Summary: They sent him to Azkaban with an unfair trial. A year later when Voldemort attacks they found out they were wrong. Then he disappears taking two of the people who believed him along with. What happens when he comes back? Will he forgive or will he hold a grudge?

Disclaimer: To J.K. Rowling for writing Harry Potter in the first place.

How to lose your best friend

Chapter 1

Step #1: Betray Them

The cool morning started like any other. The house of Privet Drive #4 was one among a number of similar that contributed to the silent street. In the late hours of the morning a young man exited the house through the front door. He only made it to the garden before falling down in pain. Tears streamed down his burnt face as he gasped for air. Pushing on the ground he slowly managed to somewhat stand in a hunched position. Each measured step seemed like a mile. He carefully held his side as he made his way down the street and to safety. Before he could even manage to get too far he felt himself lose slowly losing consciousness. In a black and white blur he managed to get to a ditch several streets over before he lost all kind of coordination. As the sky floated in and out of his vision he spotted a Dark Mark going up over his Aunt and Uncles house. Then all went black.

"This is the trial of Harry James Potter for the deaths of Petunia Dursley and Vernon Dursley and for the injuries of Dudley Dursley," a man said as he stood in the court. "How do you plead Mr. Potter?"

"Not guilty," Harry said dryly. Many people in the court began yelling things at Harry as the judge of the trial tried to gain silence. Once the people were finally quiet the man turned to Harry.

"What happened that day Mr. Potter?" the man asked. Harry shifted a little in his chair.

"I'd tell you but my memory is black in places so I'd rather show you," Harry answered. The man nodded and Harry stood. He pulled up his shirt and everyone gasped. Harry was black and blue. Cuts of various sizes littered his battered body. His ribs showed through his sickly looking skin. On his back was the word 'freak' burned into his skin. He dropped his shirt back down and pulled up his pants legs to show what appeared to be meat that had gone through a shredder. His feet barely in view showed that they were burned so bad it looked to be third degree. The sight was sickening. The audience shifted in their seats.

"What happened to you Mr. Potter?" the man asked startled. All sense of calmness had left the man. His face had a hint of a green tinge to it and he could barely look in Harry's direction.

"My uncle happened," Harry responded as he searched for his way back to his chair. Finally he took his seat and explained what he meant. "My uncle came home drunk the night before. He was extraordinarily upset because he had just been fired. He blamed this on me and he attacked me enlisting my cousin and his gang to help and attack me.

"They came at me with anything they could get their hands on. Books, belts, pans, the table, and many other sorted items from around the house. My aunt tried to stop him but he just hit her. I tried to defend her but he just hit me more. I couldn't fight back because I was already weak. I hadn't eaten since I left school, freaks don't get food. When they went to bed I snuck out or I at least tried to.

"They got to me again. I woke up at 9 something and none of them were awake so I left. I almost didn't make it off the front lawn but I managed. I made it to the ditch a couple streets away before I passed out. The last thing I remember seeing is the Dark Mark."

"We find Mr. Potter guilty on all counts," the man stated. "He will serve a sentence of life in Azkaban." Harry paled and he sunk into his seat. He looked over to where the Weasley's were seated along with Hermione and a few people from school. Even Dumbledore was there. Sirius and Remus were not. He could see Ginny crying while Ron and Hermione glared at him. Snape sat next to Ginny and it looked like he was whispering something to her. She slowly nodded. Harry then turned his attention to the guards that were taking him to Azkaban. He looked at the people who were sitting right in front of him. They had betrayed him without blinking an eye.

"I hope you all are happy," Harry spat bitterly. "You are doing the same thing that you did to Sirius, to me. Only this time you are trying to make it seem like everything was done right because you gave me a trial. Big difference though. It wasn't fair. All of you know that because you took part in it. You are sending an innocent man to Azkaban and none of you care." He turned away getting ready to leave when he heard a small voice say something.

"I believe you, Harry," Ginny said. All of them turned to look at her.

"I do too, Potter," Severus answered in a grave voice. "Black and Lupin do as well. They have sent along their regards for being unable to be here." Harry gave them a small smile.

"Thank you," Harry said as a bitter tear struck his burnt face. "You have no idea how much that means to me."

"Good luck, Harry," Ginny whispered as she watched him go through the doors with the Azkaban guards.

1 year later…

"Voldemort is attacking Azkaban," a frantic Auror told Dumbledore. Albus nodded and called all of the Order members. Voldemort could not get Harry. If he got Harry to join him, he would be the downfall of the light. This would probably be the last battle, Albus mused as he surveyed the battle field. Several hundred people were already there fighting the death eaters that had managed to escape.

He was searching for one certain person and was about to move on to another location when he noticed the very person he looking for. It was Harry. He was exiting Azkaban just as Voldemort arrived on the island.

"Ah Harry Potter," Voldemort said when he noticed Harry. "Join my side Potter. We together can do great things." Voldemort handed Harry his wand and watched as Harry twirled it in his hands.

"They have betrayed you, Potter. Why help them when they do nothing but break you for something that you didn't do?" Albus gasped.

"If Harry didn't do it," Albus began. "Then who did?" Voldemort gestured to some death eaters that were battling nearby. His eyes widened. Harry had been innocent and he had done nothing except make things worse. He had believed in the wrong person.

"Join me Harry," Voldemort said once again. Harry snorted causing the older men to jump.

"Never," Harry's raspy voice answered. Before Voldemort could respond Harry had hit him with the killing curse. Harry hunched over the man's body. "I have had to watch every single person you tortured and killed over and over again. I don't want to go through that again."

Harry stood and looked at the death eaters who were cowering on the ground. He noticed Severus nearby and placed his hand on the man's dark mark and watched it disappear with an indifferent mask. Severus looked up in shock; Ginny rushed over to the two men. Harry grabbed hold of both Severus and Ginny and drew them closer to him.

"Harry we are so sorry," Albus said, his eyes pleading. Harry shook his head firmly. "You could come back and attend Hogwarts."

"No," Harry said firmly. "You didn't believe until it was right in front of your eyes. We will be leaving." Albus opened his mouth to protest but they were already gone. They may have won the war but they had lost so much more.