silence your rooms and I'll settle mine

Poppy and Pomona blushed "Of course."

"Have fun." Neville gave a tired smile that didn't reach his eyes and returned to his room leaving the two witches alone.

Poppy cursed the fact their room was on the eighth floor. "Pom if we could apparate from here to the room?"

Pomona was too busy feeling up her wife.

"Petal not in public. Aberforth and Malius are staring at us."

"Oh. Hi. How are you?"

"We'd be turned off if we liked girls. You still are rabbits aren't you? Who was that young lad with you?"

"Our son. Oh, this is our floor."

"Son... That's new."

"Yup. You think they pick him at Hogsmeade?"

"Who's knows?"

"He is our adopted son Aberforth Dumbledore Malius Prince. You will not insult him like that or else. He is off limits to you you defiler of virgin goats."

Pommie had to hold back her wife. She wanted to hex them but Poppy relied on fists at times like this.

"Poppy! We have important things to do."

"Go with your keeper Pomfrey."

Pommie glared at the two.

"Banned from the bar one month. It will be permanently if you keep up the attitude. Both of you. And Aberforth I will be talking to Albus."

"Pommie! I need to lay down. I don't feel good."

"Alright love. Let's go."

The two men stood shocked at the claws that the Badger had shown. Pommie helped Poppy to their room.

Poppy, who made a miraculously recovery on the way to the room, unlock the room. "Ready?"

"Yes. Silencia dorma."

Poppy bit her lip nervously. "I suppose we need to do the spells now."

"Ovalatia" Pomona said pointed her wand at Poppy

Poppy pointed her wand at Pommie.


Pomona's body begun to shift.

Poppy looked nervous. She only had been pleasured by hands and tongue and only once by something else.

"Shhh. It's ok. "

"It's just..."

"I know. I'll use a lot of lube. "

"I know this is difficult for you love. But I'll be gentle."

"Lots of foreplay?" Poppy asked

"Is there any other way?"

Poppy relaxed. "I want this. I want you. Just go slow."

"I will go as slowly as you wish."

Poppy laid back on pillows and tried to relax. " Oh, Merlin, I'm sorry Pommie are you? I mean is it ready?"

Pomona laughed. "We could try kissing. That's surefire."

Poppy leaned in and kissed Pommie as if she wanted to feed on her mouth. Hands roamed her wife's breast but didn't go any farther south. Pommie groaned against Poppy mouth.

"I think it's ready?"

"It's big." Poppy whimpered.

"I will try my hardest to not cause you pain love."

"o.k. o.k." Pomona kissed Poppy's breasts and stroke her.

Pomona kissed lower and lower finally licking Poppy's clit.

"You're so wet, sweetheart. But just in case." Pomona placed some lube on 55her hand and stroke Poppy, slowly working up to four fingers.

Poppy moaned softly as pleasure ran through her at the hands of her lover.

She was nervous and well her lover was so big.

"Blossom, you need to wait. If we come together, there's a better chance ok?"

"So big."

Pomona glanced down. "O.k. Reducto." Poppy sighed with relief.


"Sorry Pomfrey are always well endowed."

Poppy retorted. "Sprouts were a lot loosier."

"You know I didn't think we'd have this discussion."

"eh, what do want to talk about while trying to knock me up?"

"Hmm well I could say how much I love you? I love this spot. And this spot. And this one."

Pommie nibbled and licked her wife's breasts and shoulders.

"Pom-Pom"Poppy squealed.

"Your so beautiful my darling."

"I know." Poppy smiled cockily

"Oh really."

"But I think I need to show my wife how beautiful she is."

Pomona shook her head. "I need to prepare you."

"I feel like a Christmas goose and next I shall be stuffed."

"Poppy I think it will be more pleasurable than that."

"I know blossom. I just I'm scared. I know its silly."

Poppy felt a tip rest at her opening. Pomona was trying to control herself. "Tell me if it hurts."

Poppy nodded fingers tightening into Pommie's shoulders.

Pomona eased halfway in and stopped.

"You ok?"

"F.. fine. Fast please not slow we have to do this. Remind me to find another method for the spell after this ok?"

"Sure." Pomona kissed Poppy. She begun to rock. Poppy felt herself tighten.

"I'm beginning to enjoy this."

"Good so am I."

Pommie found it hard to think but she made very sure she kissed and stroked Poppy as she rhythmically slid in and out of her wife.

"Mona, I'm close."

"So... so am I."

Pommie panted and quickened the pace.

"Mona, I love you!"

She caught her wife's mouth with her own in a grinding kiss.

They both came and Pommie fell forward still clenched in her wife. She smiled softly.

"Love you too."

Poppy glanced down. "You are still in me."

"Are you uncomfortable?"

"No. I'm getting used to it."

"Hmm I'll move in a moment. I'm numb below the waist right now."

"Oh." Poppy looked disappointed.

"Or we can repeat the performance until the spell wears off."

Poppy grinned and begin to rock frantically.

Pommie groaned and made little mewing sounds.

She got into a position and began to match her wife's pace.

She let Poppy set the pace.

Being the man was hard and tiring.

Poppy gasped and clenched down. "I'm close. Just a little more. "

Pommie groaned through gritted teeth as nails scratched her skin and she kept going.

"Poppy I need to come I can't wait anymore. it's painful."

"I'm ooo ooo yes yes Pommie yes!!!"

"I love you!" Pomona relaxed and looked at her wife.

Poppy looked down and pouted.

"It's gone."

"Well, yes it disappeared after it served the purpose."

"That's wasn't so bad after I stopped thinking about it."

"Pulizia delicata."

Pommie waved her wand and they were clean all the aftermath cleaned away. The bed clean and fresh again. She collapsed on her side by her wife.

"do you think we did it?"

"Oh we definitely did something."

"You alright love?"

"A little sore."

"do you need anything?"

"I think I want a shower but I don't think my legs will hold me yet."

"I can solve that." poppy conjured up a sponge and a pan of warm water.

Pommie lay docile as Poppy gave her a sponge bath. She was exhausted.

"I suppose this is because you did all the work." Poppy laughed

"I will never tease Severus again."

"It gets easier." Poppy smiled.

"Uh huh."

"You'll enjoy it more once you get used to it. I used to um, masturbated when we were trying for the girls."

"I know."

Poppy blushed.

"It was hot."

"Really? It felt awkward."

"Better with practice,:

"With everything."


"Do you want me help?" Pomona asked.

"Just rest."

Pomona kissed Poppy. "I don't remember it being this hard before."

"You were on the bottom."

"Ah. But then again I carried them."

"And you were beautiful pregnant."

"You'll be too. Should we try for twins?"

"Just one love. We don't have to populate an entire year with the children of professors.

"Um, Poppy, are you planning going on hormones?"

"Why do you ask love?"

"What are the side effects of hormones?"

"Uhm me horny as hell."

"yes. increase chance of multiples."


"well, yes. But also fetuses."

"Well if we have twins we wont be alone. So long as they are healthy."


"I love you."

"And I you."

: Poppy continued washing her half asleep lover. She smiled and kissed her wife's forehead and banished the water and sponge. She took a shower as Pommie slept feeling restless then lay down beside her wife and thought about twins. The feeling didn't frighten her as much as she thought it would. In fact twins might be fun.

She listened to her partner sleep now feeling incredibly juvenile for being frightened of her well endowed wife. She relaxed and slept cuddled with her wife.

Poppy let her hand wandered down to her stomach. We'll know in two weeks.