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Realization Letter

Dear Fang,

They shot you.

They shot you, and now you're dying.

Can you hear me? I don't know. Will you ever hear me again? No.

According to the doctor, you might never hear again. You might turn out deaf. You will never hear anything in your entire life, however much longer that can be.

I look at you in your hospital bed, breathing harshly. I sigh and shake my head. I can't believe even after being attacked by dumb ass Flyboys you can still worry in a semi-coma.


Whatever coma.

It still has the word 'coma' in it. It still sucks.

I look over to the door that is now being open. "Hi, Nudge," I greet her, trying to sound like I am not dying inside. Trying to sound like I just don't want to lie down next to you, and wake up at the same time as you.


Scratch that.

"What are you doing in Fang's laptop, Max?" she asks me. I ponder.

Should I really tell her the truth? Or lie about the situation? I really wish you could silently help me here, like you always do.

"I'm right behind you, you know that?" she whispers. I am startled, but keep typing, managing a smile.

"Why are you writing everything I say down?" she asks me, still whispering as if she could wake you.

If she could, I'd tell her to scream senseless. Though I know that wouldn't help.

"Aw, Max," she says, obviously reading what I am typing now.

'Nudge, I would like to answer, but if I talk and type at the same time, I might mess up.' I type for her. She giggles.

"That's alright. Now seriously, why do you keep typing everything I say down?" she asks me once again.

I sigh. 'It's for Fang to know what he's missing while in a Whatever coma. I want him to not miss out on anything, no matter what you say. Especially because he might never hear again.' I explain.

She still reads, and finally smiles. "Ah. Then," she sits next to me, and…

I take the laptop away from her. This is Nudge. Hi Fang! Hopefully, Max won't chicken out and not give this to you afterwards.

"Hey!" she complains, and I chuckle. Poor Max. I wonder what she will write next? Anyway, I got this from her to tell you I really miss you. We all miss you. You'll see that life isn't really interesting for us if you're not here. It's like, you're the missing gap, and the missing gap is missing. Get it? 'Cause you're so silent and all?

"Nudge, I don't think he wants and explanation for something that actually needs no explaining." Max tells me softly. I grin and nod, and am about to hand her back the laptop. Bye, Fang.

Well, after that interesting short segment from Nudge, I am alone once again. I just told her to go get me some coffee.

Ha, now don't make fun of me. I need coffee now. You just cause me so much stress. I swear, someday you're going to give me gray hairs while I'm just hitting puberty.

Gah, I can already imagine you saying some stupid comeback in return. I wish you could actually say it. Hey, Fang? If you can still talk after being deaf, can you say a stupid comeback for something I said right now? Or back then? Depends on when you're reading it.

See? You confuse me.

The door creaks open once again, and I peek from the corner of my eye to find Iggy walking in.

"Hey, Igs," I say, while staring at the laptop screen. Iggy pauses a bit and listens to my typing.

"What are you doing?" he asks curiously. I keep typing and don't know if to say it and type it while I say it, or say it and then type it but waste time as I try to write Iggy's words. And I can't type it for him, because, well, he can't see.

Unless the room is white. I look around. Nope. It's more of a pastel…

"Hello?" Iggy calls. I grin apologetically, then remember he can't see it. "Sorry Igs," I say, trying not to mess up as I type. "I'm writing a letter to Fang telling him exactly what happens as he's in a Whatever coma." I explain yet again.

He snorts. "A whatever coma?" he asks. He waits for me to finish typing this, and first I type my response. "Yes, Iggy, a Whatever coma. I don't remember what the doctor said, and no, I don't want to know." I answer him now.

He chuckles and sits next to me. "Want to type something in for me?" he asks. I nod. "Sure." I agree. He clears his throat.

"Fang," he starts. "Now I know you got shot by a couple of Flyboys. But, hey, I know you'll come out of it man. I can practically feel Max stifling laughter of your accident right about now…" "Don't say that, Iggy! Liar!" I yell. Don't believe him, Fang. I…care about you. Yeah.

