A/N: I will forewarn my readers that this is a much darker piece than I usually write. So if you're looking for one of my "fuzzier feel good stories" look elsewhere. But my mind has been begging me to write this so I must obey. This features Transformers Animated Starscream because let's face it, he's metal sex with wings and he seems a much darker version than his other incarnations. This doesn't really correlate to the TFA universe—if anything it's set Pre-Earth.

Rated M for non-consensual merging.


"You Are Mine"

By Fire Redhead

Aboard the Nemesis…

Cadmia was a medic-class Autobot. Her silvery-blue frame stood a petite twelve feet with delicate twin antennas on either side of her demure face and large, oval, azure optics. A small fancy crest fanned from her forehead slope giving her optics a much deeper setting. It had been her life's work to become a fully qualified medical engineer and help save sparks.

She forlornly glanced out the porthole with flickering optics at devastated remains of the medical base she had come to call home. It was gone, destroyed by the Decepticons who now held her and several others of the base staff prisoner. The attack was so sudden she still had a tool clutched in her hand and was forcibly dragged away from a patient.

Cadmia stared across the darkened shuttle bay at the faces of her fellow POWs. Most of the twenty or so Autobots were medics from the opposite wing she was stationed in. Surrounding the fringes of the small band of prisoners were several pairs of red optics.


In the early years before the war, Cadmia had always been impressed by the massive military bots who stood head and shoulders above normal mechs. They were the elite of Cybertron, able to fly and fight with awesome fire-power. That is, until the war began and then she saw what brutal monstrosities they could be.

She counted about seven Decepticons in the shuttle bay of the Decepticon Command Ship: Nemesis. Before now she'd only heard stories about the dread ship and the death it wrought when its shadow fell upon any unsuspecting sector. It tore apart the base's outer defenses and devoured it in a rain of plasma fire. Then it unleashed its cargo, wave after wave of Decepticon troops who quickly destroyed any Autobot in their path. Only a handful was spared to be prisoners, sealed up in Nemesis's dark belly.

Fear was the only thing her processor could establish solidly. The crimson optics were staring at her. She just knew it. There were only two other femmes in their group and Cadmia knew they too were branded by those same lusting optics.

One of the Decepticons, a smaller, black and silver mech of about sixteen feet strode through the crowd of Autobot prisoners straight toward her. She recognized him as Barricade, a ruthless Autobot hunter who ensured no fleeing Autobots left an attack site alive. His quadruple sets of red optics were locked on her. Cadmia trembled with fear, moving back against the wall. The dark Con finally stood over her and seized her wrist, hauling her to her feet. He then pulled her after him.

"Where are you taking me?" Cadmia asked with alarm.

Barricade's quadruple red eyes flashed, "Our 'Supreme Air Commander' requested you join him in his quarters."

A cold chill shocked Cadmia's spark. The Supreme Air Commander of the Decepticon army—Starscream. She'd never seen the infamous Seeker in the metal, but his treacherous and brutal reputation was widely known throughout the Autobot ranks. Some even claimed he was worse than Megatron and dreaded the day the Second in Command would usurp the warlord. Although, many Autobots and Decepticons alike doubted he would succeed in the matter.

After traipsing several long dark corridors Barricade stopped in front of a huge metal door backlit with purple light. Cadmia guessed it was the door which concealed Starscream's personal quarters.

The black and silver hunter paused a moment, slanting his gaze at her. He bared a fanged grin and pulled her closer to him. Cadmia struggled hard, pushing away from him but he forcefully put her up against the wall. His dangerous claws edged up under her chest armor, caressing her spark chamber.

"I might just have to warm your Spark up a bit before you see him." he purred huskily.

Shrieking emitted from her vocalizer as Cadmia slapped at him.

The commotion suddenly was answered by harsh screeching voice over the door com, "Identify yourself and state your business!"

Cadmia shivered, recognizing the reputation of Starscream's voice was well deserved.

Eyes flashing with frustration the Decepticon hunter removed his hand and gripped her wrist, "Barricade. I've brought the femme you requested," the black armored hunter announced.

"Very good. Send her in. That will be all, Barricade," the voice replied.

The heavy door hissed open and Barricade shoved Cadmia inside with a muttering growl. She staggered in and the door shut resoundingly behind her, trapping her in the dark room with yet another purple insignia'd nightmare.

The quarters were expansive and sparsely lit with pale purple spotlights. From across the room Cadmia could see the wide, sharp wingtips of the Decepticon protruding from either side of a command chair as well as the top of a helmet. The chair was facing away so Cadmia couldn't see the Decepticon's face. She wasn't sure if she wanted to.

