Summary: They sent him to Azkaban with an unfair trial. A year later when Voldemort attacks they found out they were wrong. Then he disappears taking two of the people who believed him along with. What happens when he comes back? Will he forgive or will he hold a grudge?

Disclaimer: To J.K. Rowling for writing Harry Potter in the first place.

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How to lose your best friend

Chapter 4

Step #4: R for Retirement

Over the years the thought, the possibility, the dream of Harry coming back seemed impossible. He had not been seen in 10 years. Even when he had had Harry pronounced dead, it had been with a heavy heart. When the announcement made its way to the Wizarding World via the Daily Prophet, he had carefully watched the reactions of Severus, Sirius, and Remus. Nothing. It has been like they were reading about a Quiditch game. Saddened he had continued on as per usual. Until today.

"Harry," Albus gasped out shocked. With no connected thought, Albus soon found himself back in his seat. He had never felt his age until today. "My dear boy –"

"I am not your boy," Harry snapped. "Answer the question Albus."

"I have seen better days," Albus wearily admitted. He briefly wondered where this was going.

"No doubt," Harry calmly agreed. "But it makes me wonder why it has not appeared in The Daily Prophet that you are dying." Gasps spread throughout the hall like a disease; whispered conversations followed. It only took Harry raising his hand for complete silence to return.

"We're waiting Albus." Albus sighed.

"I am to remain a few months to help Professors McGonagall and Flitwick make the transition," Albus admitted. A twisted smile spread across Harry's face.

"Well that's going to change," Harry said. To Albus the carpet was pulled out from underneath him. It was the end for him.

"Mr. Potter explain what you mean," Minerva demanded. Harry raised an eyebrow while Anna giggled.

"Straight to the point as always," Harry commented amused. Minerva glared at him. "Exactly as I said Minerva."

"How?" She demanded. "This has been the plan for several months. It has been approved by all of the proper people and will not be changed at the whims of a child." Harry's eyes flashed dangerously and his body tensed.

"It is not up to you or them," Harry growled. "It is up to the heir of all four founders."

"What is he talking about Albus?" Minerva demanded. A Cheshire grin spread across Harry's face.

"Yes Albus, what am I talking about?" Harry mocked Minerva. She glared at him, once more. Albus sighed.

"In Rowena Ravenclaw's last year of her life she gave her final prophecy," Albus explained. "It is known as an Ode to the Founder's Heir." Minerva gasped and slumped down in her chair. The rest of the staff and Order gazed at the Headmaster curiously.

"In the prophecy it is said that the Wizarding World will betray their last hope in a war of blood. However, four will remain by the heir's side; each offering a particular skill that the Founders were once known for.

"The heir will only return when the Wizarding World is dying. The heir will not only revolutionize Hogwarts and return it to its former glory but also drag the Wizarding World into modern times." When protests began to break out, Albus sent off a bang in the air. "However if this does not happen it foretells the end to ALL the Wizarding kind." They stared at him in shock. Albus turned to Harry. "Who is the Founder's Heir?" A sadistic smile graced Harry's face.

"You're looking at him," Harry announced. Anna giggled at the looks of horror.

Although it had been years since he had been there, Hogwarts remained the same. Tradition, bullies, portraits, biased professors, challenging low quality classes, enemies, mazes, classes, homework, and so on. As Harry wondered around, hidden by his invisibility cloak, he visited classes, common rooms, and meals. He carried around a muggle notebook and took notes on everything. To the surprise of those in the Headmaster's office that day, Harry did not immediately begin to make changes, instead he watched. He had spent several weeks observing everything. Today that ended.

"Today I am sad to announce the retirement of our beloved Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore," Harry began. He paused as the man stood and bowed to roaring applause. He smiled and waited for the applause to end. "I am happy to announce that the new Headmaster is Filius Flitwick." Resounding applause welcomed the man to the position. Unseen, off to the side, Minerva watched bitterly. She had applied to the position but had failed the test given to her by Potter. She still believed that he had rigged the test – there was no way she had a 12 in empathy.

"Furthermore I would like to welcome our new Charms professor and Head of Ravenclaw – Ginny Lupin." Once more Harry waited for the applause to end.

"For the past few weeks I have observed this school and its students," Harry informed them. "In the years I have been away not much has differed. It's time for that to change." He waited for the protests to die down. "For years Hogwarts has been touted as a top school. However, I have gone all over to every kind of Wizarding School possible to see that Hogwarts has fallen to the lowest of them all.

"With your help – yes, students I am also talking to you – we will bring this school to its former glory. In front of each of you is a packet full of possible changes and room to write your opinion on each change, as well as additional changes not already there. By the end of the week I would like every completed packet to be placed in a pocket placed on the bulletin board in each common room.

"Once the packet is placed in the pocket it will be sent to me. When all are in, a committee of staff and students will review them. I believe it's time to take back Hogwarts!" Minerva sadly watched at the students cheered in agreement. She wondered if she would make it through all of the changes.

It seemed so normal – the cackling fire, the glass of alcohol, and papers to grade – but Minerva knew it was not. Wistfully she stared at the parchments on her desk.

"You will not last long the way you are going," Albus admonished. Minerva sighed and took a sip of her firewhiskey. She groaned.

"What would you have me do Albus?" Minerva snapped. "Allow a child to destroy Hogwarts out of revenge?"

"You know the Ode Minerva," Albus warned. "You will fail and fall if you hold onto this." Minerva snorted.

"What is the worst he'll do?" Minerva scoffed. "Fire me?" A tired hand made its way to the man's face.

"You're only seeing him as a child Minerva," Albus reminded her. "He has grown, he has changed. No one knows what he is truly capable of anymore. He is not only here to change Hogwarts but the Wizarding World. Just his name holds a lot of weight." Minerva sneered. "Add in that he is the Founder's Heir and you have a powerhouse."

"If you wish to extol the child, leave my rooms," Minerva barked. Albus gave her a sad look but left. Minerva settled once more into her chair. She winced as she felt an oncoming headache. However she ignored it in favor of pondering what to do. Part of her knew that Albus was right – she would not last here the way she was going. However she did not want to go down without a fight, this was her home. The truth of it was she had no one on her side.

If she could somehow get Potter to leave for good, things would return to normal. But how? The child was like a cockroach – he would not stay away. It took only a few more minutes before it came to her. Now all she needed was a plan to put it in motion and he would be gone.