It's not yet the fourth where I I'm beating (barely) the 11/4 day...I've been planning on starting a 411 drabble series for a while and never got around to it. I figured this was as good a time as any. This is going to be a series of unrelated drabbles/one-shots centered around the Marluxia/Vexen or Vexen/Marluxia pairing, all set roughly during the their time in Castle Oblivion. They'll be all different ratings, but some will be M so I'm just putting that straight away to be safe.

Disclaimer for the remainder of this series: I don't own any of this. No seriously.

And now I'll start you off with some one word prompts.

4-11 In 57 words

Startled – Vexen had a habit of getting too caught up in his work. And Marluxia had a habit of popping up behind him without warning.

Gentle – When Vexen sleeps, Marluxia likes to trace the curve of his lips with one finger.

Path – The labs, though neat, are packed with equipment. Still, Marluxia can almost make his way through them with his eyes closed at this point.

Evidence –Axel is not pleased to inform Vexen that he's got something in his hair. Because he really just didn't need to see that.

Wildflower – It's small and yellow and out of place in his roses, but it's stubborn enough to come back each time he plucks it. And stubbornness always did remind him of Vexen.

Brick – As much as Vexen reluctantly enjoyed the spontaneity, he would have appreciated being pressed against a smoother surface.

Delay –Vexen often gets wrapped up in his experiments and Marluxia often gets lost in his gardens…so no one is really surprised when they are both late to the meeting. It's the fact that they're together when they finally do show up that's a bit confusing.

Hidden – Vexen could probably make a snide comment about closets and how Marluxia has just jumped out of one…but he's more curious as to why Marluxia saw fit to hide in his closet in the first place.

Asking – Perhaps if Marluxia said please, Vexen would be more likely to oblige.

Coal – If Vexen would be so kind as to put the fire out, Marluxia is more than ready for bed.

Diamond – Each droplet of water freezes into a shimmering facet against Vexen's skin and Marluxia is secretly glad that Demyx can't always aim properly.

Silver – The little bauble is hidden by blonde hair, but Marluxia knows the piercing is there, fitted snugly against the soft lobe and that he's the one who put it there.

Triangle – There are a series of triangles sketched out amongst Vexen's equations. Marluxia gives them a brief looking over before sweeping the lot of papers off of the desk and tossing Vexen down onto it.

Point – Vexen shuts the door firmly, leaving a very aroused and very naked Marluxia locked out in the hallway. If they were ever keeping score, Vexen is now winning.

Chorus – Vexen mentions that Marluxia is so vain that he almost requires a chorus to follow him around spouting praises. Marluxia replies that he would much prefer a chorus of delighted moans and pleading gasps from Vexen. It would also be much cheaper than hiring a choir.

Spark – Axel snaps his fingers and Vexen flinches. Marluxia tells them both to calm down, but they all know who's side he's taking.

Delicate – Sometimes Marluxia has the insane urge to rip the soft webbing between Vexen's fingers. He doesn't know why, and the thought disturbs him.

Want – It's a constant, potent throbbing, and it's not until it spreads from his groin to his chest that Marluxia wonders just how incapable Nobodies really are of feeling.

Deliberate – Vexen tells him to stop and Marluxia watches him for a moment before dropping the beaker anyway.

Occasion – Marluxia isn't sure why Vexen chose tonight to wear that to bed, but he's not about to ruin the moment by asking

Run – The moment the machine shuts off Marluxia realizes he's somehow ruined the experiment. Vexen turns to stare at him slowly and Marluxia wishes he could remember how to move.

Chrysalis – Marluxia stares at the little specimen jar and briefly wishes Vexen would have preserved the damn thing while it was still a larva, capable of devouring his flowers.

Frequent – Really, Vexen thought irritably as Marluxia slid himself up his side, wasn't four times enough?

Forget – Vexen supposes it would be easier to regain control of everything if he could just set aside how delicious the younger man can be.

Cupcake – It's fluffy, pink, and covered in sprinkles. Vexen wasn't sure why it was there, sitting on his desk…but he knows who left it there and he's trying very hard not to smile.

Grace – There is nothing graceful about Marluxia at four in the morning, waking up suddenly from a nightmare. Between the drool on his cheek and the comical way his hair sticks out to one side, accenting his wide eyes, the only thing being assassinated is Marluxia's image.

Certainty – Vexen tells him that he's being stupid, that he really could and should pick anyone else, but Marluxia's made up his mind and there's no changing it.

Rummage – Marluxia probably should mention that the pen Vexen is searching for is right next to his coffee cup, but it's just so much more fun to watch him crawl around on his hands and knees to look for it.

