J'ai envie de toi. A series of romy one-shots.

A/N: Eleventh one-shot of this series. Not really a big plot... just a random idea I got while watching the Simpsons, yes people the Simpsons the one where Marge is pregnant and Homer has this new job at Bowlrama (with Barney's uncle) especially the scene where Bart and Lisa are arguing about the baby's name... pretty weird inspiration huh? Anyway, thank you all who had read, reviewed and added this to your alert list, you all are amazing and I love you all!!! I'm going to the lovely beach -Acapulco!!- for some days but I didn't want to leave you all just like that, so I worked hard these past few days and update some of my stories, hope you like it. WARNING: Pure romy fluff. Please R&R

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Chapter 11. Naming the baby

The Cajun thief placed the book on the table and some of the male resident couldn't suppress a laugh, something Gambit chose to ignore. He'd never thought he would be buying a "Baby Names for your Baby Boy" book, and even less handing it to a bunch of male mutants. The whole group was together in the mansion's living room around a couple of whiskey and rum bottles, it was their way to celebrate the upcoming father.

Remy LeBeau knew from the moment he first laid eyes on Rogue, that it would be no other woman in his life, it just could not be. He had known many women amongst the years, and never had he cared for any other the way he did for her. Therefore, one day he realized that despite her inability to control her powers, he had no plans to leave her side, she was his and he would never let her go. That same day he asked her to marry him, because having her and being together was more important to him than anything else ever could be. Hesitant at first Rogue accepted and a couple of months later she'd finally gained control.

Gambit opened the book and Kurt made fun of his little colored post-its marking some of the pages. The thief gave him a 'shut up' kind of glare, he'd never imagined that the scrawny blue demonic boy he met years ago would become a big, tough and strong young man, one of the most actives members of the team and definitely one of the best fighters amongst the X-men. Through the years, Remy had built a good friendship and a great teamwork with Nightcrawler, perhaps because he was Rogue's brother or maybe just because the blue demon was impossible not to like.

"I don't see what's funny about that," Scott Summers said pointing the colored post-its. "I must tell when Jean and I had our first child I did the same."

Kurt looked at Remy, whom just rolled his eyes. "Parfait," the thief thought to himself. "Now I'm being more like Cyke."

"I'm sure you did the same with your other two children, Summers." Logan snarled. "In fact you and Jeanie could start a mutant nursery… you could run it." He didn't dislike the team leader but he wasn't his biggest fan either. Truth was that, when Scott and Jean had come back from University the redhead wasn't the preppy teen he once knew. No, she had become an extremely gorgeous and astonishingly curvy young woman and as hard as Logan tried to keep busy, he frequently found himself thinking about her.

Remy knew about Logan's secret feeling towards Jean, first because he was an empath and secondly because he knew extremely well the kind of glares Logan gave Mrs. Summers. He had given them thousands of times, before and after he joined the X-men. Difference was, once he joined the team all his perky looks were directed to one particular southern belle.

"Alors, are you going to help moi mon amies, or what?" he asked to break the tension between Logan and Scott.

"What about Robert?" Iceman asked.

"Yeah sure, as if I would like mon fils be named after you icicle."

"Hey it's a cool name, better than Remy, however," Bobby said as he touched his glass and a couple of ice cubes appeared on it.

"I don't even going to answer that," Remy said charging the cocktail stirrer inside Iceman's glass, without he realizing it. Next thing the glass blew up in Bobby's face, and the drink splashed all over his new shirt.

"Don't ever make fun of mon nom again, Drake, comprends?" Bobby nodded and poured himself another drink.

"Alors," Remy continued. "Where were we?"

"Do you want a French name?" Sam asked

"Je ne sais pas... maybe."

"And what about Rogue," Kurt said. "Does she want a French name too?"

"I haven't asked her that yet."

"Don't you think you should Gumbo?" Logan said. "In case you've forgot she's the mother."

Remy's grin spread across his face like a Cheshire cat. "Oh trust moi mon ami, I could never forget it... I remember it every night, sometimes even twice… et sometimes I remember it again in the morning."

Some of the men choked on their drinks and others chose to lower their eyes. If there was one resident able to make Logan mad with a few words it was definitely Remy LeBeau, as if her screams at night weren't enough proof. The two southerners were well known for their frequently intimate activities. The two lovers seemed to have a lot of energy. Girls were jealous of Rogue, and although Remy's main reason was his love and lust for his wife, deep down it was one of his ways to make sure nobody ever forgot how Rogue was all his.

Many would call them just lucky. Some -like Kitty Pryde and Jubilee- would even it was fate, that they were indeed meant for each other since the day they're born, and there were a few that just saw them as another X-couple, just as the Summers or Kitty and Colossus. But all of them admitted that the two southern residents had something different, quite unique and unbreakable. Who'd thought that the red-eyed womanizer thief Remy LeBeau and the green-eyed untouchable rogue Anna-Marie would be falling in love and sharing a life for the rest of their lives.

