Come What May


The white lace on my gown traveled from the neckline to the bottom hemline. A small train was behind me, covering my heels from the gentle light from outside. I was dressed in my wedding dress, standing patiently behind two doors that separated me from my wedding ceremony.

I placed my hand gently over the sheer, white fabric that hung over the panes of glass of the doors. I moved the fabric aside gently, peering through a small section of the glass, viewing the backyard of the Cullen house.

Only six chairs sat in the backyard, placed in two groups of three chairs, which was separated by a fairly wide aisle. Sitting in the white chairs was three blonde haired women, one caramel haired woman, and a couple of dark brown, nearly black, haired people.

A man stood at the end of the altar. He was not the annoying teenager who last month had proposed to me, then gotten yelled at severely by Emmett, causing a trauma that stopped any new attempts to charm me; the man at the altar was perfection. He had his back turned to me, his hair receiving a gentle brush by the wind. I smiled softly, watching the wind play with his bronze locks.

"Bella!" A shrill shout sounded from right behind me. I dropped my grasp on the fabric, concealing the inside of the house from the backyard. "What are you doing?"

I turned to see Alice standing impatiently, her eyes full of disapproval. I grinned sheepishly, "Sorry?" I squeaked. I had known after two months of wedding planning not to get on Alice's bad side.

She rolled her eyes and grabbed my hand, pulling me behind her back to the bathroom, where rows upon rows of beauty related products sat. She gestured for me to sit, and picked up random tubes and cylinders, using them on my face.

Rosalie walked into the room, her fingers combing through my gently curled hair. "What should we do, Alice?"

Alice stopped applying the makeup and looked at me with pursed lips. "I don't think we should do anything, Rose. She does have the veil…"

Rosalie nodded in agreement and grabbed a can of hairspray, spraying my curls religiously. I coughed lightly, not comfortable with the smell of the spray.

Rosalie looked at me apologetically. "Sorry, Bella. We're done now."

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. "That was relatively quick…"

Alice smiled and handed me a mirror. "You look absolutely beautiful. Edward won't be able to keep his hands to himself."

I felt my mouth drop open in shock. "Edward has perfect manners!"

Rosalie rolled her eyes. "Honestly? I don't see how you two have gone so lone without doing the deed!"

My mouth remained agape at their boldness. "We are waiting for marriage! Which should be happening soon, so if you don't mind, I'd like to get married now!"

Alice laughed and raised my hand, which grasped the mirror so that I could see myself. "First you have to look. Trust me!"

I did as I was told and gazed into the mirror, completely in shock at the girl who stared back at me. My eyes popped against the gentle palette of my eye makeup. My cheeks contained a certain rosiness that I hadn't seen on myself since I was human. Edward would appreciate that…

I smiled radiantly up at my two helpers. "Thank you so much."

They simply smiled, placed the veil on my head, and headed out of the bathroom, where Jasper and Emmett stood.

"You look beautiful, Bella!" Emmett said, his eyes wide at the sight of me. Jasper agreed and kissed Alice on the cheek.

"You guys look absolutely stunning," Jasper said, his eyes never leaving his wife's as he spoke.

Emmett held Rosalie's hand and kissed her softly on the lips.

"I have to go to the altar," Emmett said, leading Rosalie out of the two doors, which he propped open. He would be acting as the minister for the ceremony, while Rosalie would play the piano as Alice, Jasper, Carlisle and I walked down the aisle.

Carlisle joined Alice, Jasper, and I by the two doors. "Are you ready, Bella?"

I smiled and nodded. "Thank you so much for walking me down the aisle, Carlisle. I really appreciate it."

He simply smiled in return. "Of course. I already thought of you as a part of the family."

I grinned and hugged him gently. When I let go, I took a deep breath. "Let's go."

Alice and Jasper linked arms, heading through the doorway to walk down the aisle. Rosalie, perfectly on cue, began to play a soft wedding march on the piano, which stood to the side of the house.

Jasper's tuxedo looked brilliant next to Alice's soft, blue dress, which both she and Rosalie wore. Carlisle then linked arms with myself, bringing me slowly down the aisle.

I didn't pay attention to Esme or the Denali clan, who sat in the audience. I could only gaze at the man who waited for me at the altar.

His eyes were wide and filled with love at the sight of me, an emotion I gladly returned. He was utter perfection as he stood at the altar. His tuxedo was striking against his pale skin, his smile even more stunning as he grinned widely at seeing me.

