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Part Two—Love Miracles

Max sighs as she shifts her weight towards the right, putting her head lightly on top of her numb hand.

It has been about a month since Max wrote the letter to Fang, finally admitting what she truly feels about him. She hasn't dared to go and print it out. That would mean staying away from Fang; she doesn't want to risk it.

Iggy has offered many times to go print it out for her. Max always refuses for the reason that he might pick up some materials to make a bomb. Not that he hasn't found a way by right now, Max thinks.

She looks over to Fang, who's been the same. Her eyes fill up with tears. She walks over to him and gently strokes his cheek with her thumb. "Wake up, Fang." She whispers. "Please." She adds, before kissing him lightly on his lips.

She has done this quite a few times now. She's not afraid of it anymore; that is, until Fang wakes. She won't do it, and she might even scratch out the whole realization part.

But she promised to put every little detail he missed. So she is going to leave it there.

She closes her eyes and breathes out. "I need coffee," she mumbles, becoming an addict to it. She strokes Fang's cheek once more before walking out of the room.

Fang doesn't know what happened to him, so when he opens his eyes, it's like he was asleep and it is a normal day at a cave.

He yawns unconsciously, and sits up, puzzled by where he is.

He looks around, tilting his head to the side. This room…it seems familiar to him. Has he been in here before? It is a strange pulse of déjà vu.

He tries to speak, but to his surprise, he can't hear himself.

He brings his hands up to his ears, feeling to see if he has anything covering them. Nothing.

He tries not to panic, as he tries to call the name of Max.

Yet he hears nothing.

He panics now.

Where is Max? What is wrong with him? Why isn't anyone here with him in this familiar room? He needs someone. Someone to help him. He's scared.

That's an understatement.

He cries and cries to no avail, trying to see if he can hear himself. Maybe it is temporary?

He finally recognizes the room. Hospital. A hospital, he's in a hospital bed…

His heart starts racing. He remembers it now. All of it. How the Erasers…they all had guns. One of them was about to shoot Max…how much he dreaded that happening…then he got in her way…

But where is Max? Is she okay? She has to be. She needs to be. What happened with the Erasers.

He tries calling Max's name again.

He needs to know that if he's not going to be okay, she will.

Max sighs as she comes back to the room. Like every other day, the rest of the flock are all sitting down murmuring quietly to each other.

Until Iggy abruptly stands up.

Max looks at him, puzzled. "Iggy?" she asks. "Is everything ok—"

Iggy holds up a finger to all of them, making them be quiet. Max's heart is racing more than it has ever raced.

"Fang," Iggy whispers. "It's Fang."

Nudge perks up, saying, "What's Fang?"

"That's Fang," Iggy points at the hospital door. Max frowns.

"Yes, Iggy," she tells him. "Fang has been in that room for more than a month now."

Iggy shakes his head and yells, "He's awake! I hear him!"

Max drops the coffee she is holding and gapes. She barely has time to let what Iggy said sink in before she is running towards the room.

The door opens, and sure enough, there is Fang, looking panicked.

Max's eyes instantly fill with tears. Fang is awake. Fang is okay. Fang is alive.

Fang's eyes settle on Max before he calms down. Max. Her face, so beautiful…she is alive and well. That is all that matters to him right now. He doesn't care about anything else right now. Only Max.

Max mouths one word; "Fang."

Tears overflow her perfect features before she runs towards him and hug him. He feels her shaking all over, and he hugs her tight. Was he out that long?

Fang feels a vibration of some sort, but doesn't really know of what. He decides to ignore it. All that matters right now is Max. His life. His love.

Max suddenly pulls away with a terrified expression. Her lips read Fang's name, but is she still mouthing? He cocks his head. He can't hear her.

Max mouths something else, but he doesn't know what. He shrugs to her, letting her know what Max fears the most;

He can't hear.

It finally dawns on him. He can't hear. He won't be able to hear Max's beautiful voice ever again.

Max's face twist into horror as the rest of the flock enters the room, cheering and greeting Fang. But Max doesn't stop staring at Fang. Fang can't hear her. Fang is deaf. So the doctors weren't lying.

Max eyes are starting to glisten with tears as she calms the flock down, ready to give them the news. She holds his hands and mouths ever so slowly, 'It's okay.'

It's not okay, Fang thinks. He's deaf. He can't hear Max. He can't hear anyone. Anymore. He doesn't want to be deaf, as much as he won't admit it. He doesn't.