Logan snarled and rolled his eyes. "Save it bub, if you don't your child to be an orphan."

Remy laughed. "C'mon Logan you care too much for Rogue to make her a widow..." Logan smiled in response, that was right amongst all the girls Rogue was his favorite one, like a daughter to him. "Besides, deep down I know you like moi."

"Don't push your luck Cajun... don't push your luck." Logan replied. "I thought you'd stand up for your sister Kurt."

All eyes turned to him, expecting an answer. It wasn't easy to be trapped between Logan and Gambit, so Kurt in his most pure Kurt style decided to change ignored them both. "I'm here just for the drinks… and to choose a good name for my nephew," Kurt said stroking his bluish-black hair. "What about Damien, it's a nice name huh?"



"Charles?" Sam suggested. "As a tribute to the Professor."

"Mmm, non."


"Mmm maybe, mais non..."

"James?" Jamie Madrox said. "It's a great name, huh?"

"Put that drink down kid, you're still underage." Logan said and Jamie reluctantly obeyed.

"No offense Jamie, mais non."

"What about Jonathan?"




"Why don't you tell us your ideas Gambit," Scott finally said a little exasperated about the Cajun's indecision.

"Well," Remy said placing his bourbon down. "I've a couple of ideas..."

"The pages with the colored post-its?" Kurt asked in a mockery voice. "Yeah, I've noticed before."

"Shut up Wagner," Remy said grabbing the baby names book. "I'll read the names and you can tell moi what you think about, hein?"

The rest of the men nodded and Remy began to read.

"Vincent, Etienne, Henri, Jean-Baptiste, Claude, Theo," Remy said as he turned the pages.

"All of them are French names Gambit," Scott said. "I don't know why you are even asking our opinion if it's obvious you want a French name for your son."

"Again," Sam insisted. "Have you asked Rogue about it?"

"Non," Remy replied. "The thing is that we made some kind of deal."

"What deal?" Jamie asked.

"Well, if the baby would've been a girl Rogue would've picked the name... mais as a boy I pick it," Remy replied as a big smile covered his proud parental face. "Et as you all know Hank told moi the sex of mon enfant a week ago, since then I've been thinking what name would fit best mon bébé."

"So it's already decided," Piotr said. "The baby is going to have a French name, just like his father, right comrade?"

"As long as he won't have his fathers habits," Logan said.

"Or his father's taste in fashion," Angel added.

Remy frowned. "Are you making fun of mon clothes Angel?"

"More like your haircut I guess," Bobby said.

"What's wrong with it?" Remy asked. He was a very proud man and he knew he was good-looking, extremely good-looking in fact. "Chicks love it."

"Chicks?" Logan asked raising an eye brown.

"Oui, but most important Rogue does et that's all that matters." Remy said stroking his hair. "But just in case, Bobby… why don't you ask Lorna what she thinks about it?" he said with a wink that infuriated Bobby, he was well aware that her pretty green-haired girlfriend loved him but had some childish crush on the Cajun thief.

"Shut up LeBeau," Bobby snapped.

"What about George?"


"What about Albert?"


"You must have a favorite one, don't you?" Kurt asked. "One you like more than other."

"Oui, in fact I have one," Remy replied.

"And?" Scott asked interested. "C'mon Gambit, tell us."

"Olivier," Remy simply said with a big grin on his face. "Olivier LeBeau."

The room remained silent for a couple of minutes before his teammates and friends began to approve or disapprove it.

"You know what?" Kurt said placing a hand on his brother-in-law shoulder. "I like it."

"Yeah," Piotr nodded. "I like it too."

"What about you Logan?" Remy asked. "Do you like it?"

"Does it make a difference?" Logan asked.

"Oui, for ma chère it would."

Logan smiled, the Cajun was right. After all these years Logan's opinion was very important for Rogue. "Yeah, I like it."

"It's decided then," Remy said smiling. "Olivier will be!" Raising his glass Remy decided to make a toast to his son's future. "To Olivier!"

"To Olivier," the rest of the X-men said, glass on hand.

"Mon fils," Remy smiled before finishing his drink in one gulp. "Olivier LeBeau!"

In that mere instant the main door opened and women's voices and laughs filled the hall. Jean, Rogue and Kitty Pryde were back from Rogue doctor's appointment. They were laughing and chatting, and Remy even heard the sound of shopping bags. Rogue wanted to rest and went to their bedroom but Jean convinced she would carry her shopping to hers and Remy's room later and Kitty convinced to go straight and tell Remy the good news.