Mispronunciation – Marluxia hates that smug look on Vexen's face whenever he tries to read part of the scientist's report out loud. It isn't his fault the majority of the words have more than fifteen letters.

Hyperventilation – It would be funnier, learning that Marluxia is afraid of spiders, but he's apparently appointed Vexen as his savior, and that's more annoying than amusing.

Skittish – He pets Vexen's hair and the older man flinches. Every time. It makes him wonder what sort of life he lived before they met.

Deflowered – Vexen finds it ironic that someone with the promiscuity of Marluxia cannot technically be deflowered.

Daybreak – Morning finds them tangled up against each other beneath bed sheets that desperately need to be washed.

Deadline – Marluxia likes to make up assignments for them now that he's in charge of them all. He adds insane and impossible deadlines to most of them. Axel's requires him to clean the first floor in five minutes. Vexen's suggests he drop to his knees right this minute because he's got quite a lot of fellatio to perform if he expects to make Marluxia cum eight times in the next hour.

Bookshelf – Zexion is not pleased when he finds out what his encyclopedias were subjected to.

Stimulate – Vexen takes special delight in teasing Marluxia's nipples with frost tipped fingers.

Consideration – Vexen briefly wonders, as Marluxia's snores begin to increase in volume, if he should inform Sora that all he really needs to do to defeat the Lord of Castle Oblivion is sit him down with a bottle or three of good wine.

Mesmerize – Vexen's hair shines softly right after he's brushed it out. Marluxia likes to drape it over his face and watch the light filter through until he's disoriented. Vexen lets him because it means that he's quiet.

Hives – In addition to flowers, Marluxia also raises bees. Vexen, as it turns out, is allergic to bees. Which he'd have felt worse about if that didn't mean he got to play nurse until the blonde was feeling better.

Confide – Larxene wonders just why she's friends with Marluxia after twenty minutes of him describing the delightful sounds Vexen makes as he's screwing him to the wall.

Belittle – Marluxia laughs and calls him an old fool because it's what the other two want to hear. But in his mind it almost hurts.

Stiletto – Marluxia's ankles are far too feminine, and his choice of footwear for the evening does nothing to take away from that fact. Of course, Vexen's paying more attention to the satin panties and leather corset…

Fortuneteller – When Vexen was Even, and considerably younger, he got his fortune told by an old gypsy lady at a fair. She told him that he would fall for a rose haired seductress. She was almost right. Only Marluxia was definitely male, and by fall, she'd probably meant 'in love,' rather than 'as his double crossing lackey ripped him apart'

Rant – The best part of Vexen's incessant shouting is that he does eventually tire out and is much easier to nuzzle against when all the fight is gone out of him.

Flimsy – They just don't make dining hall tables the way they used to.

Jealous – Marluxia has a weakness for green eyes and blonde hair and Vexen is not pleased to find that he's no longer the only one who meets those standards.

Smug – Marluxia stumbles over his argument and the little smirk on Vexen's face is so unbearable he wants to rip it off. He'll settle for kissing it violently away though, as that will do less damage.

Emphasis – Marluxia spends extra time on the junction between Vexen's neck and shoulder, his fingers massaging firm circles. He says that's where the most stress has built up, but really it's just the place that is most likely to yield satisfied moans.

Immaculate – Marluxia takes pride in the stunning white of the Castle's interior. Vexen lets his experiment's scorch marks set in just to spite him.

Fog – Marluxia faintly hears himself giving Axel the order, but everything is just so far away

Indulge – Vexen is torn between the naked man laying across his bed and the bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream slowly melting on the table. Realizing that he's about to chose the ice cream; Marluxia grabs the bowl and overturns it on his own stomach. Compromise is a beautiful thing.

Unwilling – If he ever thought for a moment that Vexen didn't want this…well he probably wouldn't stop either way.

Rumor – Roxas didn't quite catch all of what Larxene was whispering to Axel, but the words 'Marluxia,' 'Vexen,' 'top hat,' and 'olive oil' are far more than he really wanted to hear anyway.

Smuggle – Marluxia's pockets are full of hazelnut toffee that he sucks on with no real attempt as secrecy despite the fact that he'd taken them from the Superior's office. Vexen declines his offer to share, feeling Xemnas' eyes on them both.

Spice – The fact that Vexen can make carrot cake…and make it well…astounds and delights Marluxia

Tea – Marluxia never really enjoyed iced tea, and he still doesn't. He likes his tea piping hot in a terra cotta mug nestled between his palms, and his ice lying naked beside him in his bed as he drinks it.

Notebook – When he was alive, he wrote every single thought down in the little black book. Now that he's gone, Marluxia carries it in his sleeves and wonders why his own name wasn't in there a single time.

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