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Summary: What if Misa was pregnant and gave birth to Light/Raito's successor, before her suicide? How will that boy grow up in such a society, which is just returning back to normal? Will the child decide to avenge the death of his father by using the Death Note? Or will he create his own method of reintroducing Kira back to this wretched world?

This idea suddenly popped into my head these past few weeks. To be honest I am actually proud of it. This plot shows the rise of Light's descendent (if he ever had one) as a parentless orphan and how he came to power and acquired his knowledge in the difficult profession that landed him a very important role in the Japanese military/army (however you want to call it). Join him on his journey to revive the strength behind the proud name of Kira.

Guidelines for Kira Reborn

Genre(s): Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Angst, Romance

I have many scenarios that I would like to put my character in.

These are here to remind you of what to expect

Rating: M (for all sorts of reasons)

My Characters (OCs):

*Hikaru (meaning "light" or "shining") A.K.A Light/Raito Jr.(if you prefer)- Main character; Light and Misa's son, The Third Kira






Physical Description:

Age: ? (His age will vary)

Eyes: ? (Changes depending on mood)

Hair: Blond

DOB: October 31, 2010

Blood Type: A

Likes: Justice, Kira, science

Dislikes: Criminals, Near, war, lonliness

*Yumiko (meaning "beautiful/helpful child")- Secondary character; Hikaru's main companion






Physical Description:

Age: 14(first appearance)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown(Brunette)

DOB: November 5, 2009

Blood Type: O

Likes: Hikaru, peace, art

Dislikes: Selfishness, criticism, bullying

*Satoru (meaning "enlightened") Uda- Hikaru's mentor, a Kira follower, has very radical ideas to bring to the New World, adopted Hikaru when he first turned thirteen (sort of a father figure to Hikaru)






Physical Description:

Age: 65(first appearance)

Eyes: (can't tell) wears very thick lenses

Hair: White

DOB: June 19, 1958

Blood Type: A

Likes: Biomedical science, Kira, the idea of a world without evil

Dislikes: Ignorance, two-dimensional thinking, laziness, sinners

The night was dark as charcoal black. The rain fell hard along with a piercing icy crystalline shower of hail. Thunder sounded like a cannon in the heat of war and lighting rippled giving off a brief amount of brightness, threatening to strike down anyone and anything in its stead. The peace of the streets were now plagued with the dominant sound of car metal being met with the almost endless onslaught of hail. The cool gust wind blew straight in from the North at the speed of 145 miles an hour and could easily sweep a person under ninety pounds about a foot off of the ground if they weren't careful. If you are crazy enough to believe it now, the weatherperson clearly stated that today was going to be sunny and a bit cloudy. Now if you were outside right now in this most frightful weather you would have to be deemed clinically insane or something else close to it.

This wasn't the case for the strangely clothed figure traveling with all their might just to get to a specific destination. The figure wore a black doll like dress knitted with white ruffled seams, headgear that somewhat resembled a mini bonnet also with seams, and platform shoes, unwittingly worn in this time of the year; all black or a dark shade of purple. On her right hand laid two choker rings: a black one on the middle finger and a purple one on the ring finger. The outfit seemed to be of a Gothic sort or most specifically, Gothic Lolita. There was no question that this outfit was being worn for the simple sake of mourning the loss of a very special loved one. Most likely, a fiancee.

If someone didn't know her, they were more than likely to pass her off as no more than a sixteen year old girl, due to her small and petite body and that was really true at this particular moment but anyone whose read the August issue of Eighteen could recognize her in a second and start rushing to her side to commend her on a job well done.

As lightning struck the minimal brightness revealed a frightening visage of melancholy.

The countenance was littered with black runny mascara but not from the rain as the cheeks were milked over from the last wave of sorrow filled tears. The eyes which were sometimes brown, red, or light blue were now a pale grayish-blue color, which gave away that the fact that the figure had been at this everyday since she found out the bad news.

She seemed to be holding something in a heavy black and white flannel pattern blanket so securely that if she let it go right at this very moment it would mean the end of her very life but given the high degree of grief and depression she is in right now, she wouldn't mind losing her life, for Misa Amane believed she had nothing to live for in this world full of corruption.

She slowly climbs the steps of the five story building to finally stop at the top of the stoop when she knew she was safely out of the unforgivable weather. She glanced down at the bundle in her arms and removed a piece of the cloth to reveal the sight sleeping face of a blond-haired baby boy, no older than three-and-a-half months. His face gave off the impression that he was a chubby cheeked cherub, sent down from heaven to clear out all the corruption in this old sinful world and finally bring refuge to those weak and misfortunate souls who once worshipped Kira as their one and only God. Just a little bundle of hope weighing in at seven pounds and fourteen ounces.

Misa looked up to observe the stoop for a safe place to lay the baby when she finally scoped out a bench. She smiled in approval and hastily but carefully placed the sizable infant on the padded furniture and made adjustments to prevent the boy from rolling off.

When she was finished she sobbed, "Mommy is really sorry to leave you here on this stoop but I am in no condition to properly care for you. You are the world's only hope." she takes her sleeve and wipes the tears, "If only your father could see you. He would be so proud and he would shower us in so much love."

She raises her right sleeve to eye level to wipe away most of the tears and gives a long shaky sigh,

"I hope you have no hard feelings about this when you're older because I really do love you, Hikaru."

The infant sleepily opens his light blue eyes and immediately issues a coo at the sight of his mother, as if to soothe her in her time of grieving which he did so many times before and she quickly puts her head down in shame, unable to let him see her like this, as if he was Light Yagami looking at her himself.

He watched her closely with his big eyes, taking in the frightful image of her visage. He knew that when his mother displayed this face the only thing he could do was try to cheer her up with his usual baby antics but he soon noticed that her mood wasn't going to change to easily with those tactics, so he had no choice but to stare in utter surprise. Even at his really young age, he possessed almost the same analytical skills as his father, Light Yagami but he had his mother's looks; traits that were sure to either aid him or hurt him when he comes of age.

His adorable eyes carefully watched as she raised up from where he laid and stalked over to the door where she rang the bell and shortly afterwards, almost floated off the stoop, vanishing more and more into the rainy dark night.

Hikaru had his little baby arms outstretched with such intensity that he started to whine out in frustration and tear in the eyes of the thought that his mother didn't love him anymore.

At that very minute, the door that Misa was at just a moment ago was opened and out came a hefty woman in her mid-thirties. She carefully picked him up off of the makeshift bed and gasps,

"What in the world? Well hey there little man. My name is Nani Ayumi." she said with a warm smile while tickling his chin. "Well aren't you just the cutest looking thing"

The only response he gave her was a sniff and she just put his adorable blond head on her shoulder and turned to proceed in the direction of the orphanage entrance. Hikaru just laid his head on her shoulder with milked over tears on his face while reaching his left hand out to the direction of where he last saw his mother and sobs,


A/N: This has to be a masterpiece in my fan fiction making history. I had this idea in my head for weeks and I just want to share it with you folks. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed typing it. The plot shows the beginning, the rise, and the fall of Hikaru Amane Yagami. This story may turn out weird in later chapters because of the Horror part of the mix but stay with it.

Next chapter will involve more Misa and her suicide, plus the events around her conception with Hikaru.