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summary Raven meets a guy at her favorite Café at first he seems a dream come true, but he quickly becomes a nightmare.

Raven sat relaxing sipping her herbal tea, she had a rough day Beast boy had been trying to get her to smile again, which drove her nuts if he wasn't so persistent he would almost be cute, stirring some sugar in before she sips again. a deep soothing voice spoke from behind her "Rough day?" turning around she found a man dressed all in black with a trench coat, his hair dyed a red purplish mix, he had a handsome face, and broad shoulders for a Goth.

"you could say that." she answered in her dark monotone trying to hint him to leave she wanted her privacy "Boy friend troubles?" "No I don't have one to have troubles with." she answers coldly "My name is Alexander, What yours?" Realizing he wasn't going to catch the hint she exhales. "None of your business I like my privacy thank you." Nodding he turns to leave "Sorry for bothering you then I just thought you could use someone to talk to." Smiling at finally finding someone who was considerate, she spoke up "You don't have to just don't like being bombarded with questions my name Is Raven." "Nice to meet you Raven, It's a beautiful name for a beautiful young woman." she smirked at the compliment though she didn't believe it. "Thank you, you can sit down if you want.." taking the seat offered he smiles an honest smile to her.. "So Raven you come here often?" "Not exactly often, usually when I can get a night out." "Ah I understand I know what it's like to be busy a lot."

She spent the night talking with Alexander, talking about her "Roommates" she tried not to laugh when he did about Beast boy's antics (she didn't call them by their Titan names because she didn't want him finding out she was The Raven) "Sound's like he's a good friend." "yeah he is a good friend A bit childish and immature sometimes though, especially when Victor is there to talk him into some form of mischief." "Ah." he states understandingly she looks up at the clock feeling sorry that she had to leave..

"um I've got to go but I should be here next week about nine if time allows.." "I'll see you then Raven." slipping a hand into his coat he pulls out a piece of paper and writes his number down "Give me a call on my cell if you can't make it ok?" she nods as she turns to leave. she was nervous and happy at the same time she hadn't felt like this in a long time.. she was a bit worried as the last time she had felt like this had ended badly (Malchoir Incident)

Slipping in she's surprised to see Beast boy and Cyborg sitting in front of the Tv playing video games still because usually Cyborg had powered down by now it was almost one in the morning. "Hey Rae you look happy, Guess it was a good night at the Café?" "It was enjoyable, I met a guy who seems nice.." she tried to ignore Cyborg taunting "ooh Rae's got a Boyfriend now huh?" "No he is just a friend!"

she glares at him a look that made him cringe and shut up. then she noticed Beast boy get up.. "Um I'm going to go to bed see you guys." she wondered what was wrong with Beast Boy, he hadn't had that little enthusiasm in his voice in a long time.. when she hears his door slam she asks "What's wrong with him he seemed to be in a good enough mood when I came in.." looking at her he shrugs "I don't know, He was having time of his life playing Video games." he had a suspicion but he didn't want to tell Rae if Beast Boy obviously hadn't told her he didn't think it was his place.

Beast boy Slams his fist into the post of his bunk bed "Son of a Bitch!" he was furious he had been trying to get his courage up to ask her out ever since the incident with the beast. he was pissed at the missed opportunity. when he was sure Raven had already passed by his door he went off to the training room and started slamming his now sore fists into a punching bag. he hears a throat clearing not even looking he says "What do you want?" "Just wondering why your practicing this late Beast Boy you never want to train anymore than you have to." "I just a little pissed and the punching bag feels better against my fists than the bar of my bunk bed." "At?" "Nobody." Robin didn't believe that for a second the usually lazy practical joker was worked up and noone got that mad at nothing it was generally someone.. "You and Rae have an argument again?" "No!" by the way he was speaking he could tell he was telling the truth but Raven had something to do with the upped aggression.. this got his curiosity up but he doubted with how unwilling Beast boy seemed to be wanting to talk that He was the best one to ask.

"look since I'm up anyways and you obviously need to let off some steam how about we Spar same rules as always, no powers and I cant use my weapons." "Alright probably help me more than that punching bag.." Beast boy answers by throwing off his shirt and robin did the same cracking his knuckles Beast boy got in the ready position and nodded his head indicating for Robin he was ready. they begin circling each other, Beast boy imagining Robin was this guy Raven had met.. he makes the first move he starts punching furiously Robin doing his best to dodge and counter the assault then knocking him down with a low roundhouse extending his hand "Again?" a nod Beast boy cracks his neck before getting ready again.

the second round Beast Boy manages to land several hard hits to Robin's Side, finally bringing Robin down, extending his hand Robin nods.. thinking to himself "If Beast Boy would have this kind of aggression and focus more.. I wouldn't have to worry about him." flipping his wrist in a bring it gesture Beast boy charges forward, leaping back when Robin tries to fly a kick at him. this one was growing more heated with each moment for every blow the other would answer back with interest. when one punch sent beast boy flying into the mat Beast boy leapt back on his feet with an agility Robin never knew he had. cracking his neck he says the first thing he's said since this mock battle had started "Good, but I've seen better." charging forward Beast Boy began a furiously fast combination of punches forcing Robin back on the defensive until a upper cut Beast Boy was sure Robin would of dodged sent him to the mat. shaking his head Robin states "you're getting better, or I'm getting slower." smiling Beast boy offered his hand helping him up." "I guess, Thanks Rob, I needed to vent a bit.." "So what got you worked up in the first place?"

"I don't really feel comfortable talking about it." nodding Robin smiled "yeah It's alright just know if it gets too much for you I'll be willing to listen." he nodded but doubted he would take him up on that offer because the issue would force him to admit something he hadn't wanted anyone to know especially Raven, and Star,.. Star, mostly because she tended to tell Raven everything unless you made it perfectly clear it had to be a secret but she always looked hurt when you did. He walks back to bed.

Raven was thinking about Alexander "he is rather handsome, and seems pretty nice.. pity I'll have to refuse if he seeks a Romantic situation because of my powers.." the week seemed to be flying by, a slow crime rate for the following week and she was already getting ready for the evening. she noticed Beast Boy wasn't as insistent about forcing himself in her presence she felt like he was avoiding her on purpose, he barely even returned the usual Insult wordplay they would usually have in the morning.. she wondered if she had done something to upset him but she was looking forward to tonight, she could talk to him about it when she got back.

End of chapter one.

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