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Where Do Young Witches and Wizards Learn Their ABC's?

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Chapter Sixteen!

"Alright. Everything is all set on the table. Now we just wait for the working men to get off of work." Ginny stated when she reentered the kitchen. Hermione was washing the dishes and Ginny went over to help her by drying them.

Hermione frowned at a particular dish causing Ginny to look at her strangely. "What's the matter?" she asked. "Are you still mad that I invited Draco over? Come on now, get over it. What's done is done. No use in being all grumpy."

"It's not that, I was just wondering if Ron was coming too. I hope you invited him or else we won't here the end of it for at least a month."

"Of course I invited him too…without telling him who else is coming." She grinned wickedly.

"You should have told him." Hermione's frown deepened. "This will just give him an excuse to be in a pissy mood… This is going to be the worst night ever."

"No, no, no. It's going to be the best night ever. You have to keep a positive attitude. Plus Harry and Draco are becoming friends, so it's only right to invite him over to dinner once and awhile."

Hermione's eyes narrowed at Ginny. "Is Harry in on this too? Are you guys planning something together?"

Ginny put a hand to her chest and looked appalled. "No, why would you think that? Harry really likes the new and improved Draco, and plus they are working together most of the time it's only natural that they'd become friends. Don't try to insinuate that this is all to get you together with Draco. I just suggested it ok. There is no conspiracy going on to get you to go out with him. It's your choice, not mine to make. I'm just giving you a little push is all. Nothing out of the ordinary."

Hermione knew Ginny had a point, but she was still awfully suspicious. She had a feeling they were up to something and no amount of convincing her that they weren't was going to change her mind. She knew that she is going to have to be on her guard around the two of them especially while Draco was around.

"I still don't understand why this git is here Harry! Who the hell invited him?" The women heard Ron's loud voice coming from down the hall.

"Well the boys are here." Ginny announced when she dried the last dish.

"Whoopee." Hermione drawled sarcastically. "Ouch!" she cried when Ginny pinched her side.

"Smarten up you." Ginny said before leaving the kitchen.

Hermione Childishly stuck out her tongue at her back before following her.

"Ron shut up already." Harry groaned annoyed with his best friend.

Ron wasn't going to give up so easily. "But Harry, come on. I already have to work with the guy, why do I have to eat with him too? Aren't I tortured enough already."

Draco stood in the doorway looking around Harry's house. "You know I'm standing right here, right?" Draco said without looking in his direction. His attention was on a painting in the hallway.

"Shut up, nobody cares." Ron shot back.

"Ronald, I care. Now stop being rude to my guest." Ginny demanded when she appeared with Hermione at the front door.

Ron grumbled, but kept quiet. Hermione smiled at him and shook her head causing him to let a small slip his lips. This exchange didn't go unnoticed by Draco whose eyebrow rose slightly.

"I'm glad you were able to come Malfoy." Ginny smiled at him.

His attention immediately went to Ginny. "Thanks for inviting me." Draco gave a polite smile back.

"Dinner is ready. Everyone can head to the dining room, while me and Hermione get the children."

"Alright, follow me gentlemen." Harry said. He led them to the dining room, and Hermione and Ginny went to the living room where Aidan was being hypnotized by the large 'black screen of surprise' as he liked to refer to it. Hermione grinned widely and picked up the remote control and turned off the T.V. Aidan sprang up from the floor, his usual reaction, and stared at the T.V. hoping it would turn back on, but it didn't to his disappointment. Hermione and Ginny giggled. Aidan had the same reaction every time they did that. He never figured out how to work the T.V.

"Aidan, your dad is here." Hermione informed him.

Aidan turned and faced Hermione, the T.V. immediately erased from his mind. "He is? Where?"

"In the dining room of course silly. Remember you are having dinner with us?" Ginny pointed out.

"Oh yeah." He said in realization. He went straight to the Dining room to greet his father, while they stayed behind to collect Chloe.

"Hermione you pick up Chloe and I will carry this to the dining room." Ginny picked up the small crib when Hermione lifted up the sleeping Chloe into her arms. They walked to the dining room and Ginny placed the crib to the side, but within her vision. Hermione carefully placed Chloe inside of it. When their task was done they made their way to their seats.

"Alright everyone dig in." Harry announced when they were seated.

