Helga walked quickly back to where Arnold and she had last talked.

What was she thinking, leaving Arnold after all that had just happened?

"Idiot!" Getting angry just because he had tried to protect her. Did she really deserve him?


Helga stopped behind a tree, and stopped herself as she saw Arnold on the phone, resting beside a little creek.

"Yeah, I'm doing okay. Yeah…she knows. No…she doesn't know about that. I'm not sure when I'll tell her." Arnold turned sideways to look at a tall tree, and sighed. "Yes…nothing has changed.

"I will return at the end of the school year." He said goodbye, and as he hung up, turned to see Helga gapping at him. "H-Helga!"

"You're going…to leave again?" She asked. It was time to be mature; she didn't have time to run and cuddle in a corner.

After a moment of silence, Arnold nodded. "My mother said that the men tormenting us have finally given up. She wants me back home; I can't just abandon her."

Helga stared at him, emotionless. "You can't abandon me, either." She moved swiftly to him, and kissed him forcefully. He resisted as she pressed harder and harder.

"Helga, stop it!" He said, tearing her off. She staggered back, and wiped her lips.

"Well what the hell do you want, Arnold?" She screamed, "because that's all we've been doing; following what you want!"

He stood there nervously, unsure on what to say. He closed his eyes, and sighed. "I…want to stay here…but I want to go back, too.

"She's my mom, Helga. You remember how I was without her back in elementary school. I had meltdowns…so when I finally found her, I vowed I wouldn't lose her again."

He turned away again, wiping his brow in frustration. Helga walked up to him, and patted his shoulder. "But I haven't had you since elementary school…and I won't let you go again."

She took hold of his hand, and squeezed it tight. "No…I won't ever let you go again."

Arnold spun around, anger taking hold of his face. "Why are you being so selfish? You know this hurts—"

Helga shoved him lightly, sighing, but still held his hand. "Arnold, I'm not taking you away from your mother."

She pecked his cheek before wrapping her arms around his waist and grinning up at him.

"I'm going with you!"



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