A/N: This will probably be about 3 chapters long, I imagine... The Wild Party (and Oliver!, for which there is a fanfic in the workings) has eaten my life. Burrs, Jackie, and Nadine for the most part, honestly. I don't even like Jackie!

"Burrsie, have you seen my camisole?"

"Why the hell do you need it if you're just going with Kate?"

"Because it's what I sleep in. If I have nothing to sleep in, then I sleep naked. And I don't think you'd want that, would you?"

"I'm just wondering," Burrs stood up and came to lean on the bedroom door frame. "Why you couldn't just take a nightgown or something."

Queenie sighed deeply before turning around, glaring. "Because I don't own one. It's not logical for me to own something old-fashioned and frumpy."

"Apparently it is."

"It wouldn't have to be if you didn't keep such damn tight ropes on me all the time, sweetheart," Queenie put her hands on her hips, her eyes flashing with disgust.

Burrs shrugged half-heartedly, "You would sleep with every man you saw if you didn't have a bit of guidance, love."

They were silent for a moment before Queenie slammed her suitcase shut and pushed pashed her lover muttering in annoyance. "Fine then. I'll just sleep naked."

"It's in the wash," Burrs called over his shoulder.

It had been a week since the fateful trip was decided. The concept hurt Burrs' ego more than Queenie's harsh words as of late. Thanksgiving was supposed to be spent with family, right? And weren't they as close to family as either of them were going to get?

Kate didn't seem to think so. She had the audacity to appear last Sunday with 'wonderful news' about her cousin in Buffalo… An invitation to go away for Thanksgiving weekend. Of course, Queenie took up the offer without even thinking. How dare she? Didn't she have a heart? Or, more importantly, a brain?

Queenie took the damp camisole from the clothes line that ran along the long the large studio windows and shoved it haphazardly into her luggage. "Thank you."

"You could still say no."

"Why would I?"

"So we can spend an all-American holiday together? Isn't it a tradition for families?"

"Ha!" Queenie forced a laugh, "Since when are we a 'family', Burrs? Am I wearing a ring? I don't think so. You'll be fine."

Burrs frowned deeply, and moved to stand beside her. "I'll be lonely."

"Go spend a paycheck with Madeline or The Brothers or someone."

"I don't like Madeline. She makes me nervous. And The Brothers won't want anything to do with me. Just because we agree on music doesn't mean we agree on much else."

"It's always something with you… Oh!" Queenie spun around, "that's the bell. I bet it's Kate now. Could you go get the door? Tell her I need to finish brushing my hair."

Burrs shuffled to the door, opening with a deep sigh, and being nearly knocked off his feet by a whirlwind of tweed-suited energy. "Say, Queenie, dear, I just got back from Chicago and had a most lovely time with my old friends but they had the most dreadfully boring parties. Oh, I thought I might die. All so stiff and cold! And the booze was just awful. Does it change consistency when you ship it inland? God, I'm so glad I live in New York. Can you imagine… Oh, hello Burrs. Good gracious, is it a requirement that every time I see you, you put on a frown?"

"What are you doing here, Jackie?"

"Isn't it obvious? I'm staying here this weekend with you and Queenie because my apartment still smells like sewage from the pipe bursting in the basement. And it's Thanksgiving! Time for friends and family!"

"You aren't related to me in any way, and I wouldn't call us friends."

Jackie grinned, "Well, I'm friends with Queenie."

"Who happens to not love me enough to bother spending a holiday with me."

"That's a lie, Burrsie. I just want some sort of harmony." Queenie appeared from the bathroom, a comb still in her hand. "Hello, Jackie, love! You're welcome to stay if you can put up with him. Kate will be here any minute… I think that's our taxi down there. Alright, loves. Have a good weekend."

"As good as it can be whilst I am abandoned by you," Burrs said with a complacent smile, his eyes full of fury.

"Be brave." Queenie kissed his cheek, headed back into the bedroom to get her bag, and then left, down the stairs in a flash of blue and gold.

Jackie and Burrs were left staring at the taxi as it pulled away, watching the two women as they waved goodbye, laughing with each other.

"So…" Jackie fidgeted nervously. "Do I stay?"

"What do I care?" Burrs was already headed back to the studio, his hands in his pockets, his demeanor an angry slouch.

"Um… It's your flat…" Jackie followed him. "So do I stay?"

"Like I said. What do I care? Weather you stay or not, it makes no difference to me."

Jackie was quiet for a moment before making up his mind and promptly wrapping his arm around Burrs' shoulders. "You'll be awfully lonely if I don't stay. Feel free to thank me for considering you deep torment."

"I'll be sure to do that."