I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face as I watched Edward, nor could I stop asking myself how I became so lucky as to have this man. It was actually painful for me not to sprint to his side; Carlisle did a fantastic job of restraining me from pursuing that course of action.

When I arrived at the altar, I grabbed Edward's hands and simply stared into Edward's golden eyes. I vaguely remember saying "I do" or hearing Emmett's traditional words, but before I knew it, Edward and I were sharing our first kiss as husband and wife.

When the ceremony was over, our group of thirteen simply walked to the other side of the lawn, where a record player sat, waiting to play music. Alice played the record, and we all began to dance.

I rested my head against Edward's chest, Edward holding me securely to him, as we danced to Clair de Lune. The other couples joined us on the grassy lawn; the sun had lowered on the horizon so the only lighting was the brilliant twinkle of strings of lights and the stars.

"I love you," I whispered, still dancing with Edward.

"As I love you," he answered, kissing the top of my head softly. I sighed contently, closing my eyes and enjoying the moment.

"May I cut in?" A soft voice asked. I felt Edward release his grip around my waist, handing me to Carlisle.

Carlisle and I danced, and he smiled, laughing slightly. I gazed at him questioningly.

He looked at me and smiled. "I wonder if I would have been invited to your original marriage?"

I smiled and wondered if Carlisle would have been invited. "I'm sure you would have. You did help Edward through a lot, with his father and all."

Carlisle nodded. "I suppose that may be right. I am so glad that you two have each other. Both the first time, where you could support each other and truly enjoy life, and now, where you will have love for eternity."

I smiled and honestly would have been crying if I were human. "Thank you so much, Carlisle."

He grinned. "Any time, Isabella."


Edward and I got off of the extremely long plane ride, entering the airport of Paris. Though, I didn't mind the flight at all. Edward and I simply sat next to each other, talking quietly and holding hands.

I had no baggage with me, nor did Edward. Apparently we had clothes and other items already at our destination, courtesy of Alice.

Edward drove us in silence through the damp streets of France, the moon casting a light over the streets that was enchanting, as well as romantic. It was an hour into our car ride when I realized that in mere moments, Edward and I would be exploring a part of love that we had not dared explore before.

The very idea of that made me suddenly nervous, and I couldn't bear to look at Edward. What if he changed his mind? What if he no longer wanted me?

Edward noticed my change of mood almost immediately. He reached over and grabbed my hand, squeezing it reassuringly. "What's wrong, Bella?"

I sighed, and looked at our intertwined hands. "Nothing. I'm just…. nervous I guess."

He chuckled lightly, looking at me while he continued to speed through the French countryside. "Nervous about what, exactly?"

I looked at my lap, but Edward wouldn't have that. He released my hand and used his hand instead to raise my head. "Bella, what's wrong?"

"It's rather embarrassing…" I said, unsure of if I should tell him. He raised an eyebrow, unsure of what I was thinking. "What if you decide you don't want me after tonight?"

Edward immediately changed his expression. His eyes softened, his hand went back to my hand. "Impossible. In fact, I was nervous about you deciding to get rid of me after tonight."

I gasped. "How on earth could you think that? I still can't believe how I became so lucky as to have a perfect man like you by my side. And by some will of God you agreed to be my husband. I could never want to get rid of you!"

Edward smiled. "Well, I believe this is a pointless conversation, seeing as I feel doubly that way about you, Mrs. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen."

I realized we had come to a stop, and I looked around at our surroundings.

"We're here," Edward said, getting out of the car to open my door for me. I thanked him, but he took me by surprise when he lifted me out of the car, shutting the door with his foot as he turned to take us to our destination while I sat in his arms.

I looked for the first time at the place we were walking towards. It was an immense house, completely isolated. Ivy ran up the sides of the house, and Edward walked down a stone path to get to the giant building.

He opened the door while I still remained in his arms, carrying me through the threshold. When we entered the house, he set me down gently, allowing me to stand.

We stared at each other, questioning silently what to do next. Half a moment had passed before Edward led me down a hallway, into a large bedroom. He kissed me urgently, an action I returned just as fervently.

Edward's hands slowly drifted to my back, where his hand played with the zipper to my dress I wore for traveling. My hands, meanwhile, became tangled in Edward's hair. We hadn't stopped the kiss until I pulled back, remaining in Edward's loving embrace.

I smiled up at Edward. "I love you," I said quietly.

He grinned crookedly back at me. "Until the end of time," he responded, kissing me again.


AN: The last two lines are from "Come What May" (the song). Thought it tied together a bit, even though it was a bit cheesy. Yet, every story has its cheesy moments...

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