A/N: Ah, will my perversion never end? I recall awhile ago hearing requests for more of my "You Are Mine" story and though I was going to leave it at a one shot my mind developed this scenario. This was initially a scrap I saved when writing "You Are Mine". You might call it a first draft that I started and tucked away, forgotten and underdeveloped. But I dusted it off and developed it fully. You may notice I used this similar scenario for a chapter in Succubot…but I figured TFA Starscream could give it a shot as well ;) Enjoy!

Rated M for non-consensual merging.


"You Are Mine- an alternate story"

"How many prisoners?" Starscream inquired as he stared into the cargo hold turned brig.

"Seventy five. Most of them medics." Barricade informed, "We terminated the rest."

The Aerial Commander nodded briefly, his fierce optics scanning the tightly clustered POWs. The Decepticons needed more medics in their ranks, whether Megatron admitted it or not. Luckily the raid on the Autobot medical facility had been lucrative.

"Very good," suddenly Starscream's optics did a double-take and a wolfish smirk lifted his mouth plates, "Oh…what have we here?"

Barricade inclined his head to see where the Second in Command was looking. It was plainly obvious when he spotted a light blue and silver femme huddled against the back wall. She was a little thing, petite and very attractively constructed. Barricade cursed internally. Naturally Starscream would find the one femme out of such a crowd. The black mech had hoped to reserve that little delicacy for himself. Unfortunately for Barricade he wasn't high enough in command to withhold such a prize from the Aerial Commander.

Starscream chuckled quietly to himself, "Yes. I'll have to 'interrogate' that one. Bring her to the Interrogation Wing in half a breem."

The black mech ground his dental plates, "Yes sir."

Starscream's claws lightly scraped Barricade's armor, his tone was low and warning, "Intact and untouched."

"Of course, Commander."

Barricade thought bitterly, "Lucky slaggard…he gets all the fun."

Half a breem later…

Cadmia was roughly escorted down the dark purple corridors of the Nemesis by Barricade. The femme had no idea where she was being taken and the black plated hunter would not answer her pleas for an explanation. She felt so weak from her kidnapping she could barely maintain a staggering walk. She hadn't processed any Energon for more than a cycle and her systems were begging to be energized.

At last they arrived at a door, Barricade plugged into the panel, and the heavy door opened. Inside the darkened room was a single metal chair bathed in bright purple light. Barricade yanked her inside and forcibly threw her into the chair. Before she could have time to react the Decepticon pinned her in place with a strong clawed hand and activated the metal cuffs in the armrests and legs, binding her.

"No! What are you doing? What is going on?" the femme cried.

Cadmia gasped and bucked with terror. Bound and alone with this ruthless interrogator, Cadmia knew pain was coming.

But why her?

"Please! I don't know anything! I'm just a medic." she pleaded to the quadruple red optics glowing from the dark.

Much to her surprise the Decepticon turned and marched out the door without a word. She was alone with only the pulsing thrum of the Nemesis engines filled her audios. The silence swallowed her, making the tension mount even higher in her chest. Cadmia tugged at her bonds but she wasn't nearly strong enough to break them or wriggle free and her dwindling energy didn't help matters.

Then a single metallic step echoed on the far side of the room.

Cadmia's whole body when on the alert, "Who's there?"

Another sharp step.

"Who's there?!" she cringed.

Another step.

"Don't come any closer!" the femme warned vainly, "Leave me alone!"

The unknown being drew even closer, never saying a word. With every step Cadmia's fear fluttered wildly. At last a pair of red optics glowed from the darkness and began circling her chair in a predatory manner.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Cadmia all but sobbed.

The Decepticon circled her once more before stopping behind her.

Then a rasping whisper hissed in her audio, "Well aren't you a pretty little thing."

Cadmia squeaked and cringed away from the voice.

Sharp talons stroked the side of her cheek, "Oh…did I frighten you?"

Cadmia twisted her head around and her optics widened. It was the Decepticon Supreme Air Commander, Starscream, looming behind her chair with a bedeviled smirk on his handsome face. From his sharp, angled wings, past his golden cockpit in the center of his broad chest, and down his slender legs to wide thruster feet he looked every inch an Air Commander. But everything attractive about him shattered under the reality of his cruel, merciless reputation. Cadmia had heard the stories and lost many bots under her care because of him.