With a curt turn the command chair swiveled to face her, greeting her with crimson optics peering out from the shadows. His long legs were crossed, protruding from the dark, and brandishing the heavy wide thrusters that formed the Seeker's calves and feet. Cadmia cringed against the door.

A hooked talon emerged from the shadows and beckoned her, "Come closer."

Cadmia stood frozen to the deck plates, shivering at the menacing voice.

The red optics narrowed and a pink light glowed in the darkness, "DON'T make me ask again, Autobot!"

Cadmia recognized the light burning from one of the lethal null cannons mounted on the Decepticon's forearms. Though she'd never seen them in action she'd certainly seen the victims of such powerful weapons as well as the stories told of their destructive capabilities. Her frail armor would stand no chance against a shot. Meekly, she shuffled forward until she was standing in a portal of purple light.

Starscream leaned forward, shadows slipping from his visage. He wasn't unattractive by any means, but his very appearance spoke volumes of his sinister nature. His body was made of the highest quality magenta armor with dark silver and black highlighting the scheme. Weapons bristled on his forearms and Cadmia was certain there were more on him. His huge wings spanned across his back and arched impressively, twin blades meant to carve the skies.

A lecherous smile curved his mouth plates, "Well, you're much lovelier than I first anticipated."

Cadmia looked down, unwilling to return the uncomfortable gaze.

"I believe you know who I am?" he asked, tone laden with narcissism.

The femme nodded.

"Come closer my dear." he prompted in a low sensuous voice.

The petite silvery blue femme darkened her optics and crept closer. Starscream seemed to smile wider, anticipation flashing in his crimson optics. Cadmia felt a razor-edged claw swoop under her jaw line and coax her closer to him. She reactivated her optics only to be met by his, inches away. A small chirp of fright emitted from her vocalizer. He was much bigger than she initially thought.

The Decepticon drew in a long intake of air through the vents on the side of his helmet as he turned her head with his talons, "Yes…VERY lovely."

Deftly he removed his claw and sat back in his chair.

He stroked his distinguished chin, "Hmm. Yes…yes. Start by taking off your shin plates."


"SILENCE!" he snapped, unleashing a small fraction of his screeching voice. "You will speak only when I order it. Now take off your shin plates." his brow plate flicked.


The Decepticon Air Commander drummed his claws peevishly against the armrest of his chair, cruel optics narrowed with anger. Suddenly his hand lashed out and encompassed her slender neck. Cadmia kicked as he effortlessly lifted her off the floor, holding her out in front of him. She grasped vainly at his thick black wrist.

His tone dropped to a deadly register, "Refuse ME femme and I'll send you out there with the OTHER less worthy soldiers." He smiled wickedly, "I guarantee I'm not the ONLY one with optics on you."

Cadmia winced, knowing she had no choice. It was either endure whatever Starscream had in store for her or be ravaged by all the other Decepticons on the ship. Neither was a pleasant sentence and frankly she wished to go offline.

His huge hand tightened, "What's your answer femme?"

Cadmia's optics flickered, making her vocalizer hiss with static. The pressure hoses and clamps holding her leg armor in place clicked, releasing the plates. They banged to the floor to expose the hydraulic pistons and delicate wires that made her protoform.

Starscream chuckled quietly and dropped her on her feet, "Good femme. Now remove your thigh guards."

With shaking hands Cadmia removed the metal plates, exposing even more of her protoform. The only time she ever took off any of her armor was to run diagnostics and get her scheduled maintenance. It was humiliating baring her sensitive inner workings to this monster.

The Decepticon smiled lewdly and pointed, "The wrist armor next."

She shed the plates, her optics flickering uncontrollably.

Starscream made a small circle with his claw, "Turn around slowly."

Cadmia did so until he told her to stop, "Now…take off that aft plate."

The medic femme trembled, fingertips vibrating against the releases of her armor. She was shaking so bad she could barely gain access to the pressure lines. Undoing one she reached for the other. Suddenly she felt Starscream's hand grip the plate and pull her back. His claws probed into the sensitive wires just above her aft plate, sending unwanted tremors through her frame.

He hissed in her audio receptor, "You seem to be having trouble with that. Let me help you."

Cadmia darkened her optics, biting her lip components as he gently slid his large hand down the length of her leg and up again, flicking open the last release valve on the way. The silver plate pulled away in his hand. He admired its reflective surface and gently rubbed it against the side of his face.

"Such shiny armor…and so soft." he mentioned, carelessly tossing the aft plate aside.

Turning her back around to face him Starscream shameless ogled her a moment, talons creeping up her stomach. She shivered, whimpering as he traced his claw over the plate covering her spark chamber.

"This next." he whispered.

She shook her head aggressively, "No…no!"