"Kidding, kidding. So Fang; so far me and Gazzy can't make bombs in here. Turns out, this freaking hospital is 'Safely Removed from Fire Hazards'. That's stupid, right?! It's like, removing a stove from a kitchen just 'cause it has fire and it's a danger. How will you cook then? Just like here. How do you let people make bombs then?"

"Okay, Iggy," I interrupt, a bit annoyed truthfully. "I think he gets the point. Why don't you write him a 'get well' card instead? I'm sure he'll read that when he has the time."

Iggy makes a mock offended look. "Fine." He agrees, standing up. "I will. And it'll be like a three page report of bombs. I'll bet he'll enjoy it more than your little autobiography."

He stomps out the room.

I chuckle. Autobiography? That's not what this is…right?

You squirm, and mumble something. I didn't quite catch it, because I'm typing as you mumble. I pause.

Did you say my name? Or was that my imagination? Probably my imagination. Right? You tell me when you wake.

If you wake.

Please wake, Fang.

I sigh and my stomach rumbles. Grr. I'm sorry, Fang, I don't want to go, but the stomach wants what the stomach wants.

I get up, doing the best I can in typing while carrying and walking with the laptop. This isn't easy.

Gah! It almost fell off my hands.

I sit down in the chairs outside, just to write a bit more. Like I said, I don't want you to miss out on anything.

"Max, how's Fang?" I hear Gazzy ask behind me. I smile, still typing, as I have done with the past two flock members.

"He's much the same," I answer gloomily. No point in hiding my doom and gloom, right?

Gah. Corny, corny rhyme.

Iggy says something, but I didn't quite catch it. I ask him to repeat that.

"I said; Is he still mumbling your name? It usually makes him a bit better." He tells me this as if it's no big deal. I stop breathing for a second. Have you mumbled my name before, Fang? Does it really make you feel better?

Ay ay ay! My head hurts.

"Uh, no," I answer quickly, and he shrugs, returning to mind his own business.

I try not to laugh. Oh, Fang. It's you turn to be teased endless once you wake.

I look around and spot Angel. Well, she's better than nothing.

"Hey, sweetie?" I call, not lking away from the screen. She looks up at me with sad, tear-filled eyes that put a lump in my throat.

I'll be right back, Fang, I promise.

Hi Fang! Its angel. Not that you would not know because I cant really type well but im gona try ok? I love you fang and I miss you. Why cant you just wake up? And as much as she tries to deny it to herself max misses you the most. Because I know a secret not even she knows. But that doesn't matter rite now, what maters is that you wake up. So I beg you please wake up fang, please…oh, max is back. I took that long to type. I giggle. Max explained it all to me. Max looks down to see what im doing and smiles. "I didn't know you could type. We should get you up in fangs blog huh?" I giggle and hand her the laptop.

Well, Fang, there you have it. In Ange'sl own words how much she misses you. You little ungrateful son of a gun better come back to life and tell me how much you hate me for letting them shoot you. You better, I'm warning you.

Aw, great, I'm crying.

God, Fang! Don't you get it?! I need you, Fang! And I don't mean lying almost lifelessly on a bed, I mean I need you here, with me, next to me, holding me, telling me it's going to be okay…

Loving me…

Loving me as you always do, Fang. Loving me silently and powerfully as you always do. I need you to continue Fang. And I hope you get to read this, because I'm finally admitting it;

I love you.

-Max (and the flock)

2:03 A.M: Hi Fang! It's Nudge again. Wow, I read the letter. That's…unexpected. But hey, it's true. Max is asleep in your room right now, like every other night. I wonder if you'll wake up anytime soon. If you do…just know that we all cooperated in this letter. And it means a lot; Max finally realized what she feels for you.

There you have it. The first, boring part of the two-shot. Next is even more boring -.-

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