The doctors rush in with Gazzy, and the Gasman points at Fang and says something with tears in his eyes. The doctors look at Fang and nod.

'How are you feeling?' one female doctor asks slowly. Fang reads her lips and tries to reply. "Fine,"

Apparently, he said it out loud.

The female doctor nods and says something to the other doctors. They all shake their heads and leave the room. The doctor says something to Max and leaves the room as well.

Max shakes her head, tears flowing silently—well, for him, anyway—down her cheeks.

The flock all comfort her, except for Angel, who is hugging Fang now and sobbing hysterically. He feels the sobs.

Fang pats Angel's hair and shushes her.

Before he know it, Angel is asleep in his arms.

The rest of the flock are all asleep, too, in the whole room, some on the floor and others in the couches.

Fang sighs and looks at Max.

Max is careful to not look Fang in the eye or she will cry even more. So she takes Angel from Fang's arms and lays her next to Nudge on the sofa bed.

Then Max looks around to find a place to sleep. She can't even look at Fang because of the embarrassment. That is, until she hears a soft pat on the bed.

She turns around to see Fang smiling slightly, his hand patting the area next to him on the bed. Max gulps but does as he asks (or—pantomimes?), knowing she'd do anything to say sorry.

She lays next to Fang on the bed and stares at him for a while. Then she sighs. Hey, if she can build up the courage to lay next to him in the bed, why not to show him the letter?

"I wrote something for you," she mouths slowly and silently. Fang's eyes narrow as he contemplates what she just says, and he finally nods.

Max grabs the laptop from under the bad and brings it up to her lap. It is already turned on, so she scrolls to her documents and there is only one thing there.

It read 'LETTER TO FANG', and she takes a deep breath, hesitantly opening the word document.

She hands the laptop to Fang, who smiles slightly at Max before he starts reading the letter.

Max stares at Fang, reading every expression carefully. His face starts with a rueful expression.

He lightly smiles and glances at Max. Max looks at the letter, as Fang points to an area. Max tries to act casual, like it meant nothing.

I look over to the door that is now being open. "Hi, Nudge," I greet her, trying to sound like I am not dying inside. Trying to sound like I just don't want to lie down next to you, and wake up at the same time as you.

Max glares at him and motions him to keep reading. He has a slight smirk on his face, but continues to read.

He smiles again, but this time I don't bother to ask why. Or, find out why, really.

Fang then chuckles quietly, and Max doesn't resist the urge to see what he is reading.

"Hey!" she complains, and I chuckle. Poor Max. I wonder what she will write next? Anyway, I got this from her to tell you I really miss you. We all miss you. You'll see that life isn't really interesting for us if you're not here. It's like, you're the missing gap, and the missing gap is missing. Get it? 'Cause you're so silent and all?

Max grins and shakes her head. That's Nudge for you.

Fang keeps reading, and chuckles again. He looks over at Max, and whispers with some difficulty, "Coffee?"

Max blushes. She expected to say something witty back, but not now. Not now that it is all true.

Fang keeps smiling throughout the whole letter, and suddenly, his face twists into hurt.

Max looks down. What he is reading now, she doesn't know. But she doesn't dare look at his eyes. If it causes him hurt, she can't handle it either.

Max feels two fingers tilt her face up, her eyes meeting Fang's. His dark eyes bore into her chocolate brown ones, making her stir with different emotions inside. What now? She wonders.

Before she has time to ask, Fang's arms are around her, his lips pressed softly and gently on hers.

Max freezes for a moment, but then decides to go with the flow. She sowed him the letter, right? She's kissed him in his lips, right? So why not kiss him, fully awake?

Her hands tangle into his hair, pulling his face closer to her. His lips taste good, even after all the time of not having anything to drink, eat…they taste like grape…

Too soon, Fang pulls away, breathing heavily. He kisses Max's jaw, then trails kisses down her neck, and say, "I love you, too, Max."

Max sighs contently as he grabs Fang's face with both of her hands and makes him look at him. She takes a deep breath and whispers;

"I really do love you, Fang,"

Fang freezes and stares at Max. No. He has to be dreaming. He didn't just hear Max say that.

Max freezes, too, and blushes. Her lips mouth something else, but he can't hear it.

Fang tilts he had to his again. He heard her. He is sure.

He heard her say the words he wished she had for years now. And he smiles slightly, pressing his lips to hers again.

This is the last thing Fang heard for a long, long time. But he wasn't the one to complain.

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