"Yes." his smile broadened, "You will…or I will."

The femme moaned with emotional anguish, realizing how helpless she was. She was a puppet controlled by the twisted strings of his fancy and the unimaginable horror that awaited her outside this room should she refuse.

Pressured air released from her chest. Cadmia shakily gripped the edges of her chest plate and pulled it away very slowly. Her lip components rattled as she held up her chest plate like a shield. She didn't want to see the leer on his face. She didn't want his cruel red optics burning through her exposed protoform, devouring every detail, enjoying her humiliation and terror.

A silver talon curled over the edge of her "shield" and the plate was forcefully ripped it out of her grasp and cast across the room.

"You cannot hide from me femme." he snickered.

Cadmia looked away, her arms crossed protectively over her spark chamber. No mech had ever seen the casing of her life force and to be forced to expose it to this Decepticon monster was no different than carving it out with a blunt tool.

Starscream gripped both of her wrists with just the tips of his claws and pulled them apart, smirking in her face. Struggling to cover her spark casing, Cadmia kicked at him. One kick struck the edge of his prominent chin and he merely snickered at her.

"Well, well. You've got some fight in you." he yanked her arms farther apart, "It excites me."

Cadmia made plaintive squeaks from her vocalizer, helpless in the Air Commander's grasp. His crimson optics roved over her spark chamber with malicious glee and suddenly they widened.

He pulled her closer, his sneer broadening, "You've never joined sparks have you?"

The silvery blue femme darkened her optics.

"You have no bond mark on your casing and I see no evidence your seals have even been opened."

The Decepticon rearranged her wrists in one hand and used the other to pull her into his lap so she was straddling him. He pressed his face against her Spark casing, letting a hidden cable in his mouth stroke its surface. The Con purred hearing the frantic pulsing of her life force. His dangerous claw playfully grazed the edges of her lip components and delicately ran down her slender neck to outline the seams of her spark chamber.

"How deliciously wonderful. Your first spark joining with the Supreme Air Commander, Starscream." he crooned.

Cadmia shook her head violently as if it would somehow deter him.

He grasped her chin and made her look at him, "I promise to make it memorable. Although, I doubt you'll ever find satisfaction from another mech after being with me."

The young femme could barely see her optics were flickering so badly, but she instantly saw the blue light emitting from the Decepticon's chest as he opened the outer layers of his spark chamber. It was odd. She almost expected something darker than the blue light of his spark, something different than her own. Yet, they were the same in appearance.

Starscream reached in and extracted his intimacy circuit. The thick bundle of cords tipped with a pronged metal end was present in all mechs—their means of intertwining their Sparks with another across the bridge of wires. Femmes at the receiving end would configure their Spark chambers to match the metal prongs, thus accepting the euphoric union.

Cadmia refused to configure and Starscream knew she wouldn't unless he broke down her defenses. He gripped the back of her neck and pulled her closer to him. The tip of his index talon shifted backward and a pair of wires slithered out.

Immediately, Cadmia realized he was trying to tap into her mainframe and destroy any and all firewalls she had erected.

She struggled, "NO! NO! I won't LET YOU! NO!"

"You have no CHOICE in the matter." he insisted, probing the wires under her helmet.

Cadmia suddenly went rigid when the wires connected to her mainframe nodes. She immediately retreated into herself.

"Ah…there we are. Now let's just see how long your little firewalls can withstand me." his velvet voice taunted.

Summoning all the power in her mainframe defenses, Cadmia erected and barricaded her firewalls to keep him away from her Spark. The battle had moved to their circuitry, a deep, fast-paced realm of electrical impulses, coded information, and complex pathways. Cadmia could feel the Decepticon's presence creeping through her frame like a virus, invading her circuitry to break into her central processor.

He was humming a simple tune as he attacked her first line of defenses. Again and again he hammered into her firewall defenses, humming as he hit. Much to Cadmia's dismay he shattered through, that much closer to his goal.

"Well that one wasn't much trouble now was it?" his voice mocked, moving faster through her neural pathways.

Cadmia bolstered her protective circuit shields, waiting for him to hit them.

"You can't hide from me forever my dear. I'll find you." he called in that scary sing-song way.

He hit her second fire wall even harder, breaking down the code that kept it strong. His humming continued, burning her audios.

"Stay away from me!" she screamed in her pathways.

"Aww. Is the Autobot femme scared of big bad Starscream?" he mocked as he bashed into the firewall again. "You're not putting up much of a fight my dear. Are you SURE you don't want me to come in?"

He was breaking her second line of defense. How was his programming strong enough to do that? Cadmia tried to reroute more power to her firewall but suddenly he was thrusting through. She had no choice but to retreat again. He followed.

Outside she could feel the seals of her spark chamber loosening. Every firewall he broke through forced her mechanical defenses to fail. He busted through each one, chasing her until she was down to one last defensive measure before he could force her to configure.

Building up a charge in her circuits, Cadmia unleashed a static pulse at his invading presence. A horrible hissing from Starscream signaled the effectiveness of the attack, meant to weaken the viral intruder. But then Cadmia felt the downside to such a measure as her energy reserves dropped.

"Very clever, Autobot." he finally shouted. "But futile."

Cadmia's vents drew in with horror as his presence recovered and slammed hard into her last firewall. She threw all her energy into bolstering her barricade, screaming. Starscream hit the firewall repeatedly, battering it down despite her desperate fight to keep him out.

Her frame shuddered as she screamed, "NO! NO! NOOO!"

In one powerful maneuver, the Decepticon shattered her last defense and invaded her Spark chamber. Immediately he began forcing her Spark chamber nodes to configure. Cadmia retreated out of herself to fight back physically. She kicked and bucked, trying to pull away from him but the physical fight was just as ineffective as the circuitry battle.

"My, my, my, what a feisty little femme." Starscream smiled as he forced her configuration, "Don't worry, you'll enjoy this."

"NEVER! NO! NO! NO!" she screamed with fury.

With a sharp click Starscream's intimacy circuit connected to her Spark chamber. His optics dimmed as a pleased smile split his face. He curled his claws against the small of her back, pulling her flush to his cockpit.

"Ohhh." he purred, "Such a beautiful Spark."

Cadmia shrieked with horror, flailing to get the cursed Decepticon circuit away from her. Across the bridge of wires, his presence flooded into her Spark chamber, wrapping over the pulse of her life. Every malicious intent, every egotistical perception, and everything that made up the Supreme Air Commander invaded her sweet, innocent Spark. The Decepticon's Spark was hot and scathing as it caressed her essence. It didn't hurt physically, rather, it was a pleasant sensation, but the horrible notion of her life force being invaded was unadulterated agony to Cadmia.

She didn't know what hurt worse, the fact that the Decepticon was joining with her Spark or the fact that it felt good. Desperate, she beat her fists against the magenta armor, trying to pull away. His powerful arms tightened, crushing her to his Spark chamber.

"No, no, no." he hissed. "We've only just begun."

His Spark stroked hers, generating a surge of power that crackled through the medic's circuits. The small silver femme arched her back, mouth agape with a cry of despair. He was trying to send her into overload, and nearly succeeding. NO! She wouldn't let this monster make her feel good! She refused to let him win! He would not…

Her frame arched spasmodically as she suddenly felt his sharp mouth components clamp down on the wires of her neck and move down the length of her shoulder.

Starscream growled, smiling through his fangs, "You will overload for me."


"Yes. I'll send you into overload…and you will LOVE it." he hissed, claws caressing her most sensitive back wires.

Cadmia didn't even have the energy to fight him anymore. He was much too strong. Her optics switched off.

"No…no. Stop! Please!"

She could feel his lustful excitement as he growled, "That's right Autobot. Beg. Plead."

His Spark swept over hers slowly and then again. Cadmia hissed in her vents as her circuits began to overheat, ready to send her into overload.

"Say my name femme."

"NO!" she shook her head violently.

He tightened his grip delving into her Spark even more, "SAY it."

Cadmia's circuits crackled, her optics flashed wildly. No…no…NO!

"Starscream." a deep graveled voice barked over the communication line.

The Seeker stiffened, a horrible snarl escaping his vocalizer, "WHAT?!"

"Report to the Bridge immediately." the voice commanded.

Cadmia recognized the voice instantly…it was Megatron, the Decepticon tyrant.

"I'm BUSY, Megatron!" he snapped, clearly enraged.

"STARSCREAM! Report NOW." was the deadly reply.

The Air Commander dug his sharp talons into Cadmia's back, unleashing a nasty shrieking snarl. With a harsh click Starscream withdrew his intimacy circuit, returning it to the place below his spark chamber. He possessively grabbed a stunned Cadmia by the back of the head and pulled her away so she could look in his optics a moment. The anger and frustration of the interruption seared into her through those red optics.

"I'll be back for you." he promised.

He carelessly dropped her on the floor next to his chair as if she were a mere object and stood up. Cadmia quivered uncontrollably on the floor as he towered over her, shrouding her in his menacing shadow.

"Oh yes. When I return we'll continue this, my delicate little circuit plug." he crooned, stepping over her and marching toward the door.

The door hissed shut, locking behind his winged back. Cadmia's head hit the floor as she sobbed into stasis. For the first time in her life she just wanted to go offline, the only true escape from the monster and her shame.