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"Bella?" I saw their eyes look down my unfamiliar, rock hard figure.

The look on both their faces would have been priceless, had I not been devastated by the sight of them. I froze, staring in horror.

At least it was only Alice and Rosalie. Maybe I could escape without running into… I felt a shot of pain through my chest… I still couldn't even think his name.

"Bella, is that you?" Alice asked again.

I wanted to run, I tried to get away, but some part of my mind felt joy at seeing my almost-family again. Even though their leaving had torn me apart, I still loved them.

I knew that I had to answer Alice. But what could I say? They'd never believed my if I lied. After 20 years as a vampire, I still had not acquired that skill. I conceded by nodding.

Alice's face broke into a smile. "IT IS YOU!" She ran forward and threw her arms around me. I was torn. I wanted to hug her back and give myself hope of a life with them. But I knew I must leave and it kept me back.

Alice looked up at my face, confused. "How? When?...Who? Who changed you?"

She wanted to know the specifics of how I became a vampire. Then I spoke for the first time.

"Victoria. She came back. A few months after you left." Alice looked confused again.

"But why did she change you?"

"You mean instead of killing me? Well, she didn't mean to. The wolves attacked her, but it was too late. She had bitten me." Alice looked into my eyes, sadness in her face.

Suddenly 3 new scents pushed all thoughts out of my mind. I recognized two of them from distance human memories, and one was the one smell I was sure to never forget.

I was Emmett, Jasper and …him. I prepared to run, but Alice saw what I was going to do.

"No! Don't leave, please." I looked at her, stared into her eyes

" I have to." Alice looked to Rosalie and said, "Make sure she STAYS HERE." Then Alice ran off in the direction of the scents.

I looked to Rosalie. She stared into my eyes nervously. I knew I HAD to get away. I couldn't stay here with HIM coming.

"I'm sorry, Rosalie. I need to go."

Rosalie made no motion to stop me. I turned and ran away as fast and as hard as I could. I glanced back and saw Alice, Jasper, Emmett and…him. Seeing him for the first time in 20 years took my breath away. I froze. I couldn't move. Our eyes met and in his eyes I saw shock, and yet there seemed to be another emotion. Loss, anger or something else?

I suddenly remembered everything. The pain. The time I spent curled up in my bed waiting for him to walk in. To tell me it all was a joke. That he still loved me.

The fresh pain brought me back. I had to leave now. I turned to sprint away but again I was distracted. He moved towards me.

"Bella?" He looked at me quizzically. He seemed confused.

"I need to leave." I pleaded with him. He froze.

I probably just reminded him why he left. He doesn't love me. He's just surprised. Oh God, how can this be happening?