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But I haven't given up on this and I figured I'd go ahead and share my next set of prompts from all of you. There are twenty-five this -six suggestions, but I'm saving one to turn into a longer drabble.

I got more than one phobia suggested to me this go-round, which delighted me because I hadn't known one of them and I always love learning new phobia names. (Odd? Maybe…) But only one is used here because I actually had an idea for pagophobia that made me want to turn it into a drabble. Thanks so much for that suggestion, Caoxyn!

Also thanks to Light Within Darkness, moe, Buka2000, CocoPuff-Kitten, Bob Da Peach and OnlyInThisLight for all of these words.

There's also a reference to Finding Nemo in the very first one because...well it's Disney and it worked.

Since I want all of my drabble/prompts to be understandable, some of the less common suggestions are defined, for you convenience, below this. (pretty much copied from the reviews ^-^)

Oneirogmophobia (Fear of wet dreams)

Pulchritudinous (having extreme physical beauty)

Omnisexual (someone who will have sex with anything/one)

411 Reviewer's Prompts Part Two

Squishy – Every time Marluxia presses his finger down onto the jellyfish's head, it bounces right back up. Vexen is almost amused by his childlike delight with the soon to be test subject, but after a while it just becomes a bit sad…he doesn't like to feel like he's sleeping with someone with the mental ability of Dory.

Point – Marluxia runs his tongue carefully over the sharp edge of ice that has formed at the end of Vexen's finger, feeling the tip melt and round out as he did.

Yin-Yang – Vexen likes to wish that he and Marluxia are like the two different sides of the little pendant he holds in his hand; vastly different but still compatible. He knows he's not that fortunate though. They aren't really all that compatible at all…and they are sadly similar, if for different motives.

Grass – Vexen doesn't explain the green streaks smeared across the normally immaculate leather of his coat and the other two inhabitants of the basement don't ask. Marluxia was probably somehow involved and they really don't want to know anything more.

Wings – Watching Vexen pin down the brightly colored butterfly, Marluxia mentally compares the scientist to the delicate insect and looks forward to pinning him down in a similar fashion at a later time. Admittedly, he plans on being far less gentle. Vexen is not made of butterfly wings and, despite what his appearance may suggest, he will not break.

Donut – It is possible, Vexen intones, that Marluxia might want to remove the jam from his chin before meeting with the Superior. In the future, he might also want to pick a less messy breakfast meal.

Sword – The decorative blade is sharp and lethal, pressed flat against Vexen's pale throat. It's also cold and smooth and almost soothing to the taller man and he shuts his eyes, unconcerned despite their position. Marluxia won't hurt him with it and he knows it. With a sigh of disappointment, Marluxia pulls away, determined to find something that Vexen actually will fear.

Young – Marluxia is incredibly intelligent, but at times he is severally lacking in life experiences. It makes him seem less competent and it makes Vexen feel old.

Pianist – Vexen's fingers are long, pale, and slender, and they fly across the equally pale keys with a grace that Marluxia hadn't realized he possessed. He wants, quite suddenly, to feel those fingers repeating those same motions across his skin rather than the unappreciative keys.

Marco-Polo – Marluxia is swift and agile, an assassin in all thing and Vexen really wasn't looking forward to the game, even as Marluxia insisted they play. After being shoved beneath the water multiple times (in what Marluxia most likely thought was a sexual manner…it just left bruises), Vexen replied with a tired "polo" and a sudden drop in temperature, freezing Marluxia from the waist up in the suddenly solid water as he stepped out.

Fetch – Marluxia's command is lazy and teasing as he tosses Vexen's folder across the room. Really, Vexen asks, does Marluxia honestly think of him as a dog? Especially considering all they've done?

Pulchritudinous – Vexen supposes Marluxia does have reason to be full of himself…in some aspects. He's not as smart as he thinks he is, or as competent or charismatic…but he is very, very nice to look at.

Masquerade – Their entire relationship is built upon a precarious mesh of deceit and secrets and, while they'd both claimed not to care, Marluxia sometimes wonders if he'd actually be content if they were to peel away all of the layers keeping them from actually knowing each other at all. Would he still want Vexen with the same fierce intensity? Would Vexen still find him as captivating? It's pathetic; he decides angrily, that he'd rather live with the comfort of dishonesty than to brave facing what they actually are.

Crab Cakes – When Marluxia actually brought the animals in, Vexen was highly skeptical as to how the hateful things were ever going to end up edible. Marluxia laughed at that, assuring him that he'd thought the same thing of Vexen when they'd first met. Vexen felt that his anger would have been more justified if the finished product hadn't ended up delicious.

Omnisexual – There are many things Vexen doesn't ask Marluxia. Sometimes because he doesn't feel he should and sometimes because he really doesn't want to know. This time falls into the latter category. He does make a mental note to lock everything that wasn't bolted down to the floor up in his lab before going to bed though. He couldn't have anything getting contaminated.

Masks – Namine's idea to decorate the delicate white-paper masks seemed frivolous and pointless to Marluxia, but he let her…what else did she have to do? Later though, upon finding Vexen being presented with one that was blue, green, and almost frosted in appearance, Marluxia couldn't help but think that he'd like to see him actually put it on.

Ambiguous – Vexen stands up from the table and announces that he's going to bed. Marluxia has trouble deciding if the look he gives him means that Marluxia should join him or that he does not, under any circumstances, want Marluxia there at all. Luckily that doesn't really matter all that much.

Melancholy – No one sulks quite like Marluxia. He has self righteous brooding down to an art. His dramatics are amusing for a while, but eventually Vexen stalks over and presses a rough kiss to his mouth because it really has been too long since he'd seen that stupid, half smile tug at Marluxia's face.

Relocation – Marluxia wakes to find that Vexen has moved himself from the bed to the desk across the room and is doing some sort of paperwork. Still naked. This really will not do.

Oneirogmophobia – Marluxia doesn't ever bother to tell Vexen why it is so very important for him to be completely sated before they sleep each night so Vexen is left to his own speculations.

Art – Marluxia can't help but think of Vexen's sleeping form as an exquisite, curving sculpture; all pale marble and ice. It's worthy of a grand display but he's not so secretly pleased that he's the only one who gets to see it.

Formality – There are certain things, Marluxia instructs Larxene, that you really have to do to seem civil, even if everyone knows you don't care. Things such as nodding politely to the Superior, holding open a door for someone who'd have been through it on time if they'd been paying attention, or telling Vexen hello before you stuck your hand down his pants. Larxene requests that he repeat that last part, but Marluxia's suddenly lost the desire to lecture any longer.

Ostium – When Vexen told Marluxia he had a very talented tongue, he'd been talking about his ability to lie to someone's face. Looking back, he can't say that he's all that upset that he took it in an entirely different direction. Looking back at the moment though might be a bit difficult, considering their position.

Expectations – Marluxia assumes that Vexen will show proper respect to his better (if not Elder) and will refrain from causing unnecessary headaches in Marluxia's already demanding job. Vexen assumes that Marluxia will recognize and respect his obviously more advanced intellect and will stay out of his way, for the most part, despite being forced to coexist. For two such intelligent, able minds to be so very wrong is almost comical.

Stress – Vexen pats his shoulder and tells him that he's sure that lording over them all is no doubt very difficult and it's alright, it happens to everyone now and again. Marluxia would be more inclined to believe him and get some sleep (as opposed to glaring between his legs at the unsatisfactory appendage that just refuses to cooperate) if he weren't so damn condescending.

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