The blue and silver femme shivered and the Decepticon chuckled quietly, his claws scraped the back of her chair.

"Could I offer you an Energon sweet?" he asked matter-of-factly.

She didn't say anything as he stood in front of her. He knelt down producing a small bead of the treat in his claws.

"Just a taste." he explained.

Suddenly his talon slid between her lips. With a startled moan Cadmia defensively bit him. Starscream hissed with pain and withdrew his hand, slicing the edge of her lower lip component. He growled and Cadmia waited for him to strike her but instead he gripped her jaw.

"I suggest you abandon such unfemme-like behavior or I can make this very unpleasant for you." he hissed.

She wrenched her head away from him but he reasserted his grip.

His tone became very evil, "Perhaps you would prefer being thrown into the Training Room? I'm sure the other less worthy Decepticons would enjoy your company."

Cadmia shook her head.

"But since I am feeling particularly magnanimous I will give you the choice: you can leave this room and be placed in the Training Room for all to enjoy OR you may remain here for me to enjoy."

At last, knowing her fate outside this room would be far worse than anything the Decepticon Second in Command would do to her, she lowered her head.

"Tell me what you want." he prompted, stroking his claw against her eye ridge.

Her lips quivered, hating the words that fell out, "I…I will stay."

"For what purpose?" Cadmia could almost "see" the smug smile in his tone, "Tell me why you are here."

"I…I don't…"

"You are here…" he began slowly, "for me to enjoy."

The bitterness swelled in her tanks.

His tone was hard as he gripped her chin again, "Say it."

"I…I am…I am here for you…"she paused and gasped the last part, "to enjoy."

"Damn right you are." he released her jaw. "Now let's try this again."

He procured another Energon sweet and held it close to her lips. Grudgingly the femme leaned forward to take it in her mouth, but he teasingly yanked it away. With a leering smirk he placed the treat between his sharp dental plates. The red optics narrowed as his smile broadened.

"Go on." he encouraged, "Take it."

Cadmia lowered her optics with humiliation, "I don't want it."

The Air Commander turned his head a bit, "Oh yes you do. Take it."

There was no denying her systems were dangerously low on energy and she needed that Energon, but her sensibilities prevented her from acting right away. Starscream edged closer to her. She tried not to look at that evil grin on his face.

"Take it femme. You know you want it."

Finally her instinct won out. Slowly she leaned forward, lips moving nervously. Cadmia opened her mouth, trying to take the treat from his mouth without doing precisely what he wanted. But Starscream wouldn't have it any other way. The moment she touched the Energon sweet, the Decepticon's mouth seized hers in one aggressive thrust. Cadmia went stiff when his lip components slid onto hers and his claws gently slid along her side. The Air Commander growled deeply as he enjoyed every second of his stolen kiss. Cadmia concentrated on taking the Energon from his lecherous mouth and not on the kiss, but he wasn't making it easy. Starscream leaned into her more aggressively delivering an electric shock into her mouth along with the treat. As his smooth cockpit rubbed her chest he slowly allowed her to take the Energon from his mouth. He withdrew, smiling wolfishly as he did.

"Delicious…isn't it?"

The relieving sensation of energy warmed Cadmia's circuits but the tingling on her lips still remained.

Starscream pulled away from her, "Perhaps you would prefer some liquid Energon instead?" he mentioned. "But let's make it more interesting."

All at once the Decepticon produced a thin, pliable sheet of metal and covered her optics with it. Cadmia gasped as she was deprived of sight.

Cadmia shook her head, "No, don't!"

There was a beat of silence before Cadmia heard the sloshing of liquid. The femme's tanks instantly stirred at the sound of sustenance so close. She waited. Without warning she felt Energon splash against her face, chest, and legs. She gasped.

Starscream 'tsked', "Oops. Clumsy me."

She could sense him leaning over her and she drew back.

"Here. Let me get that for you."

