The Man of Steel had been hovering there for ten minutes.


"Not a thing. Nothing came through that warp."

"It was large enough ..."

Superman glanced back at the Earth beneath him. There was a flood in India and Lois wanted him to get Chinese for dinner. "And opened and shut quickly enough. We're all clear."

It was understandable he missed it.

After all, it was very small, and it was in the upper atmosphere before he arrived in space.

The ground was rich and fertile.

The woman often came there to tend to her plants.

However, the little creatures scuttling around were new to her.

Intrigued, she kept an eye on them, as they burst forth from the soil, and began to organise.

Every day, she would watch these little creatures tend to the ground beneath them, the same Earth that gave them life.

The same Earth that produced more and more of the little creatures, several subspecies as well, creating living areas and settlements for themselves.

And areas for much larger creatures.

Those who would live in those more appointed areas began to thrust their way out of the ground on the third week.

She watched, entranced, as a massive, bulky muscled humanoid thrashed his way out in an explosion of soil, and stand in the sun, regarding the world around him.

The woman walked up to the creature, and touched it's mottled, warped, leathery skin with wonder.

"You're perfect."

More of them rose of the ground. All full of strength and aggression.

And they listened to her. She never doubted that.

And they could build such interesting devices. The more machinery she procured for them - and she could always get her hands on plenty of toys - the more potent their weaponry became.

On the thirteenth week, she spoke.

She spoke of how a creature, a contamination named Man had poisoned the Earth, the very Earth they birthed from. How they must kill every creature that walked on two legs and befouled the air with their very existence, and their purge must begin with this foul, corrupted city.

The creatures grew more excited when she told them of their Guns, their Bombs, their Tanks, Airplanes and Poisons.

At the end of her speech, the creatures only had one thing to say.


And Pamela Isely, the Poison Ivy, led her children into war.