"Good news?" Remy thought to himself. "What could that be?"

The girls entered the living room and Remy noticed a little manila envelope in Rogue's hands. Kitty gave her an encouraging look and Jean smiled nodding her head. So Rogue took a step forward and handed Remy the envelope as she kissed him gently on the lips.

"What's this chère?" Remy asked putting his left arm around her waist and gently caressing her little baby bump.

"It's the ultrasound pic, sugah!" Rogue exclaimed. "You actually can see our baby!!!"

Remy almost tore the envelope up and looked at the picture. He didn't get it; it was dark and undefined. How on earth could he see his son there?

"Pretty amazing right hun?" Rogue asked wrapping his arms around her husband's body.

"I- I don't..." Remy said analyzing the picture in his hands. "I don't see it!"

"Wait... what?" Rogue smiled.

"I said, I can't see it!" Remy sighed in disappointment. "What kind of father I'm... I can't see mon proper bébé!"

"Oh come here darling, sure you can," Rogue said sitting and pulling Remy down with her. "Come here, do you see this?" she pointed the picture. "This teeny tiny thing that looks like a peanut?"

"Oui," Remy nodded.

"Sweetie that's it," Rogue said placing a hand on his knee and resting her forehead on his.

"That's it?" Remy smiled. "Well I saw that before. I can't believe that's our bébé." He said pulling Rogue closer to him and tightening his embrace.

"Yeah, that's our baby," Rogue smiled. "That's our little girl!"

"Wait," Remy frowned and breaking the embrace he held Rogue's shoulders fixing his red on black eyes on her emerald ones. "Girl? Are you saying you're expecting a fille?"

"Yeah," Rogue smiled. "Ain't that great sug!" Rogue planted dozens of sweet, tiny kisses across his lips and face. "Our little baby girl... Camile LeBeau!"

The entire room burst into laughter and spontaneous applauses. "Wha- What's wrong?" Rogue asked.

"Not- nothing is wrong ma chère," Remy said with a chuckle before holding Rogue again.

"At least is a french name, huh LeBeau?" Scott said suppressing a laugh.

"Uhm Rogue," Kitty said as she grabbed a book from the center table. "I think I know what's wrong"," she handed Rogue the book. "It seems Remy was hoping that the baby was a boy."

"Aw sug, I'm sorry" Rogue smiled looking at the book and noticing the little colored post its. "I know you wanted a boy, but Jean explained me how Hank could be wrong, the baby was too little when you asked him for the sex!"

"It's ok ma petite fleur," Remy closed the space between them and tilted her head up to kiss her. "We can always have more enfants... you know I never get tired of trying." Rogue's cheeks blushed as Remy stole her a passionate kiss.

"Remy please," Rogue whispered as she drew back. For God's sake, they're in a room full of people! What was she going to do with him?

"Hey you," Bobby exclaimed. "Get a room!"

Remy stood up and grabbing Rogue's hand, he picked her up he picked her up, bridal-style.

Rogue gasped. "What are you doing?" she asked, laughing.

"I do as I was said chère," Remy said as he started to walk toward the main hall. "Getting moi et ma belle femme a room." Rogue blushed and he chuckled. "See you later mon amies, ma femme et I have some baby girl name talking to do."

"Sure you have..." Kitty rolled her eyes as the couple passed in front of her.


Remy opened his eyes and looked at the naked woman curled against him, they had fell asleep after Rogue wore him out, apparently one time wasn't enough for her. The balcony's door was slightly opened and the curtains danced in the wind. The moonlight shone on her bare skin making her look like a marble statue, yes the statue of a nymph, a goddess. His goddess.

Combing her hair with his fingers, Remy remembered his first meeting with Rogue. At the time, he had been under Magneto's control as one of his Acolytes and she was one of Xavier's X-men, but even then he'd thought she was beautiful, the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. After that he took every opportunity to be near her, even in the fight field. When he learned of her powers, she became a challenge, and Remy LeBeau -a gambler, and a thief, always a card up his sleeve- never backed down from a challenge. However, somewhere along the way, he sincerely fell in love with the beautiful green-eyed girl. Remy didn't remember how or when it happened, it just did. Rogue's beauty and spirit enraptured him, and just like that, the southern belle stole the thief's heart. She was his entire world, his entire life. He loved her more than anything, and nothing could take that away from him. Remy pulled the blanket at their feet over their bodies and gently kissed the top of her head. Rogue snuggled up to him in her sleep. Smiling he closed his eyes again, he couldn't ask for anything more.


The little scene with Remy don't seeing the baby was inspired by Friends, the one where Rachel and Ross go to the doctor for her sonogram and she can't see the baby in the screen and later in the picture, I just found hilarious how she lies thinking the doctor might think she's a terrible mother!!

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