Everyone piled food on their plates. Harry started a conversation with Draco and Hermione and Ron started talking. Aidan kept quiet and ate his food. He was extremely hungry and didn't feel much like talking. Ginny just smiled and watched everyone. She couldn't wait to put her plan into play. She caught Harry's eye and winked at him, and he in turn smirked. She couldn't help but feel excited. She knew this was going to be the hardest, yet fun matchmaking challenge she was ever going to do. That is why she had to include her husband to assist her. She would ask her brother, but she knew he was going to be against the whole thing. She figured he'd help without even noticing he was. Especially the fact that he dated Hermione would help out a lot with Draco's jealousy when he finally figures out he was attracted to Hermione. The big dope didn't even know it, but Ginny could tell by the way he kept glancing at her whenever she laughed at Ron's horrible jokes. It almost looked like Ron and Hermione were a couple, though unknown to Draco there was no more chemistry between them. She couldn't help feel bliss at the thought. This is going to be so much fun. I can't wait to take action, She happily thought. Oh how she felt extremely mischief right now.

"This is really good, Mrs. Potter." Draco complimented her when his conversation with Harry ended.

And now it starts, Ginny thought excitedly. "Oh don't bother complimenting me, Hermione did everything."

Draco eyes widened in astonishment. "Really?"

Hermione frowned knowing very well Ginny did as much as she did preparing this meal. "No I didn't. You helped too Ginny." She denied. What is she up to, Hermione thought suspiciously.

"Don't spare my feelings. You should take all the credit." Ginny turned to Draco. "I just basically stood there and watched her cook. You should take some cooking lessons from her."

Draco raised a brow. "Why would you say that?"She's the third person to suggest that…

"Well, Harry told me you are quite fond of Dark Chocolate" she emphasized the words Dark and Chocolate. "It's not healthy to eat that every day."

Draco's eyes darted to Harry. Harry shrugged lightly as if to say, What? She is my wife.

Ron looked at Ginny as if she had gone mental. She shouldn't care if he was slowly killing himself by eating dark chocolate, nor should she suggest that Hermione should teach him. Was she trying to get Hermione killed?

"Oh stop teasing him. He doesn't need someone to teach him, and at least of all not by me." Hermione interjected.

"What are you trying to say Hermione? You think Malfoy can't be taught," Ginny's eyes held a glint of mischief. "Or maybe you are trying to say that he's not worth teaching."

"No! I didn't mean anything like that." Hermione couldn't believe Ginny was putting words in her mouth.

"Oh, but you were thinking it."

"No I wasn't."

"Man that's a big burn mate. Hermione doesn't think you can handle her intense lessons." Harry chuckled.

"Harry!" Hermione looked at him in disbelief. I knew I should have been careful around them when he was around.

"Come on now leave her alone. She doesn't have to teach someone that can't learn." Ron supplied to the disagreement not aware that he was helping Ginny's and Harry's plan.

"Yeah, she'll only get a headache." Aidan pitched in fully aware of the situation.

Draco looked at his son with astonished eyes. "Aidan, are you agreeing with this buffoon?" Ron's eyes narrowed at Draco when he uttered the insult.

"Well dad, you've been at it by yourself for three years now and nothing has changed one bit. You come out with charcoal all the time."

Hermione couldn't help but burst out into little giggles along with Ginny. Harry chuckled lightly and Ron let a smirk rise on his face.

Draco's face fell into a deep frown and he glared at everyone at the table. "Fine." He started. He turned to Hermione. "Granger, may you find it in your time to teach me to cook?" he asked her. Wait what? Did I just ask her to teach me? Where was my head? Oh yeah, it was brooding the fact that my son thinks I'm incapable of learning…Damn, I can't take back my words now. I hate it when I act on impulse.

Hermione's eyes widen in shock. She couldn't believe he actually asked. She didn't want to say yes, but she knew she had to or else it would be as if she was applying that he couldn't learn from her. She really wanted to strangle Harry and Ginny for putting her in this situation. How could they? She wondered. Weren't they her friends? They were suppose to look out for her not toss her into a burning building.

She tried to put a smile on her face, but she knew she was failing miserably, so she made teeny tiny smile. "Sure, why not." She finally answered him.

Draco looked at her questionably hearing a hint of sarcasm in her voice, but ignored it. "Great." Just frigin' great.

"Hermione you should give him a lesson this weekend. I could watch over Aidan, if you don't mind Malfoy." Ginny suggested.

Hermione glared at her friend wanting so much to shut her up. "What a great suggestion Ginny." I'm going to kill you when he leaves.

"Yeah that would be good." Draco agreed. Perfect! Nice suggest Harry's Wife. Ruin my weekend. Good one.

"Who's up for dessert?" Harry asked with much enthusiasm.

I'm up for kicking your ass, Hermione venomously thought.

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