A horrified gasp escaped Cadmia when she felt his "tongue" slide up from her hips all the way to her chest. His tongue retreated but quickly found her metal thighs. He purred, lapping up the Energon from her legs and inseam in long, slow passes. Cadmia bit her lips, stifling a moan. Her fingers clenched and unclenched with each stroke his slick tongue inflicted. When he finished with her legs she felt his mouth creep up her abdomen. His tongue touched her again and traced the edges of her chest plates. She shivered involuntarily as a wave of pleasure surged through her circuits.

"No! Stop this…stop…" she pleaded but was silenced when his tongue flicked over her Spark seam.

He expertly tasted that seam, enticing it to loosen its locks. Though Cadmia fought her urges it was a losing battle. With prying claws he opened her loosening chest plates. The femme's head arched back and her body wriggled, trying to stop his oral conquests but he would not be denied. His face was in her chest, his mouth touching everything. Every pass of his tongue shoved Cadmia closer and closer to overload and somehow the Decepticon was finding every sensory panel that made her writhe with pleasure. Quite abruptly he stopped. Cadmia trembled, on the verge of overload.

"Mmm. That was quite delectable." he commented into her chest. "Oh! But where are my manners? You didn't get any."

He pulled away briefly. Cadmia shivered in the chair, dreading the further humiliation he had planned and trying to hide the undesired arousal burning in her chest. Quite suddenly the blindfold fell from her optics. Her dimmed optics brightened and she gasped upon seeing Starscream standing over her, his wide thruster foot propped up on one of the chair's armrests. His narrow hip plate hovered inches from her face and his massive chest was like a magenta wall over her head. Cadmia shrank down in the chair.

"Don't worry my delicate little Spark plug," he crooned, "I've got all the Energon you need right here."

Cadmia looked up briefly and noticed his cockpit was dripping with Energon, obviously "spilled" for this game. She lowered her head, turning away from him. His hand suddenly gripped the back of her head and pulled it toward him.

"No, no my dear. My cockpit isn't going to clean itself." he stated.

Cadmia squeaked when he forcibly pressed her face to his chest. Her lips touched the Energon soaked glass of his cockpit. The claws gripping her head told her she had no choice in the matter and defiance would result in a far worse fate. Though she hated herself for submitting, she opened her mouth and licked the Energon. Starscream's optics brightened as a pleased smile lifted the corners of his mouth.

"Good femme." his voice commanded lustily. "Make it shine."

The blue and silver femme regretfully did as she was bid. Humiliation writhed in her circuits.

What was she doing? Why was she degrading herself like this?

Starscream shivered noticeably, "Oh…good femme. Good."

A hiss sounded and the Seeker's cockpit slid back to reveal his Spark Chamber. In an instant the Decepticon's circuit was presenting itself, transforming its tip randomly into different configurations to match her Spark port. The foot that was propped on the armrest swung down and broke the restraints binding her legs in one swipe. Before Cadmia knew what was happening, Starscream gripped her thighs and yanked her up. In a couple quick motions he had her legs wrapped around his waist, her body now parallel to the chair seat. His thick circuit throbbed against her half opened chest plates and suddenly thrust inside. The Decepticon arched his winged back, bearing down hard against his prisoner with a sigh of pleasure. Cadmia's legs kicked to try and shove him away but his greater bulk and strength were impervious to her struggles.

"Yes…yes…wonderful." he growled through grinning dental plates.

Again and again he surged her Spark making her body writhe on the brim of overload. Like a master instrumentalist he strummed her pleasure circuits, creating music from her open mouth. Cadmia's optics flickered shamefully knowing she'd given him everything he'd wanted and was unable to stop herself from containing her most basic of functions. She didn't want to pant and squeal as he ravaged her, but it seemed she had no control.

How she hated him…how she hated herself.

His red optics shuttered as he grimaced with his own overload. A deep growl shook deep into her chest through his circuit.

At last he sighed, "Well Autobot, that ought to satisfy you for the time being." He retracted from her and she slumped limply in the chair, trembling, "I suggest you rest your systems whilst I'm gone. Oh yes. When I return we'll continue this, my delicate little circuit plug "

Cadmia was in a far off daze, unable to hear him. All she could hear was the quivering of her Spark and the horrible sounds she'd emitted only moments before.