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Chapter 1

This takes place in the 1980's, Edward is very dark during this time, as he has left his family to feed off the living.

WARNING: There are some scenes in this story with bondage and nudity.

"Stop crying!" his voice was cold and irate; "I'm trying to make you look nice!"

Shivering, the girl kept her eyes downward, staring at her bare knees, trying to forget that she was naked and tied to the wooden dining room chair. Her vision was so blurred, as the tears wouldn't stop drowning her eyes. The man across from her face was in his 20's, brown short hair, a bit spiky. He had a beard, mustache. Mentally she was trying to remember every detail of her captors, all three of them, for when the police would ask. If she was lucky enough to ever see the police. The odds were not very good; she loved to watch crime shows and 9 times out of 10, police found the body, already dead.

And in her heart, she felt it. She was not going to be saved. They had stripped her, but they were not molesting her, yet. Now this one in front of her was trying to apply eyeliner to her wet eyes to "make her look nice". They were stinging now, in the corners. Not knowing what they were planning was driving her insane. Obviously, it was something sexual, but what were they waiting for?

A phone call had been placed in the beginning, while they were holding her down and tying her up. She had been too loud, and they gagged her with her own belt…it was so tightly fastened, her mouth was forced open a bit, unable to make speech very clearly. Her jaw was throbbing too, but that was okay. This minor discomfort was acceptable when the thoughts raced through her mind of what they could and certainly would be doing to her soon.

"Leave her alone." one of the others said. This one was in his 30's, very refined in the way he spoke and dressed. Not wearing jeans like the other two, he wore a gray suit, very expensive looking. He was obviously the one in command, the one who had placed the phone call, and the one who gave the orders to the other two.

"She looks fine the way she is.", the one in charge continued, tilting his head to look their new girl over. Her body is perfect, the man observed, as it should be when the girl is 16 years old and an athlete. I chose her well. She'll sell in ten minutes once the buyer sees her. Make up won't do anything but make her look cheap. She has natural beauty. She will sell.

"How long will it take this guy to get here?" the third man asked nervously, peeking out the girl's living room window, turning another light off inside the foyer.

"He lives close by." the one in the suit didn't look nervous in the least. He had done this many times before and it showed.

Another man was coming here she thought, and then whatever her fate was would be in his hands from what they were saying. Trying to suppress her terror, she heard a small whimper escape her lips. No one paid any attention to her and she was glad, for the time being. Time went on like ten eternities as they waited in the dark.

"Someone is coming." the one at the window exhaled his cigarette smoke, and was about to drop his cigarette on the floor when the one in the suit stopped him verbally.

"Don't." he warned, "DNA left behind is not a great idea."

"Oh yea." the man winced, realizing his mistake. He pinched the end of the cigarette closed with his fingers and stuck it in his jeans pocket. This one in the suit was good, she heard herself think, a career criminal well versed in the ways of the law. She was dead.

The man in the suit got up, a little bored looking, and peeked out the window.

"Yes, that's him." he confirmed, "I've worked with this buyer before. No risk, relax. Our only fear is that he doesn't like the merchandise. And even that is not a problem. He's not our only client."

Closing her eyes tight, she realized yet another one was coming to look at her this way. The humiliation burned like fire as her wrists twisted a slow firm circle within the tight white ropes around them. They were starting to cut off the circulation now. Her hands felt cold and numb.

A serious knock of two raps was enough to make her want to vomit. Hold it together, she told herself. Wait for a chance to get away. Keep your eyes open. She didn't want to but she did it. Looking at the familiar yellow wall in front of her, she waited. Not wanting to dare turn to look at the door, she stared straight ahead, not moving, not even breathing much.

The man in the suit's voice greeted the knocker after the door slowly opened.

"Welcome Mr. Cullen.", the man said, and a slow confident set of footsteps sounded on her mother's wooden floor, entering without a word.

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