Edward pulled up to Bella's house in his silver Volvo, not parking in the driveway as her humongous jalopy truck took all the room. He laughed, looking at it with distaste. Maybe he could make a tree "accidentally" fall on it or something.

He was waiting in the running car, knowing Bella wouldn't be ready yet. The movie would be starting in ten minutes, but if he drove the way he liked, he could get them there in time for the coming attractions.

Her window opened at the top of the house and she darted her head out, yelling, "I'm coming, Edward, I'll be right there !"

"Okay!", he shouted back, smiling to himself. She was always late.

The song he had been listening to was ending as he waited. He turned on the heater for Bella, there was an October chill in the air.

"Here's a blast from the past.", the DJ on the radio announced, "Mister Mister. Broken Wings."

Edward smiled, turning up the volume. He used to hate this song but now it was one of his favorites.

"Baby, I don't understand

Why we can't hold on to each other's hands

This time might be the last I fear

Unless I make it all too clear

I need you so." , the singer sang softly and Edward closed his eyes, inhaling and remembering the scent of lemons and oranges, smiling peacefully.

"Take these broken wings

And learn to fly again

Learn to live so free", Edward sang along with the singer.

"And when we hear the voices sing

The book of love will open up and let us in.",

Edward kept singing the words, laughing and recalling his words to Sammi, "Your mind is full of bad girl things!"

"Baby I think tonight we can

Take what was wrong and make it right.

Baby it's all I know

That you're half of the flesh and blood

That makes me whole

Need you so." , he sang along knowing every word.

You never called me again, he said to Sammi in his mind, knowing wherever she was she could hear him. He fully believed she was in heaven, with God, and that She was taking good care of his best little friend. Sammi was no doubt doing good still, helping people in need of a special angel.

You fought bravely, and you had a good death, he said to her. I'm so proud of you, my little fighter. You were a great girl. I still miss you Samantha. I hope I'm making you proud. Can you see me?

A gust of wind flew by his car window and moved around to the street, twirling around in a perfect circle, dancing with leaves of every color and shape. He smiled fully, dazzled by her beauty once more. She was dancing again and she was here, still his friend. He could've sworn he heard her laughter in the air.

"Sorry ,sorry!", Bella rushed into the car, her hair all over the place from the wind.

"Go, GO!", she said, knowing they were going to be late.

He just smiled at her, not moving, tears almost came to his eyes. The love he felt for Bella consumed him, filled his soul with fire and passion. Sammi was right. She was so worth waiting for.

"What's wrong?", Bella asked, stunned by his beauty.

"I love you more than anything, Bella.", he said, fully meaning it, feeling it in every cell of his being. His heart was so open and full now, and he understood what Sammi was saying to him so long ago. He wasn't empty anymore. Because of her, he could fully love someone now, with a wide open heart.

"I love you too, Edward.", she replied, her eyes glazing up a bit with happy tears, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing.", he smiled more, touching her hair, "Everything is so right. I've never been this happy in my whole existence. I just wanted you to know that."

She smiled back, leaning in and kissing his lips with that feisty Bella trademark, her skin covered with flowers' scent. Who cared about making the movie anymore?

"Bella, can I tell you a story?", he asked, trusting her not to get jealous or upset. There was no need for it but he wanted her to know this, he had never told anyone else except Alice about Sammi before. He wanted to share this with her.

"Sure.", she said, "You can tell me anything."

And he believed her. He wanted to introduce them to each other, and take Bella to that often visited spot where an angel slept peacefully. He hoped Bella wouldn't find it morbid.

"Good.", he kissed her hand and began to drive away, saying, "It was 1987 and ten years earlier, I had left Carlisle's house to go off on my own. I was fed up with living off animals and wanted to hunt human blood…"

'Be happy Edward… and Bella.', a faint little giggling voice blew through the air as the car curved